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Nero’s Post: Special Guest!

Vof vof friends! On Sunday I was thinking to show you some garden photos but then I was busy finishing some things as I knew that this week I shall only play! Can you believe that this little girl is staying some days at my home!


Let me introduce Miss Paris! She came first for a short visit few days ago and we were really surprised with Hanna. We don’t have often ‘our own friends’ visiting us so this is something really special. After a while we started to play and run and oh boy it was fun!


I was so excited about this cute, little girl that I had to cool off for a moment in a leash. Hanna was happy but I know she was thinking: should I trust you or are you going to eat me …


And then, you know how babies are, after busy playing, they sleep …


Now Paris is staying with us this week and last night she slept next to me. Early morning she went to wake up Hanna and we had our breakfast. Here waiting for the mornign-bread …


Then playing and surching in the garden …

dogs in garden

It’s surely easier to take photos from a sleeping puppy …


Now she feels comfortable here and goes around the garden. She didn’t see yet our neighbour, Alice the German Shephard.


When she sleeps, we do some ‘quiet’ work …

paper piecing diamonds

… until she wakes up!


We have more than one outdoor, so you can imagine how much fun we have running around the house, in and out, back to the garden and then again inside! Look how she’s flying, long ears fluttering … to the kitchen! I think I shall wait this round here … in a second she’s back!

Nero and Paris

You guessed right, now she is snoring under the table and so am I. Nelli takes care of the sewing studio these days … we’ll see next week if she has anything done or if she’s just sleeping.

Furry Hugs from



How I Finish Quilt – Easy Tutorial

Hello dear friends! I’m happy to see you and hope you are fine! Are you ready to continue your happy wall quilt? I have finished mine and I shall show you how to finish your quilt = quilting, making the binding and the label.

Strawberry Cake by Teje

First cut from your wadding and backing fabric a little bit bigger pieces than your quilt top. Small quilt top is easy to fix on the table. I use tape to stick the backing fabric and then put the wadding and quilt top on it. I use curved safety pins for basting. Tea spoon helps a lot when closing the safety pins.

mosaic 4

Make a plan how you are going to quilt and put the pins so that they won’t be too much on your way. I didn’t do that as you can see. I hadn’t decide yet how to quilt and then I had to change the safety pins.

I quilted straight lines. For marking them I use hera marker and big ruler. Unfortunately my hera marker was downstairs so I even you don’t have that, you can make a soft line on the fabric also using something else (not too sharp to brake the fabric but sharp/thin enough to leave line). You can mark few lines with pins and then use those stitched lines as a cuide for the next lines. Following seam lines is also great way to stitch straight lines. If you don’t have walking foot you may need to help with a pin or scissors to feed the fabric. Keeping the fabric tighten helps also (like using hoop for hand quilting).

mosaic 5

Have fun with the quilting! Use colours, stitch by hand or machine as you like! Lines, circles, waves … what ever and don’t worry too much if the lines are not strickly straight … this is handmade!


When you have done all the quilting, trim the edges. I had piece of left over scrap binding and thought to make that more scrappy. I add few more colours and cut the stripes shorter to get more scrappy look. I use 2,5″ stripes, folded and pressed double. Place your binding around the quilt so you can see if it’s long enough and to see where you like to have perhaps certain colours.

mosaic 6

Then start to pin the binding stretching it very slightly (this helps that it won’t be wavy when finished). Don’t stretch too much! Take care that all the seam allowances are open.

To make the corners, there are too ways to think:

In the second photo you can see pin on the right edge of the quilt. Lift the binding from here so that you have an angle. If you place down this angle, it should reach the other edge (look all the following photos). Continue to pin the binding to the next side of the quilt.

mosaic 7

Other way to think this is: lift and fold the binding up and then fold it back down. Again there will be exactly the same angel. You can put there one pin to keep it better on it’s place.

mosaic 8

We sew all the edges separately. Look the photos below. Start 1/4″ from the edge and finish 1/4″ before the edge.

Then turn the binding to the back side of your quilt. I press now from the front side so that I know the binding stays well turned and this makes the fabric also a little bit softer (easier to turn and pin). If there are places where the seam allowance is thick or wider, cut a little bit. Pin all around and take care that on the front side your pins are near to the binding (look the photo down left). When I sew the binding I help to keep in on place with a pin.

mosaic 9

Now our quilt is finished … almost. Because we like to hang this, we shall make the hanging sleeve. I make two pieces because I shall hang it from the middle. So I cut two pieces about 5″ – 6″ wide and the length depends on your quilt. Fold and press these pieces first double. Then open them and fole the edges towards the centre (you have now three lines). Fold the left and right edges twice and sew them. Fold the pieces then double wrong sides together! Sew them to get tubes/sleeves. Now your edge seam allowances are inside but the long seam allowance is outside. Open this seam allowance and press with iron (don’t iron the other lines, you still need them).

Now place the sleeves on the back side of your quilt so that the seam allowance is towards the quilt and you see that the folded lines create the space for the hanging wood/stick. Normally we sew the sleeves by hand but if you have made the quilting so that the sewing lines won’t bother, you can sew by machine.

If you add quilting lines after you have made the binding, finish the stitiching so that you drag the thread to the back side, then knot the threads and hide the ends inside your quilt.

mosaic 10

Final touch is the label. Use here your imagination … find inspiration from your quilt or fabrics. You can write with special pens or stitch the text by hand (or by machine). I made pot holder because there was one on my favourite kitchen fabric!

mosaic 11

I sew the quilt label by hand just behind the strawberry so it won’t show through if I take photos etc.

quilt backing

Sun and shadows!

Strawberry Cake by Teje

I hope this tutorial is helpful and inspires you!

First part of this tutorial is ‘HOW I DO PATCHWORK – EASY TUTORIAL’

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments!



Small patchwork and Winners!

Vof vof friends! It’s me Hanna here – great to see you! Today we shall tell you with Nero all the winners for our give away! And I shall show you our latest patchwork. It’s really fun.


Here I am next to our design wall but looks like I’m not tall enough … you can see only part of the picture we have been sewing.

But hey, lets get to our serious job!


Nero and I wrote all the names on the papers, folded them and then threw them to our give away basket. Nero put his special scarf (even it didn’t stay for a long) and I found my glasses, notebook and pen …


So we are ready to start the lottery to find 6 winners for our 6th blog anniversary celebration! Yeeee!

Hanna and Nero

I took my dear star quilt out on the balcony so we have nice, comfy place. Nelli is sleeping next to us and we pretend that she is the lottery inspector. I’m not sure if I shall show her because her chair is always so dirty from her hairs.

Hanna and Nero

But now Nero you can pick the first paper! And then I shall pick the secong and so we continue. Finally here are the results of our lottery:

give away winners 8-16

You can see all the names on the papers and I shall write to the winners soon. This time three of the winners have link to a blog: Doreen’s ‘Treadlemusic’ and ‘One Creative Family’ and Carol’s ‘Beads and Birds’.  Congratulations to the winners!!! and Thank you all for joining our give away!!!

Hanna and Nero

You know why we look so happy, right? Yes, of course we love to play this game but we got also good payment for this job. Many ‘nami namis’ (=Frolics) and Calcium bones with Duck!


I have been asked often about this star quilt. It is really nice and I like the fabrics from hb’s shirts. But unfortunately I didn’t find any pattern to give you a link. I got the diamond templates from a friend. I’m sure you can find the pattern from somewhere, perhaps from ‘Craftsy’. If someone knows, please tell us in the comments!  You can make this pattern also a little bit easier if you use triangles. Then you can sew them in rows and there won’t be y-seams.

Now I shall show you the small patchwork we have been doing. It’s a little bit different than usually because of the black, but I really like it …

small quilt

Time to continue the patch work, because today we have been playing all the day. We had a special guest! I shall show you later, who she was!

Thank you so much for reading my post and for your awesome comments! I enjoyed so much reading your stories on the give away post! Lets keep chatting about quilting and other things!

HANNA … and Nero, Nelli and Teje


How I do Patchwork – Easy Tutorial

Hello dear friends! Sometimes projects may start very spontaneously! One photo from a friend in the Instagram may lead to a quilt and tutorial!

Strawberry Cake quilt top

Katherine from ‘Sew Me Something Good’ is my long time quilting friend! We love same happy colours and scraps! When I saw her strawberry I knew that is a ‘must’! I had even ready cut 1,5″ squares (of course I had to find few more fabrics to have many different prints and colours in my strawberry).

From Katherine I found Bec from ‘Skyberries Handmade’ who has made great tutorial for the strawberry!

patchwork strawberry

When making the strawberry I started to think that this would become so good small wall quilt … what else to add? And I remembered two special fabrics. When I was fabric shopping with my friend Leena from ‘Tilkkutie” in Finland, we found these two kithcen themed pieces. We cut them half, one pair for her and one for me, and said lets see what we can make with these. My first thought was Make a Strawberry Cake! So this little quilt got name ‘Strawberry Cake’!

My way to create quilts is usually based on fabrics I have and sometimes I use blocks I have already made. I thought to show how easily you can do that.

Photos below show you how I tried different fabrics. Because I wanted to use those kitchen fabrics, I thought to try if few mugs could find place there too. Mugs are from the ‘Quilty 365’ quilt project which I started and managed to make the ‘Fabric Forest’ Quilt but then didn’t have time to continue.

mosaic one for quilt

So I wanted to have the kitchen fabrics, mugs and the fabrics with tea pots and cups. Kittens looked too busy so out they went. Red stripe in the middle pops out strangely. Something ‘half-strong’ needs to be on the opposite side of the red stripe so I took my favourite hexy fabric. I have nice memories for many of my fabrics!

Here is the final decision. I add also little squares on the left side because the juice-glass needed more colour.

quilt designing

So now it’s time to think how to connect all the pieces. First I look what pieces are matching as they are and those are the three pieces on the top. So I sew them together. Also the juice-glass with the tea pot strips on the right can be sewn together.


Now the up panel and the big block will show us what size we need to make the other parts.

Down left the purple cup is smaller than the apron fabric (and that I won’t cut smaller), so I shall add happy stripes piece. I don’t like maths so I use my other pieces to check the correct size. Ruler helps also to see how much sew allowance we need. It’s always better to cut slightly bigger piece than too small. In the first photo I show that I want to trim the mug from up and down to be able to add good size strip.

mosaic 2 patchwork

I leave the down-right corner last, because from that strawberry fabric I can cut any size piece I shall need.

So I start to think what to do with the strawberry block. It is a little bit smaller that the block with tea pots. I chose to use the hexy fabric on the left and the ‘happy circles’ on the up side. Happy circles will also separate the strawberry and orange-juice-glass so there is not so much white around.

strawberry patchwork

To be able to have a good size stripes so that the lovely fabrics shows, I shall trim the strawberry block from all sides – and little bit more up and down.

how to plan patchwork

And now we have to think what size the piece should be. My grid here is 1/2″ so the strip should be 1,5″ + seam allowance which is 2 x 1/4″ so we need 2″ strip (remember better a little bit more). Up right my finger nail shows you where the seam will be. Then sew the strip and trim it.

mosaic 3 patchwork

I really like the purple tea pot! Next we shall add the hexy piece. I keep all my pieces on their exact place as well as possible, to see all the time what sizes I need and not to mix up my thoughts. The next one is easy. You can cut big enough piece and trim it later. If you like to save your fabric, you can see from the grid on the cutting mat that we need 2,5″ strip + seam allowances which are 2 x 1/4″. So we need 3″ piece (a little bit bigger). The length I shall trim later.


Now we have already finished the up and middle panels and there is left only the down panel. Aprons and purple mug are sewn together. We can cut big enough piece from the strawberry fabric (I cut it so that the berries are nicely in the middle) and after sewing that, trim the panel to be the same size with the other two panels.

strawberry mini quilt

Now we just sew the panels together and if needed trim around.

strawberry quilt top

I hope this tutorial helps you to see how easy it is to create your own patchwork. You can start even more easily using beautiful, fun fabrics instead of the strawberry (or any other) block. Use prints and solids, strong and light colours, add some white for freshness, mix and match and enjoy your patchwork journey!

I want you to start patchwork if not today, tomorrow! Please don’t wait until you have the sewing room, until you have done the autumn cleaning, until and until … then you never do it. I only regret that I didn’t start patchwork and quilting 20 years earlier!

Remember that you can always trim and even cut the whole thing again and IT’S ONLY FABRIC! If it just doesn’t work this time, start again. Every project is important even it wouldn’t become our favourite quilt. Every time we learn something. I still haven’t learnt to add enough white around my blocks to be able to trim later to the size I need! But then that leads me to the creativity! For me it was hard to stop here … I started to imagine triangle borders around etc. etc. but I want to keep this small and to finish it soon.

I have add now narrow stripy border with corner squares and you will see that next time when I shall show you also how to quilt and finish this small wall quilt. We shall make the binding, hanging sleeve and even the label! (did I promise too much?)

I’m planning to write tutorial for the most simple “Start to make patchwork”. You don’t need any fancy tools and you may find the starting fabrics from your home. I really want to encourage everyone at least to try patchwork and quilting. So often I hear/read that ‘I have been thinking/wanting long time to try quilting’ – but You didn’t yet – why?! It’s good to make different things because you never know what could be your favourite and what talent you have!

Did you enter our 6th Anniversary Give Away? If not, there is still time, click HERE and you can win gorgeus patterns and quilt magazines! What could be better way to start or continue your quilting experience!

Thank you very much for your visit! Thank you for your beautiful, long comments on our 6th Anniversary post!



6th Anniversary – Fantastic Give aWay!

Vof vof dear friends! Today is very special day here at ‘ Nero’s Post’ because we are celebrating! Yeeee, it’s our blog’s 6th anniversary! Are you ready for a party?! I’m Hanna by the way and I’m very happy to see you!


Our blog is named by Nero because he is the one who helped to start this whole thing. Nero said that if there is not enough quilting and sewing to share he has always lots of stories to tell. His favourite place is on the balcony where he can see all the neighbourhood … he hears the best gossips and we can only guess what he has in his mind at this moment…


As our blog is now 6 years and that surely needs a big celebration so we asked few of our friends to help with the party. We are really happy to have today two dear friends, talented ladies, sponsoring our Anniversary Give Away! Thank you, thank you Judith and Lorna!!! Applauds, please!!!

Judith from ‘JUST JUDE’ is kindly sponsoring our give away with 4 quilt magazines! + thread and curved safety pins  (so good for basting). And there is still more … this one lucky winner will get also Judith’s {iPad / tablet cover} pattern! Visit Judith’s shop ‘JustJude Designs’ to see all her fantastic patterns. Judith has a great collection different kind of patterns: bags, pillows, quilts etc. and also beautiful fabrics!  Look also her tutorials (great ideas what to sew).

from Judith

Lorna from ‘SEW FRESH QUILTS’ is kindly sponsoring our give away with quilt patterns! 3 lucky winners will get one pattern of their choice. Lorna’s patterns are fantastic! There are so many fun and beautiful patterns that it will be difficult to choose. Visit her shop ‘SEW FRESH QUILTS’ to see by yourself! One is absolutely my favourite … want to see what it is? … click HERE!  Here are just few of her beautiful patterns…

patterns from Lorna

Did you look which is my favourite? Haa, you guessed right, it’s of course ‘Dog Gone Cute’! We were participating the blog hop and made the most fun, our favourite quilt: ‘Puppy Portraits’! In our post you can read the story of each Puppy. Everyone has their hobby and place to live. The ‘Dog Gone Cute’ quilt along is still available in Lorna’s blog. Always when I look these puppies, I want to make new puppies (perhaps with new life stories).

Puppy Portraits

So our blog started 15th of August 2010. So much has happened during these years. We can still remember how it felt to write the first post. After few years it was time for a change and we started with a new theme and shortened the name to ‘Nero’s Post’. And then again at the end of the 2015 had to make decision how to continue (we ran out of space in our blog and made the decision to start in a new address = here you are now). We named our blogs I, II and III so hope not to mix you up. These years have been just amazing!!!

The plan was that Nelli shows our give away presents … but you know cats … if they are sleeping in their comfy chair outside … they don’t care if there is a Moomin or not …

Moomins and Nelli

So we do the job again, me and Nero … hey Nero, could you show the front and then I show the other side …

Moomin needle books

Hi guys! Here are the two Moomin needle books that you can win from our give away! I hope you don’t start to fight who gets the pink one! (you can make a wish in your comment). Hanna it’s your turn …

needle books

We love to read your comments, so write! Tell us what pattern from Lorna is your favourite! Tell us what you would like to make from Judith’s patterns or tutorials! Tell us what you are making now! Tell us if you like pink or green! Tell us where you live! Do you drink coffee or tea … read books … what else …

Remember, if you are no-reply, add your email so we can reach the winners! We keep it simple this time and everyone has one entry.

So we shall have 6 winners! Jippiiii! We shall pick the winners with Nero, lets say … 25th of August. Looks like in Finland ‘Loviisa’ has a name day and it will be half moon. You have plenty of time to write your comment and if you like, please spread the word about our give away.


What you think – super fun or what?! With Nero we can’t wait to play the ‘Pick the Winner’ game!

Thank you friends so much for reading our blog, following and writing the most sweet comments!

If you are new here and like to see what we are making and doing, Bloglovin is a great place to see around older posts and follow blogs. Every post has one photo and beginning of the text. Have a look HERE and follow if you like! This summer was quiet in our blog, but now it will be busy as normally again!

If you like to read more (ideas and inspiration) you can see the posts from my earlier address also in Bloglovin HERE.


You know, I’m very good in keeping secrets … just not when it is about our projets! I just have to show you a small sneaky peaky from the sweetest thing there is on our sewing table at the moment! Oh, I can’t keep my paws from those little scraps! But now I leave you to write us and thank you so much for visiting and celebrating with us!

Big furry hugs from Nero and me …  and I guess Nelli would join if she didn’t still sleep! Best wishes from Teje!



Thursday things: Materials

Hi dear friends! Welcome to ‘Thursday Things”! I’m a happy hamster …


For me creativity starts from the materials … I take out from the drawers things I have in my mind … then I need that blue … that other lace … hmmm did I have any pink? … ah yes leather strips … oh, beads! … and I end up with this … and I still didn’t start with the green …


‘Someone’ says often that we have gathered so much useless stuff … but I know ‘I shall need them’! And I do! They may be forgotten in the drawers for a long time and then new ideas sparkle out and they are just what I need. I couldn’t be creative so that be go to buy things only for one exact project. And I could never find then those things I need in that moment. And at least for me, ideas grow from the materials I have and fortunately usually I know exactly where I have stored everything.

embroidery shirt

One example is this shirt. I bought it looong time ago. I really liked the khaki colour and the details on the sleeves. But I just never wear it (perhaps 2 times). Can’t remember from where came the idea to stitch dragonflies on it. And after one, I couldn’t stop and I made many of them. What an enjoyable thing to do. I just draw few lines to guide me and then stitched what ever came to my mind. But then the shirt was too slim for my comfy style and I threw it to my ‘material closet’. It has been waiting to be a part of a quilt … or something else … and now I think I have an idea for something else.

materials in my studio

I save ‘everything’ because I can’t buy materials easily. Many materials I carry from my trips to Finland and there is the weight limit you know. So I save also every piece and trim from the wadding, fleece etc. Narrow strips are good for bag stripes. But you know what, we may need them also in quilting! I love Jayne’s idea – she is just so creative! Read the post, other wise you may not see that THING!

gem stones and lava beads

As you know I love colours! Oh, colours are so inspiring! I have lots of beads for my jewelry makings and now I started to think that there has to be ‘more’ for them! But what?

fabric samplers

I’m happy to get some fabric samplers from a dear friend! My mistake is that often I save materials too much because I’m worried that I ran out of them or when I get the perfect idea, I don’t have materials to make … how stupid is that … in that way nothing will ever happen, so I need to start to use them more bravely. If you like to see my friend’s gorgeus, modern Home decor, furniture and design shop – website, visit ‘Zaira Collection’.


Now I should empty my table to be able to finish the ‘After the Storm’ quilt. It’s quilted and the binding is waiting. I think I just put all this stuff on a big tray and then I can easily continue with them.

sewing materials

I shall leave you now wondering what I’m making with ‘this stuff’.

Next week we shall celebrate with Nero, Hanna and Nelli – and YOU! Our blog is going to be 6 years and we shall have a big give away! So don’t go far away, it’s very soon!

I’m joining Kelly’s linky party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’.

Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments!



30 days of quilt design

Hello friends! New week begins with new challenges! This one comes from ‘Stitched in Color’ by Rachel. For me the timing is perfect as I just started to plan new design. for a long time I wanted to make a quilt from a painting. I look my grandfather’s and mother’s painting on the walls thinking quilt ideas. My mother painted lots of colourful paintings and many Greek potteries. I chose to start with this one. This painting is not at my home, so I made raw illustration from the photo and add some colour to help me to plan the dark and light areas.

quilt idea from painting

You can read all the details from Rachel’s post, but the main idea is to make 30 quilt designs (you don’t need to make 30). They can be illustrated or made with computer and you don’t need to make quilt of them. There is enough time so no need to make exactly every day. I try to make one every second day. This happens in IG so draw and illustrate your ideas and post the photo. See the # from Rachels’ post. Look also in IG with #30DaysofQuiltDesign – there are already many very interesting designs.


I picked my blues and solid scraps. This colour palet has only blues … not even a bit of orange …

blue scraps

I have made small, portable design wall and it’s practical for this kind of project because it has to be next to the sewing machine.

small design wall

Do you see quilt ideas every where?

evening on the beach

Beack to my design wall. I’m not sure yet … this may change to more simple background ….

on my design wall

… because I hope to make improv curves for the pottery …. my fingers and itching to use this ruler …

quick curve ruler

It’s very good that I ‘have’ to put my design ideas on the paper because other wise I forget them … 10 min ago I was thinking about few ‘long time in my mind’ ideas and thought to make a quick note about them …. and now I can’t remember them. Have to carry pen and paper all the time with me!

greek pottery

This project will go on as “Greek Pottery 1”; I hope there will be more of these. My mother loved colours and found inspiration from Greece and Greek postcards. She painted many pottery paintings.

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