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Pigs and Pouches


Hello! I hope you are fine and creating something with your favourite fabrics like me!

Paint brush Pouch

‘Paint’ fabric collection is one of my most favourite! It has beautiful colours and the prints are so fun! ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’ has still few pieces.

I picked some other favourite items for my photos: my grandfather’s small notebook and paint brush (from my sister when she lived in Japan). Any idea what it says here …

japanese text

Now I can’t say which pouch is my favourite … first it was this with the pigs! I love little pigs …

pouch with pigs

… and once I met two pig moms on my way …



Looks like they were coming or going to the beach which is down on the road …

Kalathas Chania

When I chosed the backing for the pigs, that became my favourite!

hexagon pouch

There is two wip’s in my hexagon project box. One with lots of finished hexy flowers, many of them already connected. And one which I began in summer and hope finish soon.

paper piecing hexagons

With this piece I shall stay in my first plan (I think). All these hexagons are now sewn, but I’m not quite sure if I need to add one or two lines. Thinking about what colours they should be, purple comes to my mind.

paper pieced hexagons

But back to pouches. Third pouch is made with stamps. I really like this blue fabric! Too bad we don’t write anymore letters, send postcards and even nice stamps start to be rear.

stamp pouch

All the pouches has lining, made with shirt fabric I bought last year from Finland. Soon I shall send you again ‘postcards’ from Finland!

zipper pouches

One of the best part is to pick and match the fabrics!

zipper pouch project

Dark fabric is Essex linen, the same I used for the Star pouches. I’m looking for to get new Essex linen soon, in several colours!

zipper pouch project

These pouches are now on the self in “Nero’s Post” etsy shop.

small pouches

I’m joinging the linky party at Kelly’s ‘My Quilt Infatuation’ Needle and Thread ThursdayFabric frenzy Friday, Oh Scrap

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! See you soon!

PS. ‘Paris’ is here!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

18 thoughts on “Pigs and Pouches

  1. I think the pig pouch is my favourite!


  2. All of them are gorgeous but my favourite is the pig pouch! Those photos from pigs are sooo lovely and cute!!! Your hexacon project seems so good, you have used beautiful colors.


  3. Beautiful pouches. I hope those pigs enjoyed their visit to the beach! 🙂


  4. Everything you make is so charming. You really have an eye for design. The piggy one is my favorite and those oinkers on the road better be careful on their way to the beach. I’ll bet they had a fun day once they got to the sea.


  5. Ihania pussukoita! Tuo pensselikangas on todella mahtava 🙂


  6. Pigs on pouches, pigs on the road. Hog Heaven! You always make the most delightful pouches, Teje. Are the pigs wild or did they escape from a farm?


  7. You’re on a roll with all those pouches, my dear! The one using the paint brush from the Paint collection is easily my favourite, I’m a sucker for this line, too.


  8. I love the look of these pouches and can easily choose my favorite: those paint brushes! But really, they are all just about perfect!


  9. The pouches are adorable. I especially love the paintbrush one. (And how you’ve styled the feature photo of it!)


  10. I have only ever bought Essex linen in flax. I love it and need to try more colours. Yours look lovely.


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