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{Splinters on Snow} quilt top


Hi dear friends! Quilt top with little triangles is finished and there was a perfect day for photo shooting.

Chips on Snow quilt top

When this top was finished, I don’t know why by I wasn’t very exicited. When I took it out, the excitment came …

Splinters on Snow

That stain glass illusion is so beautiful, when the sun light comes through the quilt top! I like always the seam allowances as a part of the ‘design’ and in this they play even more important role as there is so much white. Next photo is from the backside …

quilt top from back

This quilt started when I was going through my scraps. I save even the smallest because I know I like to make fabric pictures and then even the littlest can be important. I noticed that there were lots of triangles so I thought to improvise something with them. My word for this year is ‘improvise’.


After basting, I got more excited …

Splinters on Snow basted

Yesterday we had summer here! Yes, bright blue sky and about +22 C or perhaps more. I had lunch on the veranda with the dogs and started to quilt this.


After a while, dogs chose the shadow because it was really warm.

Perle cotton threads

Usually I find easily names for my quilts … but not this time. Usually my quilts present something or there is a theme or something … but not this time. Then ‘Marle’ said that it looks like snow. Yes! I thought so too and continued from that.

I couldn’t decide how to quilt … finally I picked blue threads as shadows on snow. I started to doodle. Is there doodle quilting? now is, it’s free motion quilting by hand without any plan.

quilting by hand

Now when I have quilted a little bit, I can see that some little creatures have been running on the snow!

With this quilt I’m not in hurry to finish, so I can use more time for the quilting. Other wise I would stitch some wavy lines.

blue sky

And the sky was so blue beautiful! Today is quiet, slow Sunday and I’m planning to have a stitchful, relaxing day. In fact this time I’m writing on the couch and Hanna is sleeping next to me … upside down … Nero is sleeping in his favourite place front of the window and Nelli in her basket.  Later we shall go for a walk … but no hurry today.

Splinters on Snow quilt top

I’m linking to ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which is a linky party every month’s second Tuesday. Hosted by Leanne and Nicky. November I was one of the lucky winners and just received my fabrics from ‘Green Fairy Quilts’ – Thank you! Yesterday I already washed one fabric because it’s planned to be part of my funniest project ever! Hmmm I hope you’ll find it as fun as I do. I can’t keep my hands (or eyes) away from that!

I’m joining also my favourite weekly linky parties:
Fabric Tuesday, Sew Cute Tuesday, Linky Tuesday, Let’s be Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, Oh Scrap

Splinters on Snow by Teje

Now I try to stay away from that funny project and to quilt little steps on that snow.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments! Have a lovely day!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

65 thoughts on “{Splinters on Snow} quilt top

  1. Good morning Teje!!! Your quilt top is amazing!!! what a great idea!! I also keep scraps as small as I think they could be reused, and so far I have 3 small bags filled, and are relocated each time I want to find something… This is definately one of the items in my new to-do list for this year!!! Thank you for sharing this, cannot wait to see it complete!!!


    • Thank you so much Eleni! I have always been a hamster with materials, but even more with the fabrics. Scraps are inspiring and fun! Have a lovely day…walk on the beach perhaps! x Teje


  2. Gorgeous!! I do love this quilt and put it on my to do list!! What a great way to use scraps. Enjoy the weather.


  3. It’s an adorable quilt. Funny how we can take scraps and make it so beautiful isn’t it!!


  4. This is stunning! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. My oh my! Leave it up to you to come up with doodle hand quilting. It does look like tracks in the snow. What a creative idea. Your hand quilting is such an awesome addition to your already unique quilts and now you have taken it up another notch. You just leave me In the dust, but your my inspiration nonetheless. 😍


  6. Oh, I forgot to mention that the pattern makes me think of wind surfing on a frozen lake. All those colorful sails skimming across the ice and snow. Beautiful !


    • Thank you so much Sonja! Those triangles looks so much like sails! This time I hold myself not to start making ‘picture’ and having snow in my mind I continued that idea. But there are more trinagles and new coming all the time so I can see in the future other quilt with sails and blue background. That will be fun! Hugs! x Teje


  7. Teje, this is AMAZING! I love your word for the year and I can’t wait to see what you improvise next!


  8. What a great scrap quilt for using up those odd triangles. It is beautiful against that awesome blues sky. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


  9. Ah miten raikas! Olen tosi iloinen, että työlle löytyi hyvä nimi. Tikkaus tosiaan näyttää siltä kuin hiiri tai joku pikkuotus on juoksennellut hangella kierrellen kirkkaita sirpaleita. Hyvän mielen työ! Nauttikaa auringosta!


  10. Oh, Teje, this is so beautiful! This is another one of your quilts that just leave me speechless!


  11. great shoots. It is sure a beautiful quilt.


  12. Such a fun quilt. The white space really highlights all the fun colors and angles.


  13. Teje, I love this! You could not have asked for a more perfect sky and day to take pictures of your quilt. I think your doodle quilting is a lovely choice for this one. It also makes me think of beautiful pieces of confetti falling to the freshly fallen snow.


  14. Very pretty! I do so admire those who can hand quilt.


  15. It’s beautiful. Good luck with the quilting.


  16. Beautiful! I love the movement it has! 🙂


  17. I love this! I, too, have a lot of triangle scraps, so I may do something similar. I hope you don’t mind! Your doodle quilting is just great and I love that you are doing it with perle threads.


  18. I love the idea of doodle handquilting! Looks really food so far!


  19. I jumped here from Linky Tuesday just because of the photo. This quilt is amazing! Wonderful improvisational work. Can’t wait to see what you add quilting-wise.


  20. Lovely to hear you are making use of your winnings already! I really love this idea and have lots of skinny triangles to try it out with – thanks for the tutorial! Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


    • Thank you Nicky! I didn’t manage to make your link work in the beginning, sorry for that. Now it’s okey. Thank you for hosting this great party! x Teje


  21. This is just beautiful!! I too have lots of little triangles so might well put them to good use like you.


  22. It’s such a perfect name! Looks like you have chosen some beautiful threads to quilt. Enjoy


    • Thank you Carla! Triangles are very inspiring because we can create so many things with them. This time I tried not to make a ‘picture’. x Teje


  23. Love, love, love this! Crisp and so fresh! Beautiful Teje! Your photos are amazing!


  24. Great quilt top! Beautiful picture as well.


  25. What a beautiful way to use up your scraps to make something so pretty!! Your hand quilting is lovely too!


  26. You’re really not kidding about a perfect day for a photo shoot!?! Wow, I won’t get those kind of blue skies until July or so here in Germany… and thta’s if I’m lucky!

    I really like the improv triangles in such fun colors… what a great scrap buster!


  27. Very pretty, like stained glass. The blue thread and the free doodling quilting is going to be gorgeous!


  28. This is lovely, Teje,

    Just even more pretty than I imagined it! And this shows we do not always need more/new fabrics to create beautuful things (but buying more for sure is fun!). I can’t wait to see this “hiirenpolku” (those little paths you have created to “snow”) all done and finished… Happy doodling :)!



    • Thank you so much Mia! You have it right with scraps. But then to get scraps we need new fabrics! I worry that my fabric boxes are soon empty. Have a lovely evening! x Teje


  29. I love it. It’s really great. scrap use or no, it’s a fun, jaunty little piece.


  30. Looks great! What a perfect use of scraps!


  31. I am always on the lookout for a beautiful way to use scrap fabric. I receive boxes of scrap fabric every month from another teacher who makes kuspuks (traditional Alaska Native shirts) and want to turn the scraps into quilts for others in our bush Alaska villages. Your design is beautiful, can’t wait to make it. Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you! Your quilting with scraps sounds exciting! Could you give me your blog address because the link doesn’t work. Have a lovely day! x Teje


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