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Phone case


Hi! Good to see you! I hope you spent wonderful 1st of May! We celebrated at the same time also Easter here in Greece. Just before summer season started, I got a new phone and of course it needed new case.

phone case and bag

I really like my ‘Kimberly Sac’ bag so I used the same Marimekko’s Ailakki fabric. Sets are always nice. I cut piece of my favourite part from the fabric.

Ailakki from Marimekko

This was a good time to do the straight line stitching by machine, which I really enjoy seeing in your projects.

phone case

No need for pattern to make this. Just use your phone for measuring and add enough extra space so it’s easy to get the phone out …I  tried my old case and it was so tight that I lost the sound from my phone?! I couldn’t find any where to set the sound and finally a friend helped and said that it should be on the side of the phone!

phone case

For the closing I chose to use magnet. The closing cover and the loop are in the seam.  I left open the bottom seam in the lining and from there I turned the case and then sew the last seam.


At the moment I have too many phones … and still I don’t want to leave totally my older phone, the Samsung because Instagram is there more versatile. So I feel that there is an other phone case on the list.

There are some fun things in my sewing list and I hope to show you more soon.  What’s’ up ladies?!


If you need a little bit colour energy, it comes here!




The other side of the phone case …

phone case and bag

Now thread and needle are calling me, so thank you very much for your visit and lovely comments! Hope to see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

22 thoughts on “Phone case

  1. nice phone case and bag – I wish they made pockets in ladies jeans bigger so we could fit our phone in our pockets, not always possible


  2. These are lovely.


  3. Very nice! The bag and phone case but also the pictures!!


  4. Matches perfectly with your bag. Very trendy!


  5. Kaunis laukku ka kiva malli! Tykkään kovasti tuosta kankaasta, minullakin on sitä pala. Marimekosta onnistuu aina 🙂


  6. Täältä blogista saa a i n a väriterapiaa! Nyt on uudella kännykällä yhtä tyylikäs koti, kuin on laukkukin. Ihania valokuvia! Terveiset aurinkoisesta ja lämpimästä Helsingistä! T. Marle


  7. Lovely matching pair!


  8. Ihana setti! Kangas on ihan toisennäköinen, kun olet leikannut vain siniset osat. Hyvä kännykkäpussimalli.


  9. Teje hei ja ihanaa toukokuuta! Olen kylläkin hieman myöhässä, mutta parempi näinkin! Kiva laukku ja lienee tarpeetonta sanoa kankaasta se vain on upea! Ihania valokuvia ja erityisesti toinen missä on polkuvene on todella hieno kuva, Vauuu!!! x Anneli


    • Kiitos Anneli! Menen tuon rannan ohi usein useammankin kerran paivassa. Nyt on ollut tosi kova tuuli ja aallokko ja rannalla on nyt 2 polkuvenetta hiekkaan huuhtoutuneina. Enpa taida ehtia kuvailemaan tyomatkaa kauemmas… Terveisin Teje


  10. Very nice and stylish! Love the scenery – weather is starting to pick up here but still no where near as nice as where you are!


  11. What a beautiful phone case Teje! I always, always love see photos of your beautiful island also!


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