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Nelli’s Post: mice, pillows and quilt


Miaouuu lovely friends! Today it’s me Nelli here because something very special happened to me! I got my very own quilt! But first I show you the newest pillow, fresh finished from our sewing studio! There it is, that pink with hearts!

Nelli and new pillow

Here you can see it closer. I think I love pink! Hearts and milky star make this pillow look really beautiful!

pink heart pillow

But, there is a big BUT … this pillow is not mine. That makes me sad. And I’m not allowed even touch it because it is for our shop. So I sit nicely on the side …

Nelli and pillow

Did you notice anything special? From now on I have to keep my paws clean …


… because I got my very own quilt! Can you believe that I was the only one in this house without quilt?! In fact I got a whole new bed! Usually I sleep on the queen size bed or Hanna’s big bed. I don’t understand what’s the problem if Hanna needs to sleep on the floor. Anyway, now I have new bed under the ‘Fabric Forest’ quilt.

Nelli and quilts

This bed is supposed to be enough big and soft … we’ll see if I like it or not. I wish I could have that pink pillow but no, it is now in Nero’s etsy shop. I hope one little, as cute as me, girl will get it! You see I have my mice friends to keep me company and heart decoration that I have made from Helen’s book: ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’!

hearts and mice

I love mice and have made also one bigger mouse from Helen’s book …


I re-decorated a little bit because I got an other pillow. Do You like little birdies and mice?

mice and heart

As I couldn’t have the pink pillow which I like so much, I got a pillow to match my new, puffy quilt. Now I just need new matching collar … I said that the pink pillow was much better … I do my best to be happy with these …

Nelli's new bed

Have to run now, there are so many parties to join! Come with me!

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Nelli's new bed

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I have now my sewing table full of green scraps so I go to see what they could become.

Thank you miaouly much for your visit! We all thank you for the super great comments you write to us! Hope to see you soon again!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

11 thoughts on “Nelli’s Post: mice, pillows and quilt

  1. That is a beautiful pillow Nelli – but I have to say I think you will be better off with the one that matches your new bed and quilt. You will just have to dream of the pink pillow in some little girls room while you sleep on your new one!


  2. Cute cushions but that new bed looks really comfy 🙂


  3. The pink pillow is really cute, but the new bed looks soft. I think you got the better deal!


  4. That looks like a cozy spot with your mice and birds beside you too!


  5. Oh Nelli! Your quilt is lovely; so cheerful and pretty. I do believe the colors and patterns are so suited to you! The sweet pink pillow will find a happy home I am sure 🙂


  6. That is a very fine quilt that you have, Nelli, and a pillow to match! I can see why you had your eye on that pink one cuz it is really, really pretty and looks so nice with your coat. Someone will be so happy to get it. Lady Caroline and Merry Merry kitty


  7. Ihanan tyyny, oikea tyttöjen unelma 🙂


  8. Everything looks great in that cosy spot. Nelli is such a good girl!! Her new bed and pillow are beautiful. Even though she couldn’t have the pretty pink pillow, I am glad she got a matching pillow. Enjoy 🙂



  9. That’s a lovely new bed, Nelli!


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