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How I Finish Quilt – Easy Tutorial


Hello dear friends! I’m happy to see you and hope you are fine! Are you ready to continue your happy wall quilt? I have finished mine and I shall show you how to finish your quilt = quilting, making the binding and the label.

Strawberry Cake by Teje

First cut from your wadding and backing fabric a little bit bigger pieces than your quilt top. Small quilt top is easy to fix on the table. I use tape to stick the backing fabric and then put the wadding and quilt top on it. I use curved safety pins for basting. Tea spoon helps a lot when closing the safety pins.

mosaic 4

Make a plan how you are going to quilt and put the pins so that they won’t be too much on your way. I didn’t do that as you can see. I hadn’t decide yet how to quilt and then I had to change the safety pins.

I quilted straight lines. For marking them I use hera marker and big ruler. Unfortunately my hera marker was downstairs so I even you don’t have that, you can make a soft line on the fabric also using something else (not too sharp to brake the fabric but sharp/thin enough to leave line). You can mark few lines with pins and then use those stitched lines as a cuide for the next lines. Following seam lines is also great way to stitch straight lines. If you don’t have walking foot you may need to help with a pin or scissors to feed the fabric. Keeping the fabric tighten helps also (like using hoop for hand quilting).

mosaic 5

Have fun with the quilting! Use colours, stitch by hand or machine as you like! Lines, circles, waves … what ever and don’t worry too much if the lines are not strickly straight … this is handmade!


When you have done all the quilting, trim the edges. I had piece of left over scrap binding and thought to make that more scrappy. I add few more colours and cut the stripes shorter to get more scrappy look. I use 2,5″ stripes, folded and pressed double. Place your binding around the quilt so you can see if it’s long enough and to see where you like to have perhaps certain colours.

mosaic 6

Then start to pin the binding stretching it very slightly (this helps that it won’t be wavy when finished). Don’t stretch too much! Take care that all the seam allowances are open.

To make the corners, there are too ways to think:

In the second photo you can see pin on the right edge of the quilt. Lift the binding from here so that you have an angle. If you place down this angle, it should reach the other edge (look all the following photos). Continue to pin the binding to the next side of the quilt.

mosaic 7

Other way to think this is: lift and fold the binding up and then fold it back down. Again there will be exactly the same angel. You can put there one pin to keep it better on it’s place.

mosaic 8

We sew all the edges separately. Look the photos below. Start 1/4″ from the edge and finish 1/4″ before the edge.

Then turn the binding to the back side of your quilt. I press now from the front side so that I know the binding stays well turned and this makes the fabric also a little bit softer (easier to turn and pin). If there are places where the seam allowance is thick or wider, cut a little bit. Pin all around and take care that on the front side your pins are near to the binding (look the photo down left). When I sew the binding I help to keep in on place with a pin.

mosaic 9

Now our quilt is finished … almost. Because we like to hang this, we shall make the hanging sleeve. I make two pieces because I shall hang it from the middle. So I cut two pieces about 5″ – 6″ wide and the length depends on your quilt. Fold and press these pieces first double. Then open them and fole the edges towards the centre (you have now three lines). Fold the left and right edges twice and sew them. Fold the pieces then double wrong sides together! Sew them to get tubes/sleeves. Now your edge seam allowances are inside but the long seam allowance is outside. Open this seam allowance and press with iron (don’t iron the other lines, you still need them).

Now place the sleeves on the back side of your quilt so that the seam allowance is towards the quilt and you see that the folded lines create the space for the hanging wood/stick. Normally we sew the sleeves by hand but if you have made the quilting so that the sewing lines won’t bother, you can sew by machine.

If you add quilting lines after you have made the binding, finish the stitiching so that you drag the thread to the back side, then knot the threads and hide the ends inside your quilt.

mosaic 10

Final touch is the label. Use here your imagination … find inspiration from your quilt or fabrics. You can write with special pens or stitch the text by hand (or by machine). I made pot holder because there was one on my favourite kitchen fabric!

mosaic 11

I sew the quilt label by hand just behind the strawberry so it won’t show through if I take photos etc.

quilt backing

Sun and shadows!

Strawberry Cake by Teje

I hope this tutorial is helpful and inspires you!

First part of this tutorial is ‘HOW I DO PATCHWORK – EASY TUTORIAL’

Thank you for your visit and lovely comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

17 thoughts on “How I Finish Quilt – Easy Tutorial

  1. This quilt is happy indeed ; so cute! I have never made a sleeve for a quilt yet so the tutorial was helpful and very clear! 🙂


  2. Excellent! Your photos and descriptions will help many, I’m sure. Another “sunny” happy finish!!!! (LUV the quilting!!!!)


  3. What a fun quilt. Love the idea of many short pieces of colors for the binding, and really like your label. Much better than just a muslin square with penned on names abs dates.


  4. Great little quilt, congratulations. And the tutorial is self explanatory and helpful. Perfect post as always, Teje!! x barbora


  5. One of the cutest quilts I’ve ever seen! Thanks for linking up to Finished or Not Friday!


  6. I loved seeing your tutorial! I am a pinner, too…. I am going to try the teaspoon, because my finger do hurt when pinning down a big quilt!! Your quilt is very fun and pretty! I think the scrappy binding is perfect. I so love strawberries, so you had me hooked at the start!


  7. Love your happy and colourful quilt Teje! And great to read your tutorial too, so nice and clear. Happy weekend!
    Helen xox


  8. Voi miten kaunis siitä tuli! Monivärinen kantti sopii hienosti ja nostaa työn värejä esiin. Paineet omien kangaspalojeni käyttämiseen vaan lisääntyvät 😀


  9. Just found you today! Beautiful blog and stunning pictures! Any chance you’ll add emailed posts to your blog.? I’m not crazy about Bloglovin and the like. I love waking up in the morning to pretty blogs in my email. 😄


    • Thank you Candy! I’m so happy to hear you like to read my blog! If you look on the sidelist a little bit under my photo, there is a ‘follow by email’ button. x Teje


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