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Sunday Stash and Stuff

Hello dear friends! Welcome to see my ‘this and that’ Sunday stash and stuff! Last Sunday I was happily surprised that I had again fabrics to share … and believe me or not, I have new fabric again! But first I show you my helper.

knitting moose

This is busy busy season and I know you would like to have extra hands. I’m so happy that Miss Moose started to knit (with Hanna’s help) and now I can focus on  my sewing projects.

sewing table

This mess is almost too much for me. Where I cut the fabric? I wish that with a push of button I could get an extra (empty) table! Last night I joined again Lucy at #saturdaynightcraftalong .…  sorry, I went to pick the link and forgot myself in IG to see what new stuff there was from last night! I really enjoy this craft along and it helps me to ‘work’ on saturday evenings … even I wonder if I can call this work.

Dear friend surprised me last week! I feel so lucky and happy to have friends all around the world! You know how amazing this blogland is and how special friendships we can make even we haven’t met in life! With Doreen from ‘Treadlemusic’, we have been friends for a long time and I know if we ever met, we would laugh our selves to sick! When Doreen went for a trip (perhaps with her awesome bike!) and saw this fabric she thought me and the sea/beach photos I show often. Thank you Doreen for this gift and for making me laugh!

sea fabric

I guess we all enjoy seeing photos and life in different places. It’s like making a short trip and also it’s really nice to have an idea where and how our friends live and spend their time (that we know if they are quilters!). So here you go … our lunch one day last week …

shrimps in greek way

I’m lucky in many ways, one is that hb is fantastic cook and likes to cook! I’m not a kitchen person at all. Here we enjoy huge shrimps in delicious tomatoe sauce in Greek way by my hb! And glass of local wine … good for health! Today we went for a Sunday lunch to the local taverna/grill ‘Mitsos’ in our village. That’s our favourite place.

After siesta and coffee we continue often until late evening (sometimes may wake up at night and do a little bit and then continue sleeping). Sea glass vases and candle glasses from our ‘Trikimia” sea glass studio.

sea glass vase by trikimia

Last year I made lots of fabric hearts from Helen’s book ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’. I love them and have them again on the drift wood tree. As I make now some little fabric items, today I shall make also hearts.

fabric hearts

I try to be busy these days because soon we shall have a visitor who keeps me playing all day long!

bracelets and pendants

Can you guess who will come? Yes, Paris the puppy! Her sleeping toy is waiting for her!

‘How it is to be an animal?’ I wish I knew (or as they say be careful what you wish). But still life with puppies would be much more enjoyable and easier if we could understand them better. We should understand also that often they can’t understand us. My treasure books by ‘Susan Branch‘, hand written books from a special friend! You just need to see Susan’s site!


There is my traditional Finnish straw goat, Christmas decoration. By the way, Santa Claus in Finnish is Christmas Goat?! Should search from where that comes!

christmas goat

This year I have made winter wonderland on the big window in the dining area. Miss Moose is sitting there on a big log and of course knitting. More you will see soon.

It’s difficult to find the Christmas feeling when most of the days outside are like this!

greek garden

After living in Greece over 20 years, I have made my own little Christmas traditions but I can’t find or create the magical Christmas atmosphere there is in Finland or any other snowy, cold place. So if you have that, enjoy even you miss hot sunshine!

cosy quilts by Teje

I’m joining the linky parties: Oh Scrap and Sunday Stash

Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you also for writing beautiful and happy comments! Have a lovely day and see you soon! And now back to my cosy, very stuffed, sewing room!


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Hexagon Fabric Basket and Scrap Tree

Hi Dear Friends! Good Month! It’s December and it’s SNOWING!

Hexagon Fabric Basket

I have been waiting to see the snow on my blog and yesterday it was snowing also in my sewing studio!


Outside was a storm! So much rain and wind that I had to force Nero and Hanna to go out. Big flower pots fell down. Just now tiny piece of sun appeared between the dark clouds. Temperature has fallen to +10C which is quite cold here. With the cold sea wind it feels the same as +2C in Finland.  We had a lovely morning walk with puppies in the fresh, cool air. After feeling too hot many months, we love this weather, but I understand if you feel the opposite.

But lets get back to the scraps. Last time I showed you a sneaky peaky … no one tried to guess what it was …


It’s the inside bottom of the hexagon fabric basket. During the summer I was sewing these hexagons and from the beginning I knew I want to make fabric basket where the hexagons are connected around. I was hard not to make a table runner with that rainbow piece but I stayed in my first plan.

A while ago it was like a summer …


… then the leaves turned yellow and orange …

sewing studio decor by Teje

… my scrap tree looked like wind was blowing and throwing the autumn leaves …

fabric vase

… and the colourful leaves were on the ground until it started to snow …

scrap tree

If you like to hear how all this happened:

I made the hexagon basket / vase. I liked the idea to put inside glass jar or vase and fill it with flowers. This time there wasn’t anything interesting outside to pick, so I thought to make a drif wood ‘tree’. But how to decor that tree? Scraps! I’m not sure, but perhaps this idea started from the ribbon tree that Marle made! I thought I could make that with selvages!

Here is how I made the tree …


I put stones on polyester wadding to hold the tree. I took the jar with trims … did you just throw them away?! Sorry!

scrap project for kids

This is perfect project to make with kids!

fun with scraps

scrap projects

This can be also seasonal decoration. I love my green lights but they made my tree look like it’s spring and Easter. So I made a wish for snow …



And now I have a snowy tree in my sewing studio! For the winter season I like the look of these plain branches and stones in the glass, so my new hexagon basket will store seasonal coodies.

hexagon fabric basket

If you like to make Christmas, or other, fabric basket, look my tutorial HERE. I show you how it’s easy to make any size fabric basket.

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Hanna sends you kisses! She was really happy to hear you enjoyed reading her post about the knitting lesson she gave to her friend Miss Moose!

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Hanna’s Post: Knitting with Miss Moose

Vof  vof vof, it’s me Hanna and today we have a craft alond day with my friend Miss Moose!

Hanna and moose

She asked me to teach her to knit. Well, about knitting I know a little bit because I take care always how Teje does that. So I promised to give her a lesson.

Nero and Hanna

Nero helped me to carry all the supplies out on the woods. Also Nero was very kind to give us some wool to start. Nero has so much fur and you can see that all the inside wool is leaving now. We could brush him non-stop!

Nero and Moose

So are you ready to begin, Miss Moose!

Hanna's post with moose

First I explained to her that we need wool and cards to create yarn. Miss Moose looks confused but don’t worry, she will do just fine.

Moose Hirvi

Good that we have cards from Teje’s grandmother.

old card

I showed to Miss Moose how to work the wool between the cards.

moose and wool

I can say that she was very good student and concentrated well to learn.


Many things are difficult when we try for the first time. But it’s always worth of trying! Unfortunately we had forgot that we don’t have spinning-wheel! It’s still in the attic in Finland and without that we can’t make yarn.

old spinning-wheel

So now what? We want to knit! I knew that Teje has yarn in her drawer so we asked from her and she gave us nice, fluffy yarn.

Hanna is knitting with Moose

I have to say that for a beginner, Miss Moose holds the needles very well and didn’t drop any loop.

Hanna and moose

I told her that it’s important to learn to keep her shoulders relaxed, other wise she can’t knit long time.

Knitting Moose

Yesterday when we had the knitting lesson, it was warm and sunny day. Miss Moose said: I feel hot and I need more sun glasses than wool scarf! I said, don’t worry my friend, they say in the weather forecast that winter is coming soon and when you have finished this scarf, I’m sure you can wear it.

knitting moose

So bravely Miss Moose continued knitting her scarf and she knit and knit and couldn’t stop because she liked it so much. I think next time she needs more challenging project … perhaps a fair isle pullover.


I’m really happy that Miss Moose learned to knit and enjoyes it! Now can have often craft along days and she can even join OUR QUILT GUILD and knit when we sew with Nero and Teje.

puppy and moose

This was really fun day and now it’s raining! Miss Moose loves her new scarf and she’s wearing it all the time!

Thank you for reading my story! Hugs and kisses!



Sunday Stash and lots of Stuff

Hi Dear Friends! I can’t believe that I’m joining again the ‘Sunday Stash’ at ‘Molli Sparkles’! And even better, I can show you the fabrics I won from his Celebration Give Away! It’s a beautiful bundle of low volumes from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! Thank you!!!

low volume fabrics

These are really beautiful and soft fabrics! I don’t have many low volumes in my stash so this is fantastic add to my collection. I had thought to use these for my diamond quilt but I shall save them for an other project.

Buttons from my trip to Finland. There was a big box in the fabric shop and the price was by weight. I was happy to pick some wooden buttons and some simple ones for pillows.


My zippers needed to be organized because they didn’t fit anymore in their small storage box. Now they can stay outside so I can see and pick them easily. Metal zippers are from my friend ‘Tilkkutie’, thank You! and most of the others are from hb:s trip to Athens! Few last poor zippers were living in my drawer but now they are happy with many colourful friends!


You may know that we have been collecting sea glass for many years and make jewelries and decorations with them. Hb made an other trip and look with what he returned! I could spend hours (and I did) organizing them …

sea glass by Trikimia

He found some really good and special pieces. Not all of them are for jewelries … like this huge blue piece …

huge blue sea glass

Except that I love the sea glass and their colours, I love the mystery hidden in every piece! Many sea glass pieces are like our privite secret. Also it’s very exciting to think about stories that those pieces many carry. Where have they lived, from where they have travelled, what items they have been and who have holded them. For me one of the most nice things were, when one little boy said to my friend (who was wearing sea glass pendant) that it could be from Pirate’s ship! Her pendant was white and first the children were wondering if it’s piece of ice and how it doesn’t melt!

big blue sea glass by Trikimia

Then to totally other thing. I have got this old suitcase from friends and it was really nice for decoration in our shop, but it’s not suitable to store anything. So finally I started to fix it.

old suitecase

I tried to take the inside paper away, but often that’s not possible. I cleaned it as much as possible and then put the first layer of paint. Hope to continue this next week. When it’s painted, I shall cover the inside with wadding and fabric.

painting old suitcase

And then also totally something else, say cheese! This is the best cheese from friends in Ioannina Greece!  It’s smoked and so so good! Also it brings to us wonderful memories from our trips. We used to go to Ioannina every winter and had the best time with our friends! That area is so worth of visiting. There are lots of beautiful villages and special places to visit and to make short trips.

Metsovone Greek cheese

I have finally finished ‘one thing’. Here is a sneaky peaky until I shall show it. You could never guess what this is! … but you can try!


Thank you for reading my blog! My warmest thanks also for your always lovely and supportive comments!

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Grand Canal: new quilt project!

Hi dear friends! I hope you feel good! I do because I have a new quilt project going on!

grand canal diamonds

This quilt story began with the jelly roll Grand Canal by Kate Spain. Visit Kate’s beautiful blog ‘Kate Spain Designs’! This is my first time to use jelly roll and while waiting it to arrive I search for pattern. I really liked the idea of diamonds made by strips and decided to make diamond based design.

Grand Canal Jelly Roll

When this candy arrived I was so excited! It’s really beautiful, colours are gorgeus and the fabric is very soft! To make these colours shine even more I thought to add Kona solids.

Grand Canal and Kona

Looks really inspiring! First thought would be to add similar solid for the centre of the diamond and that is beautiful but there has to be also enough contrast.Look my first test blocks where the centre doesn’t separate well.

jelly roll diamonds

When I add solids the colours on the prints pop out!


I never cut all the pieces in the beginning because I plan as I go. I have cut now some diamonds. One stripe makes one diamond and from the left over piece I shall create something else for this quilt. You can see HERE how I cut these and the measurements.

Grand Canal and Kona

When I was thinking about the pattern and waiting for the fabrics, I saw one photo in Istagram which made me want to add grey to this quilt. Have a look HERE. I really like grey colour and I love drift wood, old worn-out, faded wood. We have collected drift wood for our works and even our Christmas tree is drift wood!

Drift wood Christmas tree

Photo above is from last year but the tree is the same now. The scene is almost the same this year.

From my stash I couldn’t find very good grey. I like a lot this little gingham but it’s quite thin; colour is dark blue/grey and I think it’s really good with the Grand Canal!

Grand Canal quilt project

But then yesterday … oh, sometimes I AM SO LUCKY! I was looking around my fabrics and saw the perfect grey-wood fabric … where? … on the pile I brought from Finland!

grey fabric

First I tried the grey for ‘sashing’ to surround the diamonds. I don’t think I shall do this at least with this project. It doesn’t give the best view for the Grand Canal and I don’t think it should be mixed with the colourful diamonds.

diamond quilt blocks

In the evening I couldn’t keep myself away from the Grand Canal and made more diamonds!

diamond quilt project

I have now a basic plan in my mind and I think it’s good. I shall use that grey-wood fabric and different shades of Kona grey solids … to make diamonds … and try to make a unique layout which leaves the Grand Canal shine and show!

Grand Canal by Kate Spain

This quilt project makes me happy! I realize now that this is what I have missed, a good, big quilt project! I have felt restless, jumping from one to an other small project having all the time too many things in my mind. So now while I work with custom orders and other things I can think and plan this quilt in my mind and feel calmer. You know what is my only problem now? How to stay away from this?! And you know what every quilter needs? To have a work in process on the design wall! It’s so nice to step in my room just look this for a minute or two!

I shall link at ‘Let’s Bee Social’ and ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’.

Thank you friends for reading and commenting! The best part is to share my quilting and sewing stuff with you!



Trunk Show – My Favourite Quilts

Hi Dear Friends! Welcome to my Trunk Show! Soma from ‘Whims and Fancies’ is hosting an online Trunk Show where we can show quilts! Here are the quilts I chose. Each quilt has a story and these are my favourites. I hope you enjoy the tour even you may have seen these before.

‘PUPPY PORTRAITS is one of my favourites! I love dogs and when I saw Lorna’s pattern with puppies I knew I have to do that! I participated the Blog Hop and made portraits for my puppies. Every puppy has a name and small story. Some of the puppies are hand pieced. I was very lucky and this quilt brought to me bundle of blue/grey Kona solids. (Used for example for ‘After the Storm’ quilt). PS. Lorna has add now ‘Paw Print’ blocks for this free pattern.

'Puppy Portraits' by Teje

‘Puppy Portraits’ by Teje

‘TRAVELLING BIRD’ is a mini quilt. I made this quilt to send a quilt book on a travel. First stop was my friend Judith. The idea was that each quilter reads the book and sends it further with something quilted. Judith made fantastic bag and sent the book again, but unfortunately after that the journey didn’t continue.

'Traveling Bird' by Teje

‘Travelling Bird’ by Teje

‘BUNNY’S FRIENDS’ was a special custom order. I enjoyed this project very much even I was also nervous if they would like it. I made first the cute bunny from Kristy’s pattern and the story began. Bunny tells the story how the quilt grows and how she had even some little helpers. This quilt looked so perfect on my sewing studio’s wall that it was hard to apart.

'Bunny's Friends' by Teje

‘Bunny’s Friends’ by Teje 

‘PIC NIC ON THE BEACH’. This quilt was inspired by the ruler ‘Hex N More’ by Julie. I had just received the ruler so I was really excited and thought to make a quilt with all the possibilities this ruler gives. Having those beautiful, summer breeze fabrics, I started to make a big puzzle. This quilt was also one of the most enjoyable projects I have made!

Pic Nic on the Beach by Teje

‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ by Teje

‘PAPER DOLLS’ was custom order for a sweet girl. I thought this was the perfect project to use the fabric that I had treasured for a while.

'Paper Dolls' by Teje

‘Paper Dolls’ by Teje

Looks quite clearly that I like animals and children quilts with happy colours! But lets continue our Trunk Show …

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies

… with few other kind of quilts.

‘AFTER THE STORM reached to be one of the viewers’ choises in the latest ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ and got 5th most votes! Wow I was so amazed and happy! It’s made with Kona solids and the pattern is Storm at Sea. This pattern appears with single or double diamonds. I made this quilt to calm down from a storm in life.

'After the Storm' by Teje

‘After the Storm’ by Teje

‘SWIRLS AND STARS’ from men’s shirts are special to me. I thank hb’s shirts for starting to quilt! I really liked the fabrics and colours and thought often how nice patchwork they would make. After many quilts I finally made these two quilts with his shirts. Fabrics are really good quality (not easy to hand quilt) but strong enough for our furry friends. I have given these to Nero and Hanna so I can enjoy watching them instead of some old blankets.

'Swirls' from men's shirts by Teje

‘Swirls’ from men’s shirts by Teje

'Stars' from men's shirts by Teje

‘Stars’ from men’s shirts by Teje

‘SUMMER WINE’ is paper pieced with octagons. Little white squares are sewn without papers, just folded the edges. I made this quilt during the hot summer days and my favourite song ‘Summer Wine’ was in my mind. This is small, soft quilt and I use it often on my sidetable. Some of the fabrics are vintage pieces and some from friends.

'Summer Wine' by Teje

‘Summer Wine’ by Teje

‘FANTASY FOREST’ is my most special quilt. I hope that one day I shall make an other quilt, different, but as dear as this quilt. This quilt was part of the Forest QAL and won the 1st prize! I had never joined quilt along neither had done foundation paper piecing. When I saw the Woodpecker, I was totally sold! I thought this bird I shall make no matter what it takes. And as you can see I fell in love with paper piecing! In that time my fabric stash was smaller and it was real challenge to choose the fabrics and colours. On the other hand I feel that made this quilt more fun, creative and brave. If I had more fabrics, I may have chosen more traditional, safe colours for the animals and this quilt wouldn’t look so happy and alive.

'Fantasy Forest' by Teje

‘Fantasy Forest’ by Teje

Thank you Soma for this Trunk Show Quilt event! You made me search my quilts and that was fun. Many of my quilts give me ideas for new quilt designs! Also they give me inspiration which I have missed lately.  I realized that I need a new, long term, relaxing quilt project and in fact I have already picked the fabrics. Today I shall have a slow sewing Sunday … making diamonds from my new jelly roll: ‘Grand Canal’ by Kate Spain!

Thank you for visiting! I hope you found inspiration for your quilting! Enjoy your visit at the Trunk Show!

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Nelli and pillow


Hanna’s Post: Diy Little Trees and Mug Rug

Vuf vuf friends! It’s late evening and we have been fixing our ‘winter window’. Went to find snow flakes … still have to store some other things … but I like to show you the mug rug we made and the little trees.

Christmas mug rug

Teje bought this tea towel from Finland and later at home she realized how much she likes it.  I said we could make a pillow to enjoy that nice print. So we did make a Christmas pillow. Our last post has tutorial for that easy tea towel pillow.

Christmas mug rug

There was only small piece left but that could make nice Christmas mug rug.


We made this really simple and to keep it flat, we sew the pieces just over each other with sik sak. That way there is now fat seam allowance. We had decided to add few ribbons so they covered the seams.


I really like our sewing room. We have comfy rugs on the wooden floor and it’s very cosy small space.

singing dog

When I’m really happy I start to sing! I sing often! But I’m shy and couldn’t sing to a big audience … I have heard that I should sing in You Tube … do you know if there are lots of listeners?

singing dog

Some days we spend hours in the sewing room but other days we have many other things to do. Like yesterday when we had snow on the coffee table in the living room!

diy fleece trees

We made little snowy trees! They are fun and easy. Take some bases and cover them with fleece. Add glue as you go.

diy little trees

If you like, you can trim the fleece ‘hairs’ shorter but I like the fluffy look!

diy small trees

I shall show you again these trees when our ‘winter window’ is ready. It’s almost, but I still have to paint something.

scandic style mug rug

We did some hand quilting on the mug rug. Then the binding with red, little gingham, what else!

Christmas mug rug

And so we can have a lovely coffee moment with favourite Finnish coffee … just a sneaky peaky from the ‘Winter in Woods’!

Juhla Mokka Finnish coffee

With Nero we got today new toys! They are from ‘Jumbo’ which is a local, big shop filled with anything you can imagine. Now there is of course lots of Christmas things. Teje told me that there was one puppy who really wanted to go for shopping and many times they carried her out! Too bad she couldn’t come to play with us.

singing puppy

Now I want to thank you dear friends, for reading my story! Hope to see you soon! I shall give a knitting lesson to a Moose! It’s hirvi in Finnish if you like to know; I do speak Finnish and Greek and my own secret language.


PS. I shall join Kelly’s linky party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’ and ‘Finished of Not Friday’ at Busy Hands Quilts.