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Postcards from Finland 1

Hi Dear Friends! Here I am, in my homeland. I shall show you snap shots from my days and ways. Would be lovely to live in a lavender blue house …


Good morning! I start my day with crackers and was happy to find this purple pack. Koulu = school and theses cracker are traditional …


I enjoy listening my ‘own’ language and watching tv. In the morning tv was a part: ‘morning book’ with a great patchwork background! Interesting book review too!



I went to renew my passport and took the road through the area I used to live before I moved to Greece.

This ski jump place used to look so high but I guess it’s not anymore.


This is a horse race arena. From here I have more memories with dogs because dog shows take place here. Our family used to have always dogs and we were often in dogs shows. When I was in the dog show here in my home town with my first own dog … the miracle happened … my dog was 4th of all the show! That was unforgetable experience for a young girl!


Would have been fun to visit this ‘Our country side’ festival but it has been in August. Still happy to see this fun sign!


I lived in this house … how much those trees has grown! … in 23 years.


I’m so happy that there is still gorgeus colours in nature! This time it could be already colder and even perhaps first snow (as they had in north but not yet in south). It’s about + 4-7 C, just perfect for me after really hot summer in Greece.


This beautiful tree is on the side of the Animal Hospital …


Quick photo when waiting in traffic lights. Have to keep my camera always ready next to me!


And then I went to buy the yarn that I had already picked from Novita’s website. I had decided to buy that light colour for a shawl to knit when watching tv in the evenings …but do you think I could have left the shop without  Colours?! There are still few more colours and I shall start with these and see then if I like to mix more of them. It’s so soft and beautiful yarn!

finnish yarn

Visit nerospost in Instagram to see what goodies I shopped with the yarn!

post office

Went to the post office … ‘Neron Posti’ …

Nero's Post

On the road throug the old town …


Thank you for joining my holidays in Finland and thank you for you lovely wishes! See you soon!



Bracelets, crochet, bags …

Hello friends! It’s time to fly to Finland. Tomorrow morning Finnair’s blue-white wings are waiting for me.

laundry day

Last minute laundry … I’m so looking for to wear my fresh washed knitted jacket! and boots and scarves! Which colours to take with me?


This time I go with purple and blue. I feel so autumn-purple! and wanted to make a new bracelet for my vacation.


So I did make one purple bracelet … and few more …


Then I had to decide what to take with me because I need to travel very light … you know what happens when I return. These come with me … the lether one was Foxy’s collar (it was too big for her and for me it’s perfect double wrist-band).


Hmm … I shall leave the coral bracelet home; I’m sure one bracelet is about one fat quarter!


I don’t like to leave things to last minute, so I finished these custom order bags today in the morning and then managed to deliver them. More about these in an other bag post.


I have made more crochet squares for my shawl project and these are at the moment the last ones. When I return I shall spread these and see if they are enough and hopefully can start to sew them together. It will be a colourful shawl!

sleeping cat

Weather has been gorgeus! Few days the wind was from south and it was really hot but mostly it’s now so perfect. Nelli loves to sleep in the sun. I leave you now with this scene, still so much like summer …


… and next time I shall send you autumn (I hope not yet winter) postcards from Finland.

Thank you for stopping by! See you soon in North!



Reinbow Hexagons

Hi Dear Friends! I have really delicious photos today!


When I finally reached this point I couldn’t stop taking photos! I started this project in June and can’t remember now exactly how and why. Perhaps just needed something small to enjoy fabric and sewing.

reinbow hexagons

First I didn’t have any plan but later there has been too many ideas. I shall stick to one idea even I feel that this is shouting: I want to be a table runner! But I don’t have now time or patient to make lots of hexies more to fix the edges. I want to finish this soon! One other idea is very tempting but also that I shall save for an other time.

paper piecing

My way to baste hexies is with thread and through the papers. My way to sew hexies is as you see in the photo and I use one colour through all the project (usually white or beige). I don’t mind that the stitches are visible. This is handmade and that can be seen. I cut the fabric squares (in this case 2.5″ x 2.5″). If you make a quilt, it’s better to cut hexagon shapes so you don’t have too much extra fabric. When making something else we don’t mind about that.

paper pieced hexagons


I thought that I could have finished this whole thing in these days but I have had many friends with me and mostly just played with them.

quilting with puppy

When my friend, London was resting I picked the basting threads and papers. They come out so easily and quickly with a help of a needle. I have super fun hexagon templates from Annett! Thank you again my friend!

paper piecing

Then this rainbow piece got good press. And few more photos …

reinbow hexagons

… I spent long time to find the matching colours from my stash … other wise this would become a table runner! But I want to connect the ends.

hexagon project

My way to baste quilt top is with curved safety pins. So, nyyh nyyh, now the gorgeus scrappy look is hidden for ever … should I make one time small, scrappy wall quilt so that the back side would be the front side?! Yes! I think so!

fantastic hexagons

Did I show you this? I did? Okey shall we continue then and lets see how I quilted this.

Iiiik! I cut it!

paper pieced hexagons

Don’t worry, not by mistake! This was planned but wow, you need nerves to do that! In fact I think I should have cut more but that brave I wasn’t. This is my first time do this, so I started with little and I see later if I need to cut more. I felt so sorry to cut those edges!

Quilting is by hand with Perle cotton no 8, diagonal lines which create lovely diamonds. Unfortunately you can’t see that well in photo. Have to wait until this ‘thing’ is finished and washed.

These cuties are too small to save, even for me.


Now the next step is to connect the ends … i can do this, i can do this, i can do this, i can do this …


I’m surprised that it’s already ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which happens every second Tuesday of a month (I feel it’s almost every week?!) I want to send super super Thanks to Leanne at ‘She can Quilt’ and Nicky at ‘Mrs Sew and Sow’ for hosting this party! Also I want to thank them and their sponsors because last time I won! More about that later.

I’m joining also my favourite weekly linky parties and you can find all their buttons on my sidelist!

sleeping puppies

Now all our puppies, Nero, Hanna and our special guest Paris, are sleeping. Nice hmm? but do they sleep at night if they rest now? I think I shall use the opportunity and stitch the ends and if they are not sleepy at night, lets play then!

paper piecing hexagons

This was the beginning of this story. If you like to read more, click HERE.

Thank you for joining my scrappy adventure! You know I love colours and small scraps! Do you? Do you love or hate hand sewing? If you had asked from me 10 years ago, my answer would be totally different than today!

Have a great week and seen you soon! And soon postcards from Finland!


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Paris, our guest puppy is here!

Hi Dear Friends! Paris is here again! Wow, how she has grown in one month and she is so beautiful!

labrador puppy

She is really big with long legs … and can reach every where!


Nero and Hanna were really happy to meet Paris again … but with Alice from the nextdoor they share something special. Alice was waiting for her every day the last month that Paris was away.


When they meet, Paris is licking her face all over (and ours too)! She does that also to Nero but Nero is worried that she will touch his ears and doesn’t let her do that much.

dogs playing

I try to take lots of photos hoping to catch them in few. They are so busy when playing and especially Paris flies around the garden and house … in and out and all around again …

puppies playing

There can be short moments that Paris is thinking what to do next …


… but usually she is prepared with a long ‘to do’ list. She is very creative! Here she is making special fiber for crocheting …

labrador puppy

She always cleans up her mess after finishing her projects.


In fact she loves to fix and clean all the house … have to remember not to expect too much because she is still very young! But I have to say that she’s really quick … I just washed my teeth …


Hanna is often a little bit worried what Paris might have in her mind …


But when we play with ball, Hanna is the first one to join the fun … (I guess then she knows that she is not the target) …


Nero’s main hobby is ball game and he is phenomenal!



We did start to organize the garden but there are always so many things to do. Fortunately we have helper …


Paris was looking carefully how hb took lots of baby Aloes that were around the big one. Paris went quickly and started to digg holes where he can plant them … in many places in the garden. I guess it’s better we do the planting next week when Paris is not helping. Sorry Paris and thank you dear so much for helping us!


I don’t think we use these holes, Paris, because I know this is your special place. You can fix this as you like. She loves mostly this corner because Alice is also here. In fact she went to play with her (on her own)! and we add few more woods on the fence.

Paris the labrador puppy

Paris is a sweet and gorgeus little girl! She makes us laugh a lot and gives us great exercise! She sleeps with me (I don’t think she moves much all night because she doesn’t wake me up) … so when she wakes up early in the morning, she has filled her batteries and is ready for new adventures!

Lots of photos, but I don’t think I have time to post more before she leaves. Next Tuesday is again! ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ and then I shall show you my hexagon project. Oh it has so delicious colours!

labrador puppy

It’s very quiet here … are they all sleeping or …

Thank you for visiting and reading my puppy stories! Thank you also for your lovely comments! … Paris woke up … no, just changed bed …



Pigs and Pouches

Hello! I hope you are fine and creating something with your favourite fabrics like me!

Paint brush Pouch

‘Paint’ fabric collection is one of my most favourite! It has beautiful colours and the prints are so fun! ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ has still few pieces.

I picked some other favourite items for my photos: my grandfather’s small notebook and paint brush (from my sister when she lived in Japan). Any idea what it says here …

japanese text

Now I can’t say which pouch is my favourite … first it was this with the pigs! I love little pigs …

pouch with pigs

… and once I met two pig moms on my way …



Looks like they were coming or going to the beach which is down on the road …

Kalathas Chania

When I chosed the backing for the pigs, that became my favourite!

hexagon pouch

There is two wip’s in my hexagon project box. One with lots of finished hexy flowers, many of them already connected. And one which I began in summer and hope finish soon.

paper piecing hexagons

With this piece I shall stay in my first plan (I think). All these hexagons are now sewn, but I’m not quite sure if I need to add one or two lines. Thinking about what colours they should be, purple comes to my mind.

paper pieced hexagons

But back to pouches. Third pouch is made with stamps. I really like this blue fabric! Too bad we don’t write anymore letters, send postcards and even nice stamps start to be rear.

stamp pouch

All the pouches has lining, made with shirt fabric I bought last year from Finland. Soon I shall send you again ‘postcards’ from Finland!

zipper pouches

One of the best part is to pick and match the fabrics!

zipper pouch project

Dark fabric is Essex linen, the same I used for the Star pouches. I’m looking for to get new Essex linen soon, in several colours!

zipper pouch project

These pouches are now on the self in “Nero’s Post” etsy shop.

small pouches

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PS. ‘Paris’ is here!



Star Zipper Pouches

Hi dear friends! Colourful scraps make most fun stars! Bright Kona solids framed with white cotton and dark Essex linen = Stars pop out!

big star pouch

On the other side there is improvised log gabin.

big zipper pouch

This is a big pouch and perfect to be a project bag, travelling pouch etc.

project bag

When you make something fun it’s hard to stay in one …

scrappy star

cat face

Wow, what a star!

star quilt block

I quilted some lines by machine and then stitched colours on the patchwork centres.

Zipper has leather cord and beads. For the end of the zipper I used hexagons.

star pouch

This second star pouch is medium size. Again good for knitting and sewing projects or makeups.

zipper pouch

Lining has stripes and the pouch has binding.

zipper pouch

Medium size pouch is in my etsy shop. Big pouch flew already to new home.

Lately I have made many bags and pouches and I’m busy to finish some custom orders, because our special guest, ‘Paris’ will be soon here! Then it’s all day playing!

I want to thank you for nominating and voting my ‘After the Storm’ quilt! I’m so happy and honoured to have this quilt in 20 viewer’s choise quilts at ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’! Voting is now over and you can see all the winners here.

Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments!


zipper pouch

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{Dreaming at Dusk} and photos

Hi dear friends! Dreaming at dusk sounds really nice! My dictionary says that dusk is dark, twilight, grey dawn … I feel that dusk is foggy, twiglight yes, misty … soft pastel colours and greys come to my mind.



I was looking if I can find ‘dusk’ from my photos which usually have lots of colours.


Afternoon in Crete has usually most beautiful soft colours! That time is very short time after the sunset and before the dark.

crochet stone by teje

But let me tell you where this came from.  Rachel at ‘Stitched in Color’ has again Mosaic Contest going on – last moment in fact to join! Theme is {Dreaming at Dust} and she has created once again the most beautiful photo collection to inspire us! There are 2 quilts which I want to make both! And the colours in her post are so so delicious! Sponsor is fantastic ‘Lark Cottons’! Their site is beautiful and inviting! It’s practically organized so it’s easy to find what you are looking for. Of course it’s terrible difficult to pick something because all their fabrics are so beautiful! I think I spent two evenings to make my mosaics even my plan was this time to go with my istinct and not to think too much.





Of course I hope to win but to choose which one is my favourite is difficult … I hope Twilight wins! Have a look what others have chosen to their mosaics – there are so many beautiful collections!




sunset in Crete

These are what I found most near to ‘dusk’ from my photos.

Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for your amazing comments on my ‘After the Storm’ quilt which is nominated at the ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’ (last post). Thank you for your Birthday wishes to Nero! Welcome all new followers!