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Flowers, fabrics and ideas


Hi dear friends! Beautiful flowers I got from friends, inspired me to take some photos … fabrics from friends.


Some of you already noticed these amazing cats in my last post. They are from my ‘cousin’, special, dear friend who I got to know through my blog. Thank you Sonja! One idea for this is to make a medallion quilt. I haven’t done any yet and it would be nice to create borders for this special piece by picking colours and shapes from the cat squares.


Hyacinths are one of my most favourite flowers! The strong purple colour of these made me think of Jessica from ‘Quilty Habit’! I won this special bundle from Jessica’s give away: fabrics that I never had but often admired. Thank you Jessica! Part of these fabrics may become covers for my notebook and file. But then, also these could be very inspiring for a medallion quilt or a new summer bag.


My Finnish quilter friend, Leena from ‘Tilkkutie’ sent me beautiful fabrics with houses and bags. Thank you Leena! I love houses and of course bags! These houses would be fun for a baby quilt or for pillows. Every house could be used separate with matching colours around. They would make also beautiful tea cosies. Bags would make lovely clutch bag or a project bag for knitting…hmmm also the houses would make lovely knitting bags.


For my latest project I took out all my solids. Many colours match well with the colourful prints but I was very happy to notice that two solids from Anneli, were perfect for this project.


Beautiful bundle of colourful fabrics and fun white/black print became from my Finnish quilter friend Anneli. Anneli from ‘Chromatobalomata’ lives in Greece. Thank you Anneli! Look at those super cute buttons! These fun fabrics are perfect for many things….happy mini quilt for my sewing room, bag, pillow…notebook covers…seems to be that I have to make notebook/journal covers!


Thank you my dear friends for these beautiful fabrics and flowers!

I continue to cut these…


… ending up with these …


…I hope I end up with a colour explose quilt … but I worry a little bit.



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

13 thoughts on “Flowers, fabrics and ideas

  1. HI Teje, you just have the best eye for composing your photos. You could be a stylist right now. You have such a knack for blending just the right objects and co-ordinating your colors so pleasingly–even your scrapes compliment the bowl in which they rest. I’m taking a page from your book, my friend. 😄


  2. Thanks for sharing, great fabrics and love the bright colors. xBarbora


  3. I can’t wait to see what you do with them! 🙂 These are lovely pictures (I agree with paxami).


  4. What a lot of very good friends you have! The flowers are beautiful, of course.


  5. Liebe Teje,
    was für tolle Farben und vor allem welch wunderschöne Stoffe, ich bin total begeistert!
    Liebe Grüße


  6. bright colorful fabric – love them all!


  7. Teje, thank you for such a sunny, happy collection of fabrics. It is such a dreary and dark day here in Maine (looks like it wants to snow), and your post is just what I needed 🙂 From that pop of Laurel Burch cats to that bowl of scraps–a total feast for the eyes! And I just have to smile at the long list of possible projects you’ve come up with–you truly love what you do and it shows!


  8. Aivan ihania kankaita olet saanut! Ja omista varastoistasi löytyy paljon kauniita yksivärisiä. Talokangas on aivan huippuhieno samoin nuo kissat. Niissä on kauniita, kirkkaita värejä. Nyt odotellaan, mitä kaikkea meidän iloksi ja ihasteltavaksi noista syntyy. Jouluhyasintit laitan keväällä mökillä kukkapenkkeihin sinne, tänne ja loppukesästä niitä voi taas ihailla.


    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Hyva kun muistutit hyasintin sipuleista. Loysin viela tanaan yhden valkoisen. Paasevat sitten pihalle ja ehka kukkivat uudelleen ensi vuonna. x Teje


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