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Sunday Stash with Moomins


Hi Dear Friends! Thank you so much for the comments on my last post which leaded to unexpected conversation. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and will answer to everyone.  I’m most happy to know that you are thinking the same way about blogging and You made my day with your sweet words about my blog! Thank you also for the great ideas to add to my theme list. For example ‘Design Wall Monday’ will be surely seen here.

I know you love Moomins, so lets begin with my little treasure …

Moomins and fabric

Dear friend Leena from ‘Tilkkutie’ sent me this sunny fabric a while ago and add this Moomins tin in the parcel. She knew that it will be treasured here! And sking Moomins – wow that looks fantastic in this hot weather we have here! Yellow fabric is from a well-known collection, but can’t remenber now where I saw it. If you know, please tell us in the comment.



And more Moomins! My dear friend Mia is a specialist with Moomins! She sent me these adorable Moomins! I didn’t have any blue Moomins and now I have. Could make something featuring Moomins in pink, purple, blue and green (from my stash). Mia’s writes about her adorable work with Moomins and felt at ‘Handmade by Mia’.

Moomins fabrics

Thank you Leena and Mia! These are my treasuries!

In summer I got a happy email from Kelly at ‘My Quilt Infatuation’! I have won in her give away! That made my day during the super busy, difficult days. Thank you Kelly and Fat Quarter Shop!

Juniber Berry

This is a beautiful and fun bundle of 5″ x 10″ pieces! Lots of different colours and prints; some of them reminds me of Finnish forest, some are great basics and some inspire to think Christmas sewings!

Juniper Berry

If you like to see what ‘stash’ and other quilting acronyms mean, look the great list that Benta from ‘Slik Stitches’ has made!


Hanna remind me that I have some special strips and selvages in my stash! Let’s see if I can carry out the idea I have for them.

What you have in you ‘stash’? Perhpas something special you have forgot!


I’m linking at: ‘Sunday Stash’

Thank you for stopping by! Hope to see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash with Moomins

  1. Hello Teje! The yellow fabric is from Morning walk – collection, designed by Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Fabrics. Sorry, that I did’n cut the selvage for you, but I have it left, so I found that information 😀


    • Thank you Leena! Don’t worry, I try to save the selvages also for the infomation and looked for the blue fabric’s selvage, but couldn’t find now. I saw the yellow fabric somewhere but then didn’t make a note for myself. Have a lovely Sunday! x Teje


  2. I love those little cartoon characters. I never knew they were actually from a comic strip or had a name. Wish my paper carried them. I’m going to look for them on a site that delivers comics to your mail box via email.
    Have a great day.
    xx, Carol


  3. Good morning, Moomins!!!! How I adore them, also! Your latest (fabric) additions will certainly inspire many creative thoughts……and Hannah will be right there to help, I’m sure. The recent heat has now become beautiful cool with lower humidity. Oh so wonderful to be able to sit out on the porch once again!!! I wish the same for you! That “Basic Grey” bundle is so interesting……not one but many different stitchings could come out!!!! Will wait to see what you decide. Sending cooler hugs from ever-so-green S.E. MN………………………


  4. Awww…sweet fabric! I have never seen Moomins, but they are so adorable! I know you will come up with something fantastic with them!


    • Thank you Jayne! Moomins are from Finland but now known and loved around the world. For example Japanese love them! First there were Moomins books written by Tove Jansson. x Teje


  5. Those Moomins are cute. YAY on your win! I’m featuring Juniper Berry as well in my SS. 🙂


  6. Moomins!! I read these books as a child and loooooved them! I was amazed to visit Covent Garden in London a few years ago and find a whole shop dedicated to Moomins. Must try and find some of that moomin fabric! How cute is that. Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories, Teje x


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