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Nero’s Birthday and Voting at BQF!


Vof vof dear friends! Today is very special day because it’s my, Nero’s 12th Birthday! Gongratulations to me!

Nero 12 years

I started my Birthday with a good breakfast and then had a great walk! Wow there was so much ‘news’ to smell around. Then I had a short nap while Teje went to buy me presents.

Nero's 12th Birthday

By the way, Nelli loves her new bed and I’m happy with mine … fortunately it’s big enough …

Nero's nap

Then it was time to eat and I had special dinner with chicken and enjoyed it of course with Hanna. We got presents, toys and pig’s ears.


Teje was quilting something. I’m happy she finished that top because yesterday night she was really frustrated and said she had stucked (?).


I was looking for my puppy photos but couldn’t find them now. But I show you few other old photos which I really like. Here we are in August 2009. Then my dear, little Foxy was still with us.

Nero, Hanna, Foxy

Here our friend was taking photos for our brand new blog … that was difficult! This is in August 2010 and as you see we haven’t changed at all. Can you believe she has still those same clothes, I think she really likes them!

Nero 2010

But the next one is super! Be careful not to p … your pants! I have to explain to you: this is Hanna’s ‘worried’ smile.


Oh my dear Hanna, I love you! She doesn’t like to be photographed.

HERE you can read a little bit about my memories and see how I looked when I was really small.


Hanna just reminded that it’s time to get our evening ‘dessert’. Today special duck stick with bacon. Nam nam!!!


Today I have also very exciting quilting news! Our quilt has been nominated for voting! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s the ‘After the Storm’ quilt, our entry to Small quilts category at Blogger’s Quilt Festival. Voting is now going on! Have a good look of these quilts, visit their blogs to read and see more photos and then vote your favourites! Thank you Amy for this fantastic quilt festival and thank you for nominating our quilt!


After the Storm quilt top

I have voted already my favourites! And now I think it’s bedtime for a boy in my age!

Big furry hugs and kisses from



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

27 thoughts on “Nero’s Birthday and Voting at BQF!

  1. Happy Birthday Nero! xxx
    I hope your quilt will win 🙂


  2. Happy Birthday Nero – you are still as handsome as ever! Glad you had such a lovely day and such yummy treats!


  3. Oh my dear friend, Nero. Your birthday sounds like a wonderful day and that just makes my heart glad cuz you are such a special friend. You don’t look a day over 5. That photo of Hanna’s smile is great. It made us lol. My sister Valentine could be a twin to Miss Foxy. The quilt is a winner for sure. We’re going to pop right over there and vote. Happy birthday to you! Hugs from Lady Caroline


  4. Happy 12th birthday! Looks like a brilliant day. I had fun voting for Teje’s quilt – fabulous take on the Storm at Sea!


  5. Happy Birthday Nero! You look like a sweet boy! I think I like Hanna’s worried smile the best. Already voted for “after the storm” — it is classically beautiful. If Nero likes cats, he might like to hear about my poor kitty’s adventure.


  6. Happy Birthday Nero!! You are still so very beautiful!! Yup, I voted yesterday!!


  7. Happy Birthday Nero and congratulations Teje on your lovely quilt! Hanna’s “worried” smile had me laughing out loud – you guys are so cute!


  8. Happy Birthday to you Nero! Teje, i voted for you and i think After the Storm should win! Best of luck 🙂 Abbie


  9. Onnittelut Nerolle! Kunnioitettava ikä. Tuo Myrskyn jälkeen työsi on kyllä todella upea, täytyy käydä kurkkaamassa muitakin töitä!


  10. Ihan parhaimmat onnittelut sinulle Nero! Olet niin nuorekkaan ja komean näköinen. Ja miten suuri oletkaan verrattuna Hannaan ja Foxiin! Oikein kiva kuulla, että Teje on tarjoillut herkkuja. Hannalla on kyllä hauska hymy! En ihmettele, että After the Storm valittiin mukaan kilpailuun. Se on niin superhieno!


  11. Your pets’ blog posts make me laugh every time, Teje.
    Happy birthday, Nero!


  12. We hope you had a wonderful birthday dear Nero, filled with fun and treats! Congratulations Teje, your quilt is beautiful, as always. You are my inspiration to get quilting! 🙂 Ros and Oscar


  13. Nero, I’m so sorry I’m late in wishing you a very happy birthday! I was out of town visiting an Australian Shepherd–oh, and my daughter who owns him. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday, especially that special duck stick! You look so young and handsome for a 12 year old puppy. Please tell Teje that she certainly deserves the recognition for her beautiful quilt 🙂


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