Nero's post III

"life is meant to be colourful"

Windy Laundry Day


Hi dear friends! Weekend stuff includes lots of different projects.

paper piecing diamonds

Diamonds are waiting for grey fabrics. I have finished the purple piece and the plan is ‘open’ at the moment. I think anyway I shall use more greys so I gave them shower today …

Kona solids

I prewash all the fabrics and usually just with plain, warm water. For ‘normal’ laundry I have beautiful, turquoise liquid …


Windy day is the best for fabric showering because no need to wait long time to start using them.

prewashed fabrics

Today was laundry day and windy one but the title for this post is from last night. You know that I’m participating the ’30 Days of Quilt Design’ challenge with Rachel at ‘Stitched In Color’. I started with a good speed but lately there has been so many other projects going on that this one has sat on the back seat. Last night I took my notebook and chocolate box filled with colour pencils and started to draw curves (my own this year’s challenge).

30 Days of Quilt Design

Very soon I ended up with ‘Windy Laundry Day’! I tried to use not so usual colours and not all the brights like normally. Have to say that I really like this! I’m quite sure that one day this will be a quilt!

On Saturdays if happens, I craft along with Lucy from ‘Charm about You’ and other friends by joining the #saturdaynightcraftalong! This is really fun way to be in touch with friends. Great photos shared with glass of wine, tea, pyjamas, kittens and puppies joining etc. I think today I shall continue my ‘Dream Catcher’ project.

30 Days of Quilt Design

This post is full of links because so many things are going on now. Like the “Blogger’s Quilt Festival” hosted by Amy Ellis. She decided to give us few more days to join so if you didn’t enter yet, don’t miss the fun and chance of winning great prizes!

You can see all the categories and quilts HERE. Nominate your favourites HERE. Voting starts after the linking is closed on Monday. If you think my quilt ‘After the Storm’ is worth of voting, I appreciate if you take the time to nominate it and vote! Thank you!

scrappy star

One more scrappy star for a pouch. Finished, ‘folded’ and photographed; hope to share more soon.

greek honey

If you are out of energy, take a spoonful of Greek honey and eat fruits … or take a nap …

sleeping cat

She found her very own hammock (it’s a cover for shadow)! Now I shall take a spoon of honey and then puppies for a walk … and then lets begin saturdaynightcraftalong!

Thank you for stopping by and thank you so much for the super wonderful comments on my last post! Have a great weekend and see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

10 thoughts on “Windy Laundry Day

  1. Your diamonds remind me of sea glass!!! So serenely gorgeous! Your artistry will take any fabrics to a beautiful finish……..I just know it!!!! Hugs……..;-D


  2. Loving those gorgeous diamonds Teje! The colours are so soft and relaxing. Looking forward to seeing what they will become! Ros x


  3. Ihanaa, oikeastaan parasta pyykkiä! Hauskan näköisiä suunnitelmia, valmista odotellen!


  4. I love the windy laundry day sketch! I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with it. I’ve been meaning to say that you have the prettiest rotary cutter I’ve ever seen 🙂 And your laundry detergent is a gorgeous shade of blue–all your photos of Greece are the most gorgeous shades of blue.


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