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{Fabric Forest} and my Birthday


Hi dear friends! Today is my Birthday and I thought to celebrate by showing you my happy, hand sewing project. One word was my inspiration. It was a real ‘eureka’ (ευρηκα) moment! I saw in Finnish magazine word ‘kangasmetsa’ and I knew immidiately where I shall go.

applique tree

To the fabric forest! Can you believe that in Finland we have fabric forest?! Now you think it’s a fairy land or luna park or just my dream but no, it’s real!

fabric forest by Teje


Okey, I tell you the secret. Finnish language is very rich (and difficult). It’s fun when we are used to some words, we don’t really think what they mean. One day when I saw the word kangasmetsa, I realized the word Fabric! Wow, I never thought that I had grown in a fabric forest! Kangasmetsa means one type of forest. Metsa means forest and kangas means fabric! So it’s fabric forest! They are so beautiful forests, look yourself HERE!


You see that my forest is growing up fast! I show you how that happens…

I cut the background squares 5″x 5″ and the scraps I cut using normal and sik sak scissors.


I have just organized my scraps: [blue, green etc.] and [orange, pink etc.] and the littlest.


Some little scraps are ready to use as they are and some of them I cut to circles of triangles etc. Mostly the scraps themselves show to me what they like to be and what colours to mix.

scrap art

I put the scarps on the square and catch them with few pins.

raw edge applique by hand

Then I stitch them simply around. I use threads that are something between perle cotton and normal sewing thread. You can use any thread you like.


When I made first time raw edge applique I was thinking how long time it will stay well and how it will be after washing. For my taste, it gets only better after washing! This is part of my first or second ever quilt (doesn’t have even wadding) and it has been washed many times.

patchwork bat

The body is pieced and the details are scraps just sewn by hand. Butterfly is all raw edge applique. These are from the quilt ‘Nero’s Garden’. Every block on that quilt has a story from Nero. If you like to read and see more of that quilt, click HERE.

raw edge applique butterfly

One other quilt made with raw edge applique is ‘Butterflies’. It’s sewn by machine and washed many times. Original post about Butterflies is HERE.


I recommend you to try raw edge applique if you haven’t yet. Try with sewing machine and by hand as you like. It’s very easy and so much fun. You have the freedom to cut and use any shapes because you don’t need to worry how to turn the edges. You don’t need to plan anything, just spread your scraps and start to make art! This is really great method to make for example pillows for children.

scrap trees

Remember that in your own fairy-tale forest can be anything! If you sew by hand, it’s nice to have a project box.

project box


With this gorgeus blue sea I send you lots of lots of sunny wishes! As coffee and cake is not possible, I hope you feel that we have a small celebration together with this fabric forest project. I have to say that this is one of the most fun project I have done (as I remember). It’s difficult to keep away from the littlest scraps!


Thank you for stopping by, especially today! 14 photos for 14th of January! And because it really doesn’t change anything if you know my age or not, I’m 55 … I think … am I ?… I’m not very good with maths! Also I like to thank you for your amazing comments on my last post about the little triangles! I’m so so happy that you like the {Splinters on Snow}!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

40 thoughts on “{Fabric Forest} and my Birthday

  1. Happy birthday, my dear friend. Another creative venture that is so artistic and fun. I love that little bat guy in your first quilt ever. You are lookin’ good on this your birth day. Wishing you the best kind of day spent doing what you love with those you love. S


    • Thank you dear Sonja! I have special memories for that bat. I remember how carefully Nero looked at him and smelled without touching him. Nero showed to me that something strange is in the pool and so I found the poor bat. Fortunately he dried in the sun and got well. Cake is in the oven, coffee or tea please? Hugs! x Teje


  2. Happy, happy birthday and plenty more to come. I look forward to your blog and I am enjoying yourquilting journey. You have given me so much inspiration just to enjoy my quilts even if occasionally things do go a bit wonky. Have a great day and a fantastic year.


    • Thank you so much Bree! I think wonky is exciting and looks creative! The most nice thing to hear is that reading my blog inspires you to create, sew and quilt! Have a wonderful day! x Teje


  3. Happy Birthday, dear Teje,

    Very warm wishes from cold koto-Suomi to your special day! And kangasmetsä looks so pretty, and my heart sings when even the smallest scraps get used! So cheerful and happy-looking project!

    Have a wonderful day, happy sewing!



    • Thank you dear Mia! You have really cold now and I saw beautiful photos from the snowy kangasmetsa at my father’s backyard. Little scraps are very inspiring. I don’t think I could make these trees if I should cut them from big fabric pieces (at least it wouldn’t be so fun). Happy knitting! x Teje


  4. Happy birthday!!! I love your forest! 🌲🌷🌾💐😀

    Sent from my iPad



  5. ♪♫♪♪♫…This is me singing to you, since no coffee or cake…Happy Birthday to YOU! Love this project! I would worry about the long-term condition after washing and use, so thank you for telling about that too! It is such a happy post!


    • Thank you so much! I love the notes you have add here! I was also surprised that the scraps don’t change much in the washing. I think this is going to be a wall quilt so it won’t have ‘hard’ use as sleeping quilt. If you like to be sure, sew twice around each scrap. I can’t wait to see how this looks after washing. x Teje


  6. Teje, the kangasmetsa is beautiful and looks a lot like the forests here in Maine. How perfect that you come from the land of fabric forests! Did you know that your trees are already turning up on your link ? And your trees–just so creative and fun–as usual. You always help me see the possibilities in even the smallest piece of fabric–thank you.

    Happy happy birthday, Teje! I will raise a cup of coffee to you 🙂


    • Thank you so much Karen! You write always so sweet comments! English can be also sometimes a little bit tricky; how my trees are turning up? I just had coffee with applepie, so nice you joined me! x Teje


  7. Happy Birthday from North Dakota!!!!


  8. Hello Teje! You have so many lovely treasures, thanks for showing them, I realize that I haven’t seen your earlier posts like the butterflies. How beautiful they are! The kangasmetsä is fabulous and as you said you must had wonderful time by creating it! But I have to admit that your Bat stole my heart!! It is just adorable and I love it!!! I wish you Happy Birthday and many, many good years! x Anneli


    • Thank you so much Anneli! This forest is going to be big like Finish forests. I concider this ‘Quilty 365’ project. Perhaps I won’t make a tree for each day but at least now I think that this project will continue the whole year. We’ll see… x Teje


  9. Hyvää syntymäpäivää rakas ystävä! Aivan superihana kangasmetsä! Jos joskus eksyisin (totta vie eksyn!), haluaisin eksyä tuohon metsään. Ihan pakko kokeilla jotain tuolla tekniikalla. Yleensä olen niin pikkutarkka nysvääjä, joten tuo olisi rentouttavaa. En muuten koskaan osaa sanoa kuinka monta vuotta olen, vaan sen sentään vielä muistan, minä vuonna olen syntynyt. Siitä voi kysyjä sitten laksea, jos osaa.


    • Kiitos rakas Marle! Samoin minun pitaa valilla laskea syntyma vuodesta, sen kai muistan oikein. Luulen etta useimmat tilkkutoiden tekijat ovat todella pikkutarkkoja ja niin pitaakin. Monet blokit ei muuten onnistuis. Mutta valilla minusta se olis hyva unohtaa ja koittaa tehda vapaammin ja luovemmin. Ja toisaalta kylla tamakin on pikkutarkkaa jos tekee pikkuruisia puita ym. Mitahan kaikkea tuonne satumetsaan voisikaan keksia! x Teje


  10. Happy Birthday! Love your fabric forest!


  11. Onnittelut vielä tätäkin kautta! Kangasmetsäsi on kyllä ohan selvä kesämetsä, nyt täällä näyttää ihan toisenlaiselle. Tykkään työn valosta ja varjoista, ihan kuin oikeassa kangasmetsässäkin. ( Nyt menee jo blogisi sekaisin)


  12. Turning up = when I clicked on your “HERE” button above in this post to see the fabric forests, pictures of your tree blocks were there, too 🙂 Hooray!


  13. Happy birthday!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful projects with us. You are soooo busy – do you ever sleep? xBarbora


  14. Happy (belated!) birthdya, Teje! I love your fabric forest!


  15. Happy Birthday! I, too, love your fabric forest, and I think I will have to try some raw edge applique, since you made it look so fun!


  16. Happy Birthday Teje! Your fabric Forest is fantastic! I might have to make one of my own just to hang in my studio. Thanks so much for sharing with Oh Scrap!


    • Thank you so much Cynthia! I’m very happy if you like this project and I recommend you try, too! This is so much fun! I have to force myself to stop. x Teje


  17. Happy birthday! Your forest is lovely, and I’m crazy about that little bat – he’s so cute!


    • Thank you so much Gayle! I made that bat very improvised and was so happy that it worked out well. Did you see the photos how we saved one bat and Nero looked how it dried in the sun? x Teje


  18. Happy Birthday, Teje. Your little forest looks very fun!


  19. So fun and inspirational!


  20. Belated birthday wishes – your fabric forest is absolutely charming I love your comment on how we can be blind to the meanings hidden in words because we are so used to them. English is very much like that too


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