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"life is meant to be colourful"

Paper piecing diamonds


Hi! Missed you and hope you are fine! When there just isn’t any time for sewing but still you want to sew something or at least to have a project to think and plan … what to do …

paper pieced diamonds

I was desperately thinking where to focus my thoughts … hexagons … not inspired now … diamonds …. yes, those I wanted to try for a long time!


As you can guess there has to be colours but this time a little bit less. I try to stick in solids and not to add orange or red, perhaps not even green … sort of cooler colours. And mostly solids … perhaps they give me the calmness I’m missing at the moment.

english paper piecing

For the beginning I shall use only one print, my favourite circles on grey from Kaffe Fassett. That and the purple/pink may be sort of background fabrics. This purple/pink is a pillow case and one of my favourite colours! It reminds me of Finnish ‘whipped’ berry porrige = vispipuuro! And lots of delicious photos of vispipuuro/marjapuuro!

I could cut the diamonds quickly with ruler and cutter but I prefer to stay in the living room with Nero and Hanna (and air condition) and cut them one by one with scissors … one by day … or two …

paper pieced diamonds

Diamonds are (for my opinion) quicker to baste than hexagons and I shall enjoy this project very much! Hmmm, what this will be at the end … no idea … if it ever ends! That’s also fun that you can make these as much or less you like and think later what to do with them.

beads for bracelet

I made few simple baracelets the other day. Ended up using only turquoise and blue but fortunately realized to take a photo when there were still more colours in the bowl.

sunglasses on the beach

I hope you enjoy the summer … spend lovely time on the beach … if you wish! I prefer to sweat inside when ever it’s possible.

Best wishes from very busy and hot summer island Crete!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

19 thoughts on “Paper piecing diamonds

  1. Ostin tänään Patchwork & quilting-lehden ja mukana tuli kolmen mallisia paper piecing mallineita (EPP), joten saman suuntaista kesäkäsityötä ajattelin mökille viedä. Ihana väri tuo vispipuuron punainen! Sopii sinisen kanssa loistavasti. Olet valinnut kovin rauhallisia, harmonisia kankaita! Täällä vesisateessa kaipaan keltaisia ja hehkuvia oransseja! Lisää aurinkoisia, leppoisia päiviä sinulle!


    • Hei Marle ja kiitos kivasta kommentista! Kuullostaa ihanalta olla mokilla ja ommella kasin! Varmaan se on niin etta sinulle aurinkoiset varit tuovat valoa ja lampoa ja mina taas taalla kuumassa kaipaan viileampia vareja. Sitten syksymmalla tulevat varmaan taas keltaiset ja oranssitkin mukaan. Toivottavasti sade muuttuu pian auringonpaisteeksi siella koti Suomessakin! x Teje

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  2. I can’t wait to see where you take these diamonds! I love making diamonds…they have endless possibilities!


  3. I have been wanting to try EPP and am still fishing around for the perfect project to start. I really would love to do a one patch quilt with a curved shape like apple core or clamshell, in scraps from my other current projects (UFOs!). Curious how you are doing yours, cutting out with scissors in the living room. Is it unnecessary for the cut fabric pieces to be exact since you fold them around a paper template? I had looked at the Accuquilt GO! die cutters for the apple cores and clam shells but even the littlest machine is so expensive that it seems silly. Also wasn’t sure what kind of paper to use for this technique. I know you have to baste THROUGH the paper, but the skinny point of the clamshells would need to be stiff to keep its shape, wouldn’t it? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! I think your fabric choices for your diamonds are lovely — they are like the cool neutral colors of the sandy beach that is your blog background!


    • Thank you Rebecca for your lovely comment! I don’t think the shapes has to be cut so exact because you don’t need to see where the exact 1/4″ seam allowance is as you you turn the seam allowance with the paper. For example when I make hexagons I cut squares. If you make a big quilt it may be better to cut hexagon shapes so there is less fabric and the quilt won’t be so heavy. I have the Accuquilt GoBABY! cutter and it’s great but it also wastes quite much fabric. Here we don’t have quilt/fabric shops so I need to be more careful. For the paper I use the same as I use for the printer but you can use any paper (not too thick). I prefer to baste throught the paper because I feel that other wise they won’t stay well and the shape may not become exact. I know that some use also glue for basting, that could work for clamshells. I haven’t tried clamshells but they are so beautiful that I would love to try. x Teje


  4. Love you diamonds and all the pretty fabric. I look forward to seeing what they become.


  5. I look forward to seeing how your diamonds turn out! I hope you have some lovely, cooler days ahead!


  6. You can also tear strips the width of the fabric and then subcut them at an angle with scissors. That’s even faster.


  7. The print fabric is gorgeous. Looking forward to see what your inspiration produces! Happy Summer! Ros x


  8. I haven’t sewn an EPP diamond project either, although I have sewn one or two diamonds into other shapes. All diamonds can look very effective. I think the Kaffe print you chose will tie all the other colours together.
    I prefer to sweat inside too. The beach has no shade and I am allergic to sunscreen. 😦


    • Thank you! Oh, that’s difficult if you can’t use sunscreen. But neither do I because I prefer the shadow and couldn’t lie on the hot sand. Gone are those days I was grilling myself. I really like epp diamonds and I feel they are easier than hexagons. Kaffe’s print (one of my favourites) will help to keep in less colours. x Teje


  9. As much as I luv the “portability” of the hand piecing….alas!…my hands will ache for days if I do it, so the machine it is. But the air conditioning allows for this to be done in nice comfort (although definitely NOT portable!! LOL!). Your choices are so right for these recently super hot summer days!!!!!


    • Thank you so much Doreen! I have to admit that I sew also only short times by hand. A/C doesn’t help hurting hands. My wrests were totally well (after long time with lot of pain after the moving) but now with the A/C they start to bother again. Now lots of piecing with sewing maching is waiting for me. I’m already looking for to show about my new project! I think you’ll like it! Hugs! x Teje

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