Nero's post III

"life is meant to be colourful"

Time to return


Hi! I have missed your company and I’m trying to return …

paper pieced diamonds

This may be the longest brake I ever had during the six years I have had my blog.

paper pieced diamonds

It has been really rocky and grey here and we are gathering pieces to recover.


It took over month to stitch these diamonds. Often I just sit or lie down without doing anything … I think that says a lot, I’m not used to do that, not to do anything.

kona solids

I do hope The Fabric has still the magic power to heal. Finally it is time to open this special bundle which I won with my ‘Puppy Portraits’ quilt, part of Lorna’s blog hop at ‘Sew Fresh Quilts’.

Puppy Portraits

All the family helped to make this quilt for the Dog Gone Cute blog hop and of course Nero and Hanna presented it.

Kona solids

There is now small sunbeam and perhaps this beautiful blueness makes the sun shine again.

Kona solids

Always pre-washing … I don’t need any unpleasant surprises.

pre wash fabrics

Even washing the dust away the scratches won’t disappear.


Scrappy mess is turning to colourness …


Paper pieced diamonds are my side project when watching tv or even outside if the weather will ever be cooler again! This has been the hotest year ever!  But my new project … I’m excited about that, because it’s once again something I haven’t done before. That project is all about order … lots of small blocks and each of them has a certain place to be. Lets see if I manage to keep my plan and the order.

english paper piecing

I’m so looking for to join you my friends! I have seen lots of lots of inspiring quilts you have showed during the summer and can’t wait to try some of your fantastic ideas!

Next week I shall join also all my favourite linky parties! All the buttons are on my sidelist so you can visit the parties and blogs easily any time you like!

Best wishes and hope to see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

25 thoughts on “Time to return

  1. I love the muted colours of the grey stones. One day I would like to make a neutral quilt like you are doing.
    I hope that all is well and the recovery period goes smoothly.


    • Thank you so much! My diamonds start in sort of neutral colours but can I stay with them? Perhaps this is a good colour challenge for me. At least now with the very hot weather these colours feel cooler and I don’t need any orange or red. x Teje


  2. Missed you lots!! Went in search, in case somehow I would have overlooked a little posting, but nope. Your diamonds are, well…….’dreamy’, ethereal—–that’s the word!!!! It is even ‘cooling’ to look upon such colors. Our temps and humidities have pushed everyone into cool hiding spots. That is hard cuz all winter cozy warm spots are sought out and now cool dark spots pull us in!!! Those temperate hours seem quite elusive, do they not???
    I do pray that all the sunniness and happy colors will soon be part of your days and you’re able to visit again soon!!! Sending LUV and hugs (always!!)……………………….


    • Thank you dear Doreen! You always cheer me up! I can only imagine how much we would have if ever met! This summer has been REALLY HOT here and not stop! We are so tired to be tired and hot. Fortunately we have autumn and winter ahead. Hugs! x Teje

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yes!! We would have many “giggle moments” to share, along with all the ideas swirling in our heads!!!! But we do have these moments to cherish!!!! Uber hugs with luv……………….

        Liked by 1 person

  3. welcome back! sometimes the lazy days of summer changes up our habits and if you skip a blog post one day it can tune into two and then even more. I have noticed several that I have on my reader not blogging much this summer. I have not done EPP for more than hexies but now that I am getting the hang of it I have been enjoying it.


    • Thank you so much Karen! It’s good to be back with friends! Until now I have also done only hexies. I’m really happy I started these diamonds because they are simple and quicker to make with lots of new possibilities. x Teje


  4. I was so happy to see you back! I hope all is well, Teje. I consider you a very special blog-friend and love seeing your creativity. I have been playing with some blue and orange fabric for a quilt I plan to start soon and seeing them together on your blog has inspired me!

    Sage and I, too, have been amongst the missing for way too long. Moving and taking care of my very ill husband has taken it’s toll, but I hope to be able to pick up the blogging again soon.


    • Thank you so much Ann! I’m very sad to hear your husband is ill and hope he’ll be well soon. You have had more than enough this year. I hope your moving is done and everything went well; it is a big job. Fortunately Sage is cheering you up and perhaps you start the quilt. Could Sage show that? Hugs! x Teje


  5. I think, overall, this has been a difficult year. Take your time. Sometimes you don’t have to share. I’m happy you have your pets to surround you with love.


  6. Oh, Teje, it’s so good to hear from you. I’m so sorry that things have been so hard this summer–I hope things soon take a turn for the better. Much love to you and your family, including all your furry friends. All your wonderful sharing and projects will be welcomed with open arms when the time is right. In the meantime, continue to be kind to yourself and pet the pets for me :).


  7. So glad to see your post, dear friend. You have been missed. Every day I look for your post, but I know sometimes we just need to drop out and regroup. Just know your fans are here, more than willing to wait for your mojo to return–it’s never left, it’s just napping. Hugs to you and the anipals.


    • Thank you Sonja for your sweet words! I’m so happy to know I can catch up with my friends! My next project is from one of the books I got from you! Hugs! x Teje


  8. Tervetuloa takaisin! Ihanan värisiä fat quartereita! Kunpa joskus raaskisi ostaa oikein ison nipun noita värilajitelmana


  9. Thinking of you all! Here’s hoping you are feeling happy again soon. Roll autumn when you will have less heat and hopefully a little more time. Glad you have your ‘fur kids’ to make you smile! Ros and Oscar x


  10. Ihana palata kotiin (ja tietokoneen ääreen) ja päästä lukemaan mitä kenellekin kuuluu! Olen nyt samaa mieltä, haluan viileämpiä ilmoja! Melkein odotan jo syksyä. Aivan ihana tuo palkintonippusi! Melkein lyön vetoa, että et pysy noissa hillityissä väreissä timanttityösi kanssa. Menen huomenna Tampereelle hakemaan ispiraatiota valtakunnallisesta tilkkunäyttelystä. Matalapainetta on täälläkin suunnalla ompelurintamalla. Viileitä tuulahduksia sinulle, Teje!


  11. So lovely to see you Teje…I am sorry that you have been through a difficult time and send you warm wishes for feeling better again. Your diamonds in soft grey pebbly colours are very peaceful and beautiful to see. Hope that your crafting and dear furry friends bring you comfort.
    Sending love
    Helen xox


  12. Tervetuloa takaisin 🙂 Kaunista käsinompelua on tulossa! Silmiin pisti myös tuo hauska “virkattu kivi”


  13. I’m so glad to see you back! Hope you’re feeling better soon xx


    • Thank you so much Helen! This has been a hard summer but I start to feel better now and I’m ‘back in business’! Hugs to you and Archie! x Teje


  14. I can exactly feel what you are writing about. The summer in Spain has been constantly hot, no rain at all. We are always happy when there is a cloudy day with no sunshine. Looking forward to cooler days. Good to see your new projects, x Barbora


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