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Nero’s dictionary and stool rescue


Vof vof friend! It’s me Nero here and today I show you how I rescued our old dictionary and fixed one old stool.


I think it’s better to show you first how this old stool looked before I fixed it.


It is old and looked like its best days had passed. Even my orange ball couldn’t cheer it up.

old stool

Look how the paint has damaged and this fabric here looks terrible.


Voila! I painted it white and picked the happiest Ikea fabric from our stash and now this old stool looks super!

Nero and stool

It looks new also from under because I asked hb to cut new piece of wood and pillow foam. Over the foam I placed piece of fleese and then this bright fabric. This pink flower here is my favourite!

Nero and Hanna

Hanna is also happy I finally fixed this stool becuase she’s the one who will see it when helping in the sewing room.

The other thing I like to show you today is our old dictionary. Even it’s old, it is still helpful, so I thought to rescue it.


I glued the bakc of the dictionary and then I was thinking to make a fabric cover for it. But super idea came to my mind. Few years ago I had made cover for the calendar … perhaps that could fit for the dictionary. It was a little bit too big – great – it was easy thing to make it smaller.

I turned it inside out, sew lines to make it smaller and then gave it a good wash. Now it’s like new again … or even better!

stool and dictionary rescue

Hanna was modelling with our new stool and then she smelled something …


I’m sure she smelled hb’s apple pie! Oh I wish you could taste it – I’ll show you next time.

These were our calendars in 2013. I really enjoy making covers for books, journals and notebooks.

calendar covers

So here Hanna shows you the fixed stool. I really like it! It’s so bright and happy!

Hanna and stool

I just found out about new great linky party! It’s “Wanderging Camera” – all about photographing. This is a monthly event and will run on the 1st Thursday of every month. Soma at ‘Whims and Fancies‘ had this great idea and is hosting this linky party. I shall join the party! How about you?

Because I shall join the linky party, I tell you that it’s often challenge to take photos of Hanna. She tries to avoid camera. But me, I love to model and show things in my blog! And the light is another thing. Soma has some great tips about that in her post. We have lots of sunlight here and it can make thricks. I went all around the house to take these shoots of the stool.

Thank you so much for visiting! I’m always happy to see you here and love to tell you my stories and to read your messages!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

12 thoughts on “Nero’s dictionary and stool rescue

  1. Nero, I can see the disgust in your face about that old stool–but you did a terrific job of making it such a fun new one. I’m always so amazed at what beautiful things you make with your four big paws! And that dictionary cover is terrific–I would never have thought of it! Maybe you can ask Teje if she would share how to make one of these covers, and tell her I really like the fabrics she let you use for these projects.


  2. Lovely, lovely and lovely!! The photos are so beautifull that just looking at them makes my day! That Ikea fabric is lovely I like its bright color! Best wishes for everyone and it seems it is going to be sunny Sunday! x Anneli


  3. Kokipa tuoli hienon muodonmuutoksen! Voi miten teillä on siellä ihanan vihreää, meillä on loskaa ja räntää..


  4. Well done!!! with very nice fabrics!


  5. Fun post….and good saves on both accounts. (I collect old dictionaries….I just love the smell of old books) LOL!


  6. Ikean kangas ja kirjoituskonekangas ovat tosi kauniita. Jakkara on saanut ihanan uuden ilmeen. Kiitos taas kesäisistä kuvista, ne lämmittävät aina mieltä!


  7. Nero, sinä olet niin taitava! Harmi, että asut niin kaukana, muuten hakisin sinut meille auttamaan. Tuollaiselle näppärälle kaverille olisi paljon hommia. Oivallisesti keksit päällystää hajoamispisteessä olevan kirjan ja tuolista tuli kuin uusi. Ehkä parempikin. Iloisen kankaan valitsit. Hannakin ihailee makuasi. Aurinkoista viikkoa!


  8. You did a great job with your beautiful stool and I love the pictures of your sweet pups!!


  9. Wow! The stool looks incredible! Great work! You picked the perfect fabrics for the book cover, really beautiful. I love your pups photos. They are so sweet! Thanks so much for linking up these wonderful photos, Teje 🙂



  10. I love the stool fabric.
    What a good idea to shrink the diary cover down to fit the dictionary. I never have the same size diary two years in a row as I always buy the cheapest!


  11. I’m not sure which is more gorgeous: Hanna or the revamped stool!


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