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{Gone Fishing} Baby Quilt


Hello and welcome to start the new chapter at ‘Nero’s Post and Patch’!

Gone Fishing baby quilt by Teje

Good way to begin the new year and new chapter in my blog is to show the new baby quilt {Gone Fishing}.

Gone Fishing baby quilt by Teje

This baby quilt was a request from a dear friend for her new born grandson. I was really happy to have these blue fish fabrics in my stash (bought from Finland).


I was told that baby’s mom likes stars so I made big stars featuring those fun fabrics. To make the stars pop out well I decided to add shashing which I don’t do often. Sky blue sashing is Kona cotton. Quilting is made by hand as you can see, with Perle cotton no 8 in turquoise.


For the backing I had the perfect shade of blue and the label was made with few fishes. If you like to read more about this project, click HERE.


There are many linky parties each week and I like to join them to meet my quilter friends. On of my favourites is ‘Fabric Tuesday’ because it’s the first party I found and started to join. Megan and Heather from ‘Quilt Story’ are really sweet ladies and I’m very happy that they have featured several times my works. Thank you ladies for featuring also this quilt top…

star quilt top

It’s finally winter here and we have had rains and some very cold days. But today the sky is blue like in the photo above! I just took out the little triangles and got few great shoots – yes that quilt top is finished and you’ll see it soon.

baby quilt by Teje

Nero wants to welcome you also to our new blog. I just adore him!

Shephard Nero

So the baby quilt is out of my hands now and it’s time to start to think about the next baby quilt, for a girl this time. I have one pattern in my mind; something I think would be fun for a baby and a pattern that I haven’t done before.

Gone Fishing baby quilt by Teje

Thank you dear friends for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you so much for following me her to the new address. You can read HERE why I start in this new address.

I wish you quiltful sewhappiness for this year! Hope to see you soon!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

35 thoughts on “{Gone Fishing} Baby Quilt

  1. Happy New Year, Teje! And what a great way to start off the new year and a new blog with this handsome baby quilt! The hand quilting is beautiful. Congratulations on your first finish for 2016!


  2. Onnea ja menestystä uudelle blogillesi! Kyllä me kaikki seurataan sinua uuteen osoitteeseen! Vauvan vanhemmat ovat varmasti iloisia peitosta, se on niin ihana. Nero on sharmantti herra! Halauksia hänelle ja Hannalle myös, eikä Nelliäkään saa unohtaa! Joko triangelit tosiaan ovat valmiit? Olet mahdottoman nopea, eikä se nopeus näy työn jäljessä yhtään! Käsintikkauksetkin aina niin siisteissä rivissä. Hyvää alkavaa viikkoa.


    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Halaukset menivat perille! Triangelit on hakaneuloitettu mutta ei se kovin iso tyo ole; mahtuu ompelupoydalle. Nyt vaan pitais keksi mita siihen tikkais. x Teje


  3. Onnea uudelle blogille! Ihanaa päästä aloittamaan kommentointi täällä. Voi, tähtipeitosta tuli kaunis, niin raikas. Tutunnäköisiä kankaita 😀 Täällä on pakkasta ihan kunnolla ja tänään on vihdoin satanut lunta. Iloisia ompelupäiviä sinulle!


  4. Yritin äsken kommentoida, mutta en tiedä, mihin kommenttini päätyi. Onnea uudelle blogiosoitteelle, kauniille näyttää, niin kuin edellisessäkin blogissasi. Peitosta tuli kaunis, kankaat näyttävät vähän tutulle. 😀 Täällä on ihan kunnolla pakkasta ja tänään on satanut lunta, luonto näyttää tosi kauniille ja valoisalle. Iloisia ompelupäiviä!


    • Kiitos Leena! Uudessa osoitteessa taitavat odottaa etta hyvaksyn kommentin. Luultavasti tama vain ensimmaisella kerralla. Lumiset kuvasi ovat todella ihania ja olit luistelemassa! Wow! Onneksi saatiin noita kankaita! x Teje


  5. Happy New Year Teje! You’ve started the New Year and the new blog with a great quilt. I love those jellyfishes! Avis x


  6. Happy New Year Teje! The quilt is adorable and your stitching is beautiful!


  7. Your beautiful hand quilting really enhances that sweet baby quilt. Nero,you are such a handsome fellow. Love that photo of you. Hanna,you are pretty cute gal too. We wish you the best year ever Hugs from Lady Caroline and the pack


  8. Your guilt looks so beautiful and fresh! The turquoise quilting is just lovely, You are super quilter Teje, you just do so many things in so short time, I really admire you! I wish you everything best in your new blog address ! x Anneli


  9. Hello dear Teje,

    Happy New blog-address! I am happily following you here and why not, that quilt is so so pretty! I love the colors and… well everything! Beautiful work, that will be so much loved.

    Have a lovely January, we have some snow and happy nippy -16C here this morning… oh no… 🙂



  10. Tässä on kaikki kohdallaan, malli ja värit, valtavan ihana lahja. Onneksi on tulossa lähipiiriin vauvoja, pääsee vauvanpeittoja ompelemaan 🙂


  11. Another beautiful quilt, can’t go wrong with stars. 🙂 It looks fantastic!!
    Happy New Year!


  12. It’s gorgeous! Happy New Year!


  13. Happy New Year, Teje! And hello to your lovely new blog! Your Gone Fishing quilt is really beautiful and I love its name too…..the hand quilting in turquoise blue is a very special touch. Hugs to you all!
    Helen xox


  14. Your new blog is a lovely place to visit Teje 🙂 Also the blues in this quilt are so cool and fresh, just what I needed to look at on this hot day in Perth!


  15. Adorable quilt, the stitching makes it all the more special!


  16. Happy New Year! Such a fresh and welcoming baby quilt – and your dog is adorable!!!!


  17. Beautiful quilt Teje!!


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