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"life is meant to be colourful"

[Fun for Friday] and thoughts about blogging


Hi dear friends! I just love this funny face! Guess what she’s looking at?

cute cat

I don’t see this kitten every day but now and then she visits our garden. This time I wasn’t the only one behind the window …

Nero's garden

Nero was just looking, didn’t say anything. But the kitten thought better back out slowly …

greek cat

So she tip toed away …

greek cat

This post is sort of new beginning. I have been thinking a lot about blogging, mine and others. Then Rachel put in words those thoughts and maybe yours, too. That post shows how important blogs still are as you can see from the interesting and long comments on her post. It’s getting more quiet in blogland and I’m sad for that. I miss the time when there was happening “too much” around the blogs! Always so many interesting hops and qals to join, so much ideas and inspiration to put into effect. But now often I roll up and down trying to find something to read and something to get the big ‘wow’ smile on my face!

There are of course still many many inspiring, fantastic blogs but I fish … wish there were more. I don’t like to put blogs in any order but this time I like to lead you to my two favourite blogs: Rachel’s “STITCHED IN COLOR” and Jayne’s “TWIGGY AND OPAL”. I’m sure both of these blogs are known by most of you but if you are new in blogland,  have a look, I’m sure you will love them! Both ladies are so talented and have all the time new ideas! They know how to mix the colours best way and wow, where they find the time and energy to make so much! I don’t think they sleep much. I enjoy their writing and beautiful photos (photos inspires me a lot) and I appreciate that they show how to do things.

As I’m back to quilting business (already some custom orders in line) I thought it’s time to take time to fix my blog, too. Yesterd I started to make new header, using hours for no result. And if you noticed even have now mistake in the blog’s name. For some reason that I can’t understand, I couldn’t add the mark:  ‘  … so now it writes NEROS POST?! Every time I pressed that button, the computer stucked for a long time. Have to find an other way to do it. Also because I use wordpress free theme, there are some limits. For example I can’t choose free the size of the header photo. I wanted to make this time only one line, but I guess I shall make the same 10 squares to get this done.

Anniversaries haven’t been celebratied often lately. Somehow life has changed and we are tired to do ‘this and that’. I used to have fun in my blog when celebrating dogs’ birthdays and at least the blog anniversary. Dogs did give ways and picked winners. When I started my blog in 2010 I was at home and had all the time to figure things out on my own. It took lot of time but was so much fun! So now when I’m again ‘at home’ I think it’s good to enjoy blogging again! It is so fantastic to have blogger and quilter friends all around the world!

So I’m planning to celebrate soon my blog’s 6th anniversary. I’m also thinking (trying) to post more often (the time I spend just thinking what to look in the internet, I can also write myself). I like to play with words and today when vacuum cleaning Nero’s hairs, I started to make a list:

  • Monday Makings
  • Fabric Fuesday
  • Wordless Wednesday
  • Thursday Things (tutorial, tips, this and that)
  • Fun for Friday
  • Super Saturday
  • Sunday Stash

Hmmm, don’t get too excited, I don’t think it’s possible to write every day under these themes but I’m sure this list inspires and helps me to write more and not only to show quilt projects. Perhaps this gives also ideas to you to post more! Let me know if you have more ideas for the themes or if you wish to see/read about something. I like to make tutorials so there will be some new of those, too.

My hb has always been very supportive about my quilting and blogging and I thought to ask him to give some of his special, secret recipies. Would you like to try delicious recipies from a really good, Greek chef?! That could be some times on Mondays.

So now I think it’s time to do some hand quilting to have perhaps quilt finish for Fabric Tuesday! Or … perhaps I shall play with my friend …


Thank you my friends for being there! Thank you for reading my blog and for writing so sweet, friendly and fun comments! Thank you and welcome many new followers!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

37 thoughts on “[Fun for Friday] and thoughts about blogging

  1. I would love some great recipes!

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  2. You have written what I have said and written so many times about how I feel that some have abandoned blogs. I LOVE Blogland and am grateful to those that continue to share a bit of themselves on their blog instead of a word or two on FB. I am always so disappointed to see wonderful stitching and search for a blog and Nope…Nadda…Nothing. I cherish my Blog Friends. Thanks for the links you provided. I’ll be off to visit them in a minute and perhaps find new friends.

    I don’t blog everyday, but I am getting better at blogging more frequently. My place is eclectic, just like my life.
    xx, Carol

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    • Thank you Carol! Same here, if there is a photos from flickr I feel that there is now need to click that because there is no more. Also I’m sad to visit a blog post to find only one photo because I like to see more. No one has time to blog every day (or do they?). I think it’s better to try post better than very often….and sometimes there is more time and sometimes there is no time at all.
      I try to have Nero and Hanna visiting more often. I hope your dog didn’t heart when passing the screen. x Teje


  3. Oh, I forgot. Love the cat and dog pics. Your dog is beautiful. When my dogs see a cat outside they try to go through the patio doors that are in our living room. Our boxer has broke through the screen twice. We keep a gate on the front deck, just in case.
    xx, Carol

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  4. Thank you for your blog — and for your photos! I never get tired of seeing Nero; he is beautiful and his pics ALways bring a smile to my face!

    And, yes, I would love some genuine Greek recipes. And, your new schedule is sure to keep all of us interested and involved. Keep up the good work! [lynnstck(at)]

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  5. so much now in today’s world has to be done fast it seems so that is why so many turn to instagram and facebook – they think a fast word or photo is better and do not want to spend time blogging also some make blogger harder than it needs to be I think. some of the blogs I used to read are no more as they have turned to instagram only – I do not use instagram and facebook I use only to keep in touch with family – I don’t want to have my phone in front of my face all day keeping up with tweets and things – wish more would go back to blogging.

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    • Thank you Karen! Yes, life is getting too busy and fast. Many things pass in high speed and we can’t remember them after a moment. We click ‘likes’ and think to get back to see them better but of course there is never time for that because new photos appear all the time. So absolutely blogging is good for us who like to slow down a little bit and to enjoy more what we see. I hope your wish comes true. Have a great day! x Teje


  6. I blog and am not on IG. My impression of IG (and since I’m not on, I don’t know this as a fact) is that it is great for posting pix, but not great for in-depth discussion or meaningful interaction. Since I never was attracted to blog posts that mainly consist of a pretty picture without much discussion, I haven’t figured I would like IG.

    My posts often go into a lot of depth, aren’t always about a quilt, and some of them don’t even have any pictures. Recent posts have been about low-environmental impact quilting, the changes in the industry, and what I did in July.

    I’m sorry to see fewer blogs, but as a committed blogger, I know that it isn’t for everyone, either as a reader or writer.

    Thanks for the link to Rachel’s post. Her thoughts and the comments are very interesting.

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    • Thank you Melanie! I think the same about blogs and IG. I share photos in IG because many friends are there but I do like to see more photos, details and stories. So hope and guess that there is still good future for blogs and bloggers. Have a lovely Sunday! x Teje

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  7. I love Design Wall Monday as a concept and don’t always link up but it fits with me and playing with ideas so its always useful for a blog post, and every now and then I try a thankful thursday post – I know Yvonne’s link up is over but it always struck me as a good one to aim for!

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    • Thank you Ruth! Thank you for reminding me about the Design Wall Monday as well as the Thankful Thursday! Sometimes we just forget ourselves to the same rutines and then it’s good to get new energy and inspiration from friends! x Teje


  8. I always like to see your posts pop up.

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  9. Always enjoy reading your blog. Especially enjoy the dog pictures, seeing the bright blue sky and water, and watching your quilts in progress. Maybe you will inspire me to do more blogging too.

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    • Thank you Bonnie! I know Nero didn’t write often lately but I try to give the word for him and Hanna more often. Have a lovely day! x Teje


  10. Teje, I love reading your blog–most especially because of you. I enjoy getting to know about your life, your projects, your world. Your posts always show your personality and make me think, laugh, and inspire and surprise me. Whenever and no matter how often you post, seeing you in my inbox will make me smile. (I do hope life this summer is getting easier.)
    Greek recipes! Yes, please!!


    • Thank you Karen for your sweet words! I’m always happy to hear from you! Colours are back so I think everything is getting better. Looking for the new challenges and events. Have a lovely Sunday! x Teje


  11. I found your blog when looking for hexi quilts and found your ‘orange stones’ quilt (which my friends and I refer to often for inspiration) Love the blog, love Nero and all your pretty pictures. It’s a welcome soothing breath of fresh air to read your posts – look forward to more 🙂

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    • Thank you Ruthie! I’m so happy to hear that you like my blog and find inspiration. I try to encourage and help people to start and enjoy patchwork and quilting because it is so enjoyable and easier than many think. It’s fantastic to have friends all around the world to to see photos from them, so I try to send postcards and little strories from Greece. x Teje


  12. I’ve noticed that certain blogs seem to dropping off but often find they have gone to Facebook or Instagram.

    When you were typing your blog name did you have your capitals on lock? Sometimes I find that prevents the secondary punctuation from working.

    Have fun with your redesign..

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    • Thank you! Many prefer now IG or Fb and they are great but I like to little stories and the ‘bigger picture’ that blogs give. I think I tried small and big letters and any other marks which it accepts only the mark ‘ which I wanted was not accepted. Yesterday I didn’t try again so I’ll see if the problem is permanent or not. x Teje


  13. You are so right, there seem to be less and less of really good blogs left or ones that are not filled with ads which constantly pop up and get in the way. And that makes your blog even more valuable and important. I so look forward to seeing yours in the lineup because it is filled with good ideas and wonderful photos of the pets and your surroundings. I like the lineup you thought up. Recipes would be great–always looking for something new to try. I follow the two blogs you mentioned and they are both quality blogs thatI really enjoy. What makes your blog such a welcome entry is that you show us your work, your pets, your town, and your studio in a manner befitting old friends which I think most of us believe we are. Plus your work shows such imagination and beautiful workmanship. You have a knack of taking photos of your quilts that is both unusual and well done. Not many are your equal in showing off their work–usually its just hung up and there you go, but you go way past that and show them in a most artistic manner.

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  14. I, too, have read Rachel’s post and have taken to heart that I need to comment and give feedback on the blogs I follow just as encouragement for others. I started blogging as a way to de stress and just have a voice. If I throw in quilting, too, then all the better. I enjoy reading your posts and seeing Nero. And I’d love to try new recipes! Happy blogging and quilting!


    • Thank you Stephanie! For many of us blogging is a way to de stress and to be connected with friends. I hope that the blogland gets again busier and take the time to leave comments and have a chat. Did you see Rachel’s latest idea? I shall post tomorrow about my #1 quilt design. x Teje

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  15. You echoed my thoughts about blogs perfectly! It seems more people are into “vlogging” on Youtube or other more “instant” social media platforms. I much prefer blogging though, for numerous reasons. The least of which being I far prefer being behind the camera, than in front of it. I made some very good friends through blogging over the years and it is kind of sad that it is not what it once was.

    Your quilts are lovely! I have always wanted to learn to quilt but it always seems to fall on the back burner, and I can never seem to get “into” it.

    I would love to try some recipes, if your hb would be so kind as to share!


    • Thank you Cherry! I prefer to be also behind the camera. Hopefully I can inspire you to start quilting. I had sewn and done many other crafts all my life but never tried quilting. It was long time in my mind and finally 2009 I started. Now I regret only that I didn’t start many years ago. Quilting is unbeliavable fun! Possibilities are endless from the very easy pattern to most complicated. I started with re-cycled fabrics I found from home because I always liked the fabrics in men’s shirts. No need to buy lots of tool in the beginning. Just start and have fun! x Teje


  16. I have noticed the same thing in blogland lately….and I too miss all the blog hops, QAL and such. And like you, been thinking of a new “series” to write on my own blog as I enjoy it and the community of friends blogging has created for me…like you!! So glad we are part of eachothers quilty/bloggy adventure. V:)


    • Thank you Val! Lets hope someone arrange exciting blog hops when it turns to autumn. It is great to have quilty/bloggy friends and I’m happy we have managed to ‘stay in the buss’! x Teje


  17. I to read Rachel’s post about blogs and from the response, there are a lot of people who have noticed the steady decline. Like you, I love blogging. It allows me to go into detail, share more pictures (without blowing up the IG feed!), and basically tell a story. My advice…keep blogging …everyone! I’ve met so many people and have found so many great blogs. Blogs that I wouldn’t have otherwise found. The ‘world class bloggers’ have started to blog less and less, opting for instagram. I love instagram too! Teje, I love your blog too! You give me a taste of culture I will never know and your quilting is always inspiring! Thank you for that and for the huge compliment!


    • Thank you Jayne! I’m so happy that there are still quilters like you who enjoy the blogging and the possibilities it gives to us. I think blogs are the modern way for women to gather together and sew, knit etc. Now a days women sew less so we can’t sit on our front yard with neighbours, sew and chat, so we need to find sewing friends from more far away, even from the other side of the world! I really enjoy those ‘wow’ ‘oh’ moments when I see some super ideas from my friends and then also when someone finds inspiration from my ideas. Lets keep blogging! x Teje


  18. Great post, Teje. I do like your ideas for the different days of the week and would love to have some authentic Greek recipes, thank you! I so enjoy reading blogs, particularly your blog and enjoy writing on mine. Long live blogging!


  19. Hi Teje, thanks for your true post about blogging. You are so right about the shift to FB or IG. I still prefer my blog to all other social media. Even thought I am not a busy blogger, I love reading the posts from the people I follow. Looking forward to try some greek recipes, greetings x Barbara


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