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{Orange Stones} quilt and scraps


Vof vof vof dear friends! It’s scrappy time! This time we made really small scraps from our little fabric pieces. They were for a special occasion and this quilt was packed with them…

Orange Stones quilt and Nero

Hmmm, I haven’t changed much these last years. This quilt was made some years ago. I never slept with it and thought that one day it may find a good home.


Because I couldn’t go to find a card and I use to make things on my own, I had to find an idea for a card … that was difficult.  But then something started to ‘come out’. I cut circles, tiny as a finger nail. Lots of colours, not exactly same size of shape … as the years are in our lives. Some are more colourful, some less, some bigger, some smaller.


Eighty circles for my father’s 80 years. I hope his years has been as colourful as the circles …


I was thinking to cut numbers 8 and 0 on the cover of the card so that circles inside would show through them, but then understood that I couldn’t do that well and would just distroy the whole thing.


So many colourful years didn’t find space enough to be in lines and rows, so they flew randomly on each others.


‘Orange Stones’ quilt has always been one of my favourites! I like the simple pattern which shows the fabrics well.

Orange Stones quilt by Teje

Also these fabrics have been my favourites … I think now I have used even the last little scrap of them.

orange fabrics

In that time Foxy was still with us … hmmm those happy days … we were a good gang!


Foxy was my sweetheart and Hanna is my dear sister (not real sister).


This quilt got the name from the stones I crocheted that time.

Orange Stones quilt by Teje

I hope this quilt gives sunshine to my father, cheers him up and brings him lovely memories from Crete.  Happy birthday, father! and many many more colourful years!


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Orange Stones quilt

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

40 thoughts on “{Orange Stones} quilt and scraps

  1. What a beautiful gift and super idea for the card. It was lovely to see your previous dog Foxy.


  2. Ihana lahja, olen varma että isäsi pitää tekemästäsi lahjasta,toivon hänelle paljon onnellisia ja terveitä vuosia! Ihana Foxy koira! Niin suloinen, uskon että sinulla on paljon kauniita muistoja hänestä!Hyvää sunnuntain jatkoa!


  3. Lovely quilt, as always. The card idea is so creative too!


  4. I like your quilt with the orange stitching, very pretty! The card is a great way to use up fabric scraps, I bet your dad loved it 🙂


  5. What a lovely gift for you father and a great idea for a card too!


  6. Onpa kiva lahja 🙂 Harvoin tulee tehtyä kangaskortteja mutta tuo onkin kiva idea, laitan muistiin!


  7. What a lovely gift for your father!


  8. I love the bold simplicity of this one! Inspires me to think about making a single colored quilt. Happy bday to your dad. (I love handmade cards)


  9. You are always so creative Teje! A big happy birthday to your father and thanks for sharing his gifts on Oh Scrap!


  10. I’m not a fan of orange, but your quilt could convert me. It is lovely and I know you dad is just going to love, love, love it. So fun to see photos of little Foxy! Hugs Sonja


  11. Isäsi varmasti ihastuu ikihyviksi tuohon lämpöisen väriseen peittoon. Se on niin kaunis! Minun äidillä tulee samat lukemat täyteen kesän loppupuolella. Kortti on ihana, on jotenkin niin sinun näköinen. Siinä määrin, kun olen sinua tätä blogia lukiessa oppimnut tuntemaan. Valoisa, energinen ja aurinkoinen! Voi miten suloinen tuo Foxy on ollutkaan! Onneksi sinulla on vielä Hanna, Nero ja Nelli. Aurinkoista viikkoa!


  12. Orange is not a colour I normally go for, but I really like it here. Nice fabrics and a good pattern too. Love the card, you are so creative.


  13. What a beautiful quilt and special gift for your father. I like the colour orange and think the fabrics and the hand quilting look wonderful. Such lovely photos and memories of dear little Foxy.


  14. I can see why this is a favourite- so fresh!


  15. I love the card and the quilts! Orange is one of my favorite quilt colors lately! 🙂


  16. Happy Birthday to your father, Teje! What a lovely card and beautiful quilt. He is sure to know how much you love him with these wonderful handmade gifts.


  17. Absolutely beautiful quilt and perfect for a special birthday! Happy Birthday to your Dad! The card is so fun and I really like the effect.


  18. Lucky dad to get this lovely quilt and a card of many circles! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


  19. great quilt


  20. Ihana peitto! Voin hyvin kuvitella sen isäsi olohuoneen sohvelle tai tuolin selkämykselle. Kortti-idea on loistava, aivan sinun tyylisesi. Ihanaa kesää sinne!


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