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Quilty 365 – January linkup


Hi dear friends! My fabric forest is growing very well!

Fabric Forest by Teje

Here they are all in random order! I’m participating the ‘Quilty 365’ where the main idea is to sew one one fabric circle each day for one year. There are other ideas except the circles and I went on with my Fabric Forest idea.

fabric trees

I concider that I started this project 1st of January, even in fact I started already back in December with the mugs.

Now I have made 46 blocks. I allow myself to go futher and not holding exactly on ‘one per day’, because I know there will be days when I’m not able to do these. Also I have found out now how to continue all the year…you understand there can’t 365 tree blocks, or what?! I shall share my year to quarters. So I’ll end up with four small quilts with different themes. And if at the end of the February it looks like I have enough trees for my Fabric Forest, I may change the theme every 2 months. If I’m not able to carry on during the summer I accept that.

fabric tree and hedgehog

Sik sak scissors make perfect little hedgehog! When ever I spread the little scraps, I’m hooked and can’t stop myself making more and more funny trees.

raw edge applique tree

If you like to see how I made them, read my first Fabric Forest post.

fabric forest by Teje

My design wall is next to the balcony door and even there is good light on in the room, it can’t beat the sunshine and always the right side looks dark.

This winter has been amazing. Except few very cold weeks, the weather has been gorgeus. Today went for Hanna’s walk wearing t-shirt and had lunch coffee with the dogs outside! Is it going to snow in June or what?!

beach in chania

Who wouldn’t love to sit in the sunshine …


I have to show you also something else, really enjoyable: the best ever dessert, home made kind of mille feuille! I could eat these every day … and did in fact many days!

home made dessert

I’m linking with Audrey at ‘Quilty Folk’, for the ‘Quilty 365 – January linkup’. Head over to see what others have been doing for the ‘Quilty 365’. There are so many beautiful projects and great ideas!

fabric forest by Teje

Wishing you a wonderful, happy, sunny February! Thank you for stopping by and thank you for writing so sweet comments!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

34 thoughts on “Quilty 365 – January linkup

  1. What a great idea!!! I hadn’t seen the previous post about this “Quilty 365″ project, but so far it looks amazing!!! I didn’t know the size of the squares, and then I read you said 5” and I was amazed how small pieces you use for the forest!!! Keep up the amazing work you do Teje, you inspire me every time!!!


  2. how cute original – love these blocks


  3. Okay, Teje. Time to step out of that adorable forest and share your recipe for that dessert. My mouth is watering, and I can taste it already with a strong cup of coffee 🙂


  4. Gorgeous! I always read your blog with big enthusiasm and you always have so beautiful pictures to show! And Mille Feuille, my favourite sweet too, you put ideas into my head.. Have a nice sewings! x Anneli


    • Thank you Anneli! I have made my own version of mille feuille with apples and marmelade (vadelma). Looked almost like “Runeberg’s”. I need sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening… Have a lovely day! x Teje


  5. What an original take on the circles. Love your trees with the sashiko stitching. You have a beautiful forest growing on your wall.


  6. I like it very much. the whole idea reminds me the quilt of an artist who was also my teacher while attending a workshop at Birmingham. If you do not know her, you may have a look here
    I look so much forward to seeing your quilt developing!


  7. Tästä tulee todella hauska!!! Ihania vähän vinksallaan olevia puita ja kivan värityksen olet valinnut!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Your quilt looks gorgeous!


  9. I love your forest and your idea to change of theme during the year. I’m always happy to discover your new post! Have a nice day!


  10. I like your trees very much! It’s a good idea to be flexible in your theme too 🙂


  11. Wow! This is looking amazing! So much fun to see your version!


  12. A great version of circles 🙂 Love how it turns out.


  13. I love seeing what you are making and this is really fun and happy looking! I’m jealous of your weather too!


  14. Kangasmetsäsi on niin kaunis! Tykkään valon ja varjon leikistä tilkkupinnalla, ihan kuin oikeassakin metsässä. Ihanaa, että olette saaneet nauttia kauniista ja lämpimästä säästä!


  15. What a lovely and creative interpretation of the 365 challenge! Trees are always beautiful.
    That weather certainly looks a lot better than you would get back in Finland in February! I used to work with a lot of Finns. I would phone them from my office in Australia, but I learned never to ask about the weather in winter!


  16. Absolutely love that you are making 365 your own! And why not? If the challenge is to make a block, there’s nothing that says you have to put them all into the same quilt. Love your idea of themes and can’t wait to see how this progresses throughout the year. Beautiful!


  17. Your trees are a great idea for Quilty 365, and so fun to look at as you go through the year because each one is different. I have been wanting to try making some like yours, so maybe I will this afternoon!


  18. What an adorable little forest!


  19. Vauhdilla kasvaa tuo sinun metsä. Fiksu idea tehdä useampi pienempi työ ja vaikka ihan eri motiiveista!


  20. What a fun quilt. So many happy colors and each block tells a little story.


  21. I love your sweet little trees!
    (And that dessert looks luscious!)


  22. Wonderful idea for Quily 365. Those trees are adorable! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


  23. I love your interpretation of the circles. I too wondered how anyone could have a quilt with 365 blocks. Love your hedgehog!


  24. I do love your fabric forest quilt and i think i’am going to start one! Thank you for the inspiration!!!


  25. I am committed to 365 circles for this year, but NEXT YEAR- trees for sure. Yours are darling. So free and fun. Thank you for sharing.


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