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30 days of quilt design


Hello friends! New week begins with new challenges! This one comes from ‘Stitched in Color’ by Rachel. For me the timing is perfect as I just started to plan new design. for a long time I wanted to make a quilt from a painting. I look my grandfather’s and mother’s painting on the walls thinking quilt ideas. My mother painted lots of colourful paintings and many Greek potteries. I chose to start with this one. This painting is not at my home, so I made raw illustration from the photo and add some colour to help me to plan the dark and light areas.

quilt idea from painting

You can read all the details from Rachel’s post, but the main idea is to make 30 quilt designs (you don’t need to make 30). They can be illustrated or made with computer and you don’t need to make quilt of them. There is enough time so no need to make exactly every day. I try to make one every second day. This happens in IG so draw and illustrate your ideas and post the photo. See the # from Rachels’ post. Look also in IG with #30DaysofQuiltDesign – there are already many very interesting designs.


I picked my blues and solid scraps. This colour palet has only blues … not even a bit of orange …

blue scraps

I have made small, portable design wall and it’s practical for this kind of project because it has to be next to the sewing machine.

small design wall

Do you see quilt ideas every where?

evening on the beach

Beack to my design wall. I’m not sure yet … this may change to more simple background ….

on my design wall

… because I hope to make improv curves for the pottery …. my fingers and itching to use this ruler …

quick curve ruler

It’s very good that I ‘have’ to put my design ideas on the paper because other wise I forget them … 10 min ago I was thinking about few ‘long time in my mind’ ideas and thought to make a quick note about them …. and now I can’t remember them. Have to carry pen and paper all the time with me!

greek pottery

This project will go on as “Greek Pottery 1”; I hope there will be more of these. My mother loved colours and found inspiration from Greece and Greek postcards. She painted many pottery paintings.

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

10 thoughts on “30 days of quilt design

  1. This is a great idea, Teje! I shall look forward to seeing more.


  2. Hi Teje. Being new to even block piecing, this concept is way beyond my abilities. I’ll be watching with interest to see you quilt develop and maybe learn a thing or two!
    xx, Carol


  3. Luv the blues (and NO orange!!!!)…….even the blue nail polish (aren’t you the ‘fashionista”!!!! LOL!) Your design wall is an inspiration……I very much like what’s there and if you decide “simpler” is better, that will be perfect, also!!!! I have that ruler, too, but haven’t ventured that direction…..too many quilts to quilt these days!!! hehehehe…………..sending warmer hugs (our blessed coolness is exiting………….)


  4. Loving all those gorgeous blues! Whatever the outcome it will look great! Ros x


  5. Mielenkiintoista! Kiva nähdä mitä siitä valmistuu 🙂


  6. What a wonderful idea to be able to make something based on your mother’s beautiful art! 🙂


  7. What a lovely project to join the generations! Hope you show the finished quilt. Thank you for joining up with #scraptastictuesday!


  8. First, I totally relate you about having an idea and then forgetting it! I always do that! I really like the idea of having a small design board like yours, I may have to do just that! All those blues are going to be beautiful together! I can’t wait to see your Greek Pottery series!


  9. I love the idea of trying to design a quilt based in a painting – I have never done that, but will enjoy seeing how yours progresses. The different blues akk together are going to be beautiful!


  10. Those blues are lovely! This project sounds like a great opportunity to just play. Thanks for linking up this week with Oh Scrap!


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