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Thursday things: Materials


Hi dear friends! Welcome to ‘Thursday Things”! I’m a happy hamster …


For me creativity starts from the materials … I take out from the drawers things I have in my mind … then I need that blue … that other lace … hmmm did I have any pink? … ah yes leather strips … oh, beads! … and I end up with this … and I still didn’t start with the green …


‘Someone’ says often that we have gathered so much useless stuff … but I know ‘I shall need them’! And I do! They may be forgotten in the drawers for a long time and then new ideas sparkle out and they are just what I need. I couldn’t be creative so that be go to buy things only for one exact project. And I could never find then those things I need in that moment. And at least for me, ideas grow from the materials I have and fortunately usually I know exactly where I have stored everything.

embroidery shirt

One example is this shirt. I bought it looong time ago. I really liked the khaki colour and the details on the sleeves. But I just never wear it (perhaps 2 times). Can’t remember from where came the idea to stitch dragonflies on it. And after one, I couldn’t stop and I made many of them. What an enjoyable thing to do. I just draw few lines to guide me and then stitched what ever came to my mind. But then the shirt was too slim for my comfy style and I threw it to my ‘material closet’. It has been waiting to be a part of a quilt … or something else … and now I think I have an idea for something else.

materials in my studio

I save ‘everything’ because I can’t buy materials easily. Many materials I carry from my trips to Finland and there is the weight limit you know. So I save also every piece and trim from the wadding, fleece etc. Narrow strips are good for bag stripes. But you know what, we may need them also in quilting! I love Jayne’s idea – she is just so creative! Read the post, other wise you may not see that THING!

gem stones and lava beads

As you know I love colours! Oh, colours are so inspiring! I have lots of beads for my jewelry makings and now I started to think that there has to be ‘more’ for them! But what?

fabric samplers

I’m happy to get some fabric samplers from a dear friend! My mistake is that often I save materials too much because I’m worried that I ran out of them or when I get the perfect idea, I don’t have materials to make … how stupid is that … in that way nothing will ever happen, so I need to start to use them more bravely. If you like to see my friend’s gorgeus, modern Home decor, furniture and design shop – website, visit ‘Zaira Collection’.


Now I should empty my table to be able to finish the ‘After the Storm’ quilt. It’s quilted and the binding is waiting. I think I just put all this stuff on a big tray and then I can easily continue with them.

sewing materials

I shall leave you now wondering what I’m making with ‘this stuff’.

Next week we shall celebrate with Nero, Hanna and Nelli – and YOU! Our blog is going to be 6 years and we shall have a big give away! So don’t go far away, it’s very soon!

I’m joining Kelly’s linky party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’.

Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

8 thoughts on “Thursday things: Materials

  1. Yay – so looking forward to Pets on Quilts again. Fingers crossed the weather stays good and i can get some shots in the garden! You have lovely storage solutions for all your bits and pieces – my leftover wadding is stuffed into a bag under my desk!


    • Thank you Ruth! I’m looking for the Pets on Quilts show too! I used to have the leftover wadding in the lowest box in the closet and it took time to take s small piece when needed. This should save time. Still have to work with those other boxes. x Teje


  2. Well, you DO have a lot of bits and baubles to be creative with. I can’t imagine what your project is, but I’ll be here to see it when you share. Have a great day.
    xx, Carol


  3. What a fun space. You have everything in your sewing room.


  4. Heh…materiaalivarastosi näyttää jokseenkin samalta kuin minun 🙂 Kaikki pitää säästää, ihan vain varuiksi!!!


  5. Tämähän näyttää jännittävälle, mitähän on tulossa? Tilan vähyys vähän häiritsee kaiken säästämistä, mutta onhan tuota materiaalia kertynyt minullekin. Odottelemisiin!


    • Kiitos Leena! Tilaa tuskin on koskaan tarpeeksi. Valilla ihan kauhistuttaa kun joka nurkassa on jotain mutta sitten taas tarvitsee ‘kaikkea’! Nyt nama onkin vahan tauolla kun piti alkaa ihan yks kaks yllattaen ‘mansikka’ juttu. x Teje


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