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{Scandic Scene} Quilt top


Hello hello hello! How are you today? I feel happy happy because I have new boots!

boots and leg warmers

Yesterday I was really lucky because I found what I was looking for, these boots, last pair in my size and my favourite colour! All leather and handmade in Greece by Kokka shoes. And I can were my woollen leg warmers with them! Click the link if you like to see Nero wearing them!

my new boots

Why I speak about boots even I have a new quilt top to show?! Because I have a ‘thing’ with this quilt project, serious thing.


I was twice lucky with these fabrics. I won them and I won with them. Those gorgeus solids are Scandinavia from Oakshott and the adorable pastel prints are Notting Hill from Annett at Knettycraft. Thank you very much! Fortunately I had purchased bundle of Honeycomb in lovely soft colours. What I won with them? Piece of mind.


Shortly about the process. If you like to read the the beginning post, it’s HERE.

Because I liked these fabrics soooooo much, I didn’t want to waste any. So I cutted the prints as big squares as possible and then made them half square triangles. Oakshott solids I cut to slides and then to retangle triangles.

retangle triangles

These fabrics are so amazing beautiful! I’m really sorry that this quilt ended up to remind me one very bad and stressful time last summer. I hope that one day I can make new quilt with the gorgeus Oakshott fabrics and then have only happy memories for that project and quilt. On the other hand these adorable fabrics helped me a lot. I could name this quilt also: ‘Keep Calm and Quilt’!


I made little scuares and drunkard’s paths.

drunkard's path

Because I didn’t concentrate well there were difficulties with the block sizes. I just made the flying geese blocks and didn’t care that the hst blocks were not all exactly same size. That I payed later. In summer I left the project to this … (blocks and pieces stored in the closet).

Scandic Scene

Now when I wanted to finish this, I didn’t want to have those flying goose lines on the sides, because the block sizes didn’t match well. I should have trimmed too much and then the corners would have disappeared.


During several days, trying to make myself to continue this, but prefering to make trees for my ‘Fabric Forest’ or knit or what ever else, I pushed myself to finish this. I arranged the blocks many different ways and finally just made the decision. Now when looking the first photos, I miss the flying geese blocks on the sides. Have to remember that in future.

Scandic Scene by Teje

I feel sorry for these beautiful fabrics! Each fabric, colour and print on this quilt is my favourite! I hope one day I can take this quilt top out from the box and start to quilt it, thinking something nice.

Scandic Scene by Teje

Now I’m heading to something sweet: planning a new baby quilt. If you remember, in my last post I got an idea from my vintage rainbow fabric mosaic. I hope to finish that soon. I’m knitting new leg warmers to wear with my new boots. And for sure I shall make many happy trees!

My sewing machine had cleaning/service and then I finally cleaned and organized a little bit more my sewing room. I turned around all the furnitures before the Christmas. Perhaps next time I welcome you to my sewing space.

I shall join again all my favourite linky parties – look the buttons on the sidelist!

Thank you so much for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you also very much for the sweetest Birthday wishes and comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

22 thoughts on “{Scandic Scene} Quilt top

  1. Beautiful boots Teje and you have really made some neat blocks with the Oakshott fabrics!!


  2. What a beautiful, serene quilt! It will be gorgeous when it is finished! Thanks for sharing at Sew Cute Tuesday!


  3. Cool boots! I’m so sorry you have such trouble with your quilt top…. it turned out so lovely – looking really Scandinavian. I hope see it finished one day … beinga wonderful quit then. xx


    • Thank you Annett! I’m so happy I won those beautiful fabrics from you give away! There are still some left for a small, fun project. One day also this quilt will be finished and loved but it takes some time. x Teje


  4. Aivan mielettömän makeet buutsit! Nyt et ehdi ommella, kun pitää kuljeskella uusien buutsien kanssa. Ne tarvitsee heti ulkoilua, ja paljon. Hanna ja Nero tietenkin mukaan. Minusta tuon Scandic Scenen pinta oli oikein hieno hanhireunojenkin kanssa. Joskus vaan joku työ ei lähde niille raiteille, mitä itse ajattelee, sitten ei auta kuin jättää homma hautumaan. Uskon vanhavsti, että jonain päivänä Skandi on valmis ja u p e a! Mukavaa viikkoa!


    • Kiitos Marle! Ovat hyvat jalassakin! Nyt sataa joten ‘pakko’ ommella! Scandi on laatikossa ja ajattelin kokeilla kaarevia juttuja. Hauskaa paivaa! x Teje


  5. Such lovely fabrics and such a lovely top. So sorry to hear it’s associated with hard times but hopefully once you are able to pull it out and quilt it will bring you years of happiness and comfort. It truly will be a beautiful quilt.


  6. It’s a beautiful top – I hope that, in quilting it, you find some happier times to associate with it x


  7. Really beautiful. Very peaceful and serene!


  8. Hello Dear Teje! Με γειά τα καινούργια παπούτσια! Your boots are lovely! I was sorry to hear about the bad memories around this quiltmaking but I am sure whenever you decide to finish it it will turn out to one beautiful,harmonic quilt! Have a nice day and stay inside, it is really cold!!x Anneli


  9. I really like what you did with the geese. Great way to save them from the chopping board and that photo of Nero in the leg warmers – brilliant! I know I’d never get Wilbur to sit still for that let alone get them on him!


  10. Tosi ihanat kengät! Loisto-ostos! Tykkään kovasti tilkkupintasi rauhallisesta ilmeestä. Kuvioissa on jotain tuttua, mutta en saa mieleeni mitä. Dèjà-vu? Vauvanpeittokankaat lähtivät tänään kirjeenä, toivottavasti saat ne mahdollisimman pian1


  11. Those are the coolest boots I have seen in a long time!!!! I am having a bad case of boot-envy at the moment!!!! Love the quilt as well, but I confess, the boots and leg warmers have me drooling!!!!! Love, love, love them!


  12. It’s a wonderful quilt. Very soothing.


  13. What a gorgeous, soft and amazing quilt! I love the subdued tones and the different shapes are wonderful! Nothing better than new boots too!


  14. I love this – it’s so beautiful. And fun. I agree, the fabrics are winners!


  15. Lovely boots, Teje! And beautiful quilt…I enjoyed reading about it and the difficulties…..but now it is all put together and looks so lovely. Wishing you a very happy weekend.
    (And thank you so much for your kind words recently x)
    Helen xox


  16. Hello Teje,

    Happy new boots!!! Would love to have something similar for spring! And that struggle with your quilt I know, sometimes that happens, you have idea in mind and it doesn’t turn out like uou “saw” it in your mind. The quilt top is very pretty though, just give it a little time and you will be very surprised to “find” it later 🙂

    Happy sewing!



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