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Small patchwork and Winners!


Vof vof friends! It’s me Hanna here – great to see you! Today we shall tell you with Nero all the winners for our give away! And I shall show you our latest patchwork. It’s really fun.


Here I am next to our design wall but looks like I’m not tall enough … you can see only part of the picture we have been sewing.

But hey, lets get to our serious job!


Nero and I wrote all the names on the papers, folded them and then threw them to our give away basket. Nero put his special scarf (even it didn’t stay for a long) and I found my glasses, notebook and pen …


So we are ready to start the lottery to find 6 winners for our 6th blog anniversary celebration! Yeeee!

Hanna and Nero

I took my dear star quilt out on the balcony so we have nice, comfy place. Nelli is sleeping next to us and we pretend that she is the lottery inspector. I’m not sure if I shall show her because her chair is always so dirty from her hairs.

Hanna and Nero

But now Nero you can pick the first paper! And then I shall pick the secong and so we continue. Finally here are the results of our lottery:

give away winners 8-16

You can see all the names on the papers and I shall write to the winners soon. This time three of the winners have link to a blog: Doreen’s ‘Treadlemusic’ and ‘One Creative Family’ and Carol’s ‘Beads and Birds’.  Congratulations to the winners!!! and Thank you all for joining our give away!!!

Hanna and Nero

You know why we look so happy, right? Yes, of course we love to play this game but we got also good payment for this job. Many ‘nami namis’ (=Frolics) and Calcium bones with Duck!


I have been asked often about this star quilt. It is really nice and I like the fabrics from hb’s shirts. But unfortunately I didn’t find any pattern to give you a link. I got the diamond templates from a friend. I’m sure you can find the pattern from somewhere, perhaps from ‘Craftsy’. If someone knows, please tell us in the comments!  You can make this pattern also a little bit easier if you use triangles. Then you can sew them in rows and there won’t be y-seams.

Now I shall show you the small patchwork we have been doing. It’s a little bit different than usually because of the black, but I really like it …

small quilt

Time to continue the patch work, because today we have been playing all the day. We had a special guest! I shall show you later, who she was!

Thank you so much for reading my post and for your awesome comments! I enjoyed so much reading your stories on the give away post! Lets keep chatting about quilting and other things!

HANNA … and Nero, Nelli and Teje


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

17 thoughts on “Small patchwork and Winners!

  1. Thank you Nero, Hannah and, of course, Teje!!!!!! Yay! I’m so excited!!!!! The sun is shinning even more brightly!!!!!!! Hugs……………….


  2. Thank you to the CEOs and Teje!!!! I got excited when I saw “Christine” on a slip of paper, then reminded myself I rarely win anything, it’s a common name, etc. When I checked email, there it was! That shining subject line. I won a pattern from Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts. Now to peruse (again) the entire line. I love them all because they are so whimsical. Thank you again Teje.


  3. Hello to all of you!! You are such great assistants. I am so happy to win. I do have a blog:

    I’ll have to check to see if it can be added to my wordpress ID. I love to visit here, though I am a new follower and a new to quilting sewer. thank you so much for hearing me thinking “Pick Me!”
    xx, Carol


    • Thank you Carol for joining us! Are you logged in when you leave your comment? Then I think your blog should appear automaticly. Or check your profile and account settings. x Teje


  4. Thank you, Nero and Teje for the wonderful surprise I had today when I opened my email. I will love cherish my new pink needle book.


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog post today … quilters who love animals too have a lot in common! 🙂


  6. What a cute patchwork! I love the raccoon!


  7. Your quilt is fantastic. I love the border, you had a great idea to use this fabric! I love the center too, sure 🙂


    • Thank you! That’s very uncommon fabric for me but because once there is black/white in the raccoon, I liked to make that pop out. For my surprise I really the ‘explosive’ look that border gives. x Teje


  8. Great job guys! Fab photos Teje – laughed out loud at the blindfold one!


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