Nero's post III

"life is meant to be colourful"

Hanna’s Post: Hexagons


Vof vof dear friends! It’s me Hanna and I’m so happy to see you!

Hanna's hexagons

You already guessed from my title that I shall show you hexagons. I think really super idea came to my mind …

bed's header with hexagons

I know that Teje has been making these hexagons slowly slowly for a long time but she didn’t have a good idea what to do with them. One idea was a big pillow but I don’t think we have place for so big pillow. Then a while ago she put the Marimekko’s Unikko fabric on the bed’s header. We both love how it pops out from the white wall and bed cover.

sweet puppy Hanna

Now? Is it now time I can sing my song?

Hanna's song

Sorry you can’t hear my beautiful voice. Any way, this is nothing special, I sing everyday … many times. I’m always happy in the mornings – new day starts! Who knows what fun may happen – and I sing! and in the afternoon and when I think it’s time to eat goodies and, and, and…

… but back to my idea. When I saw that the colourful fabric looks good on the header, I got the idea to make a colourful header with the hexagons.

sewing project box

Today I went to search the hexagons, sewing ‘suitcase’ and the grandpa’s old painting box to see what Teje has done until now.


I put the pieced hexagons on the bed’s header and I can see that I have to make many many hexagons. But I’m happy to see that there are some ready flowers and lots of pre-cut squares, so it’s easy peacy to continue.


Hexagons with solid fabrics are for some other projects. In summer Teje made Hexagon Flower baby toy. Click to see the tutorial.

hexagon flower baby toy

I was trying to find out when the first hexagons were made and found Nero’s Hexagon Tutorial two years ago.


This old wooden bench is Nelli’s favourite place and she kindly let me use for my photo shooting. First thing in the morning she goes out and stretch herself on this bench, fix her nails. Then she just enjoys the morning sun sitting on the bench and watching what happens in the garden. She can just see over the balcony ‘wall’ when sitting on this.

painter's tool box

Looks like this month is a scrappy month. Time to catch up several scrappy projects. Some of them will be finished soon, some will be finished hopefully until the end of the month and some will continue until unknown future (these hexagons).


Now I’m happy to continue paper piecing little hexagons, because I know where I’m heading to! And I see that I can use lots of colours … no need to plan them too much.

dea puppy Hanna

It’s second Tuesday of March and time for ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! What a fun party that is! Full of scrappy-happyness!

I shall join also my favourite weekly linky parties:

Fabric Tuesday, Sew Cute Tuesday, Linky Tuesday, Let’s be Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, Whoomp There It Is, Fabric frenzy Friday, Oh Scrap

All the buttons are also on my sidelist, so you visit them easily anytime you like.

Thank you so much darlings, for your lovely comments! Teje has been so happy when reading your fun comments on her little fabric trees! 

Sweet kisses from me and I hope to see you soon again!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

22 thoughts on “Hanna’s Post: Hexagons

  1. I love the idea for the hexagons, Hanna, and I’m sure it was mainly your idea to put them on the headboard like that – no wonder you sang!!


    • Thank you so much Archie! I appreciate your words because I know you are experienced quilter’s assistant. Dont’ you think it would be nice to wake up seeing those happy hexagons?! Hanna


  2. Great idea – whoever had it! Looking forward to seeing the finish… a while! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


  3. Your hexagons are so bright and colourful – they will make a beautiful headboard!


  4. Hanna, you are just too adorable, I wish I could hear you sing! Nice job on all those hexies, Teje.


  5. Love that old bench and Hanna too 🙂


  6. What a lovely post and what a clever dog you are. I think my two need to learn how to type! lol The hexies are just beautiful.


  7. Moi Hanna! Loistava idea tehdä iloinen pääty sänkyyn hexagoneista. Onneksi sinä keksit hienoja ratkaisuja, kun Teje ei aina oikein ehdi miettimään kaikkea. Harmi, etten voi kuulla lauluasi, uskon että se on kaunista. Nelli oli kovin ystävällinen, kun antoi sinulle tuon hienon penkkinsä lainaksi. Maalaustarvikelaatikko on upea paikka säilyttää pieniä hexoja. Puuhakkaita päiviä sinulle Hanna!


    • Kiitos Marle! Koitan auttaa minka ehdin. Neula ei viela pysy tassussa mutta Teje ompelee haxagoneja ja mina ideoin jo uusia juttuja. Hauskaa paivaa! Hanna


  8. Tykkään niin kovasti noista hexagoneista ❤ Sängynpäädystä tulee tosi tosi hieno!!! Tuo helistinkin on kiva idea, se täytyy pitää mielessä!


  9. Hanna, I do wish I could hear your singing–I know I would love it. I’ve had 2 big dogs who sang all the time and there’s nothing better! Those hexagons look so wonderful on the bed–can’t wait to see what you and Teje end up with. Sweet kisses to you, too !):) (Psst–Hanna–I just realized I called you Nero when you wrote about the trip to the beach–so sorry. I know your beautiful face, really I do!)


  10. Ihana herätä uuteen päivään ja katsoa kauniita kuvianne! Hexagonit ovat ihanan raikkaan värisiä ja uskon että lopputuloksesta tulee ihana! Teillä onkin kiva idea tiimi siellä ja ideanne ovat todella upeita! Tuo Marimekon Unikkokangaskin on niin kaunis…Meillä paistaa tällä hetkellä aurinko, toivottavasti teilläkin! Touhukasta torstaita!x Anneli


    • Kiitos Anneli! Meillakin paistaa vaikka yolla satoi. Ollaan tosi kiireisia kun hoidetaan Londonia ja paivaan mahtuukin siis tosi monta koira-kavelya! Nyt on mun vuoro! Terveiset meilta kaikilta! Hanna


  11. Teje is going to have the most cheerful, happy headboard for her bed! Great idea Hanna!


  12. How fun to hear it from Hanna’s point of view! What a great idea for using those hexagons.


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