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Dream Catcher: centre blocks


Vof vof vof! It’s me Hanna here and I’m super happy to see you! Last week we were sewing with Teje the first blocks for our ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt.

dream catcher

I did a happy dance when I saw that these curved blocks worked out just we planned. From our big drawing (see the last post) we cut the paper templates and marked each piece in the sewing order.

paper templates

Then we made one test block to see if it works and what to decide about the fabrics. We sew the test block by hand and saw that it’s not necessary; it can be sewn very well also by machine – hurray! Solids look best as in our first illustration so we shall use for the centre part these three Kona solids and the dark blue (almost solid) fabrics.

testing quilt block

There are lots of small templates and each of them is different. That means that we have to keep them in correct order. First we thought about envelopes but when looking for those on the self, we saw few restaurant catalogues (from our old restaurant).


What a perfect way to organize our templates and also to keep the blocks in order. But I know how easily we mix things so I said to Teje: just to be sure, number the blocks. You can see that we cut ‘teeth’ for few edges (I saw that some where) but we don’t need to do that if cut the seam allowance a little bit more narrow.


So we knew that this will work and could cut all the pieces.


organizer for quilt blocks

All filed in order and ready to be sewn. Next photo shows you about the size of one block.

quilt block

We continue to make ’30 Days of Quilt Design’. You can see all our designs at Neropost in Instagram. There is my photos, too!


Just for fun and colour …

chinese garlic

Our sewing room is … no it looks like a mess but it’s not … it’s just full full full of many projects. But the nicest thing for me is that we have new, fresh, blue rugs there!


My favourite places in our sewing room are front of the cutting table and front of the ironing board. Teje gets good exercise when jumping over me.

It’s Saturday and I think now I shall go to brush myself and then I like to crochet some granny squares (Teje found new colour for our crochet project). Then I need to sew binding for one quilt and if I’m still awake I may sew few more blocks for this ‘Dream Catcher’.

dream catcher quilt

I wish you wonderful weekend! Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments! And don’t forget: next week starts ‘Blogger’s Quilt Festival’!!!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

19 thoughts on “Dream Catcher: centre blocks

  1. Woohoo. So glad it is working out!


  2. Hanna, I’m so glad that you and Nero have a crochet project to work on. Is it for your new puppy friend? That blue rug really shows off your beautiful fur–and you take such good care of your fur, too. Tell Teje that because her posts are so clear, I finally understand how to go from a design to a template to a piece of fabric ready to sew. She’s amazing, and all of you are soooo lucky to live with her. You look like you need a nap to me 🙂


    • Thank you so much Karen! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed my post! We have just finished our special bag and I make still one funny detail for it. Then perhaps relaxing crochet as it’s Sunday … and afternoon walk, even it’s really hot today. Hugs! Hanna


  3. Thanks for sharing your work with templates with detailed photos. Very nice fabric choice, looking forward to see more! xBarbora


  4. Wow ! So fantastic to learn that a drawing can be turned into a quilt !


  5. This is going to be amazing. I love your color choices!


  6. Hello Hanna! We’re really looking forward to seeing this finished. We think it’s going to be
    pawsome! 🙂 Ros and Oscar x


  7. Teje, I just received your package today and I love it. Thank you so much. It is going with me on my vacation.


  8. Looking forward to seeing Dream Catcher’s progress; it’s intriguing, what a fun design!


  9. Boy Hanna, you guys are so creative and patient to fussy cut and draw and color this super cool project. Can’t wait to see the finished block. Hugs from Lady Caroline


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