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Reinbow Hexagons


Hi Dear Friends! I have really delicious photos today!


When I finally reached this point I couldn’t stop taking photos! I started this project in June and can’t remember now exactly how and why. Perhaps just needed something small to enjoy fabric and sewing.

reinbow hexagons

First I didn’t have any plan but later there has been too many ideas. I shall stick to one idea even I feel that this is shouting: I want to be a table runner! But I don’t have now time or patient to make lots of hexies more to fix the edges. I want to finish this soon! One other idea is very tempting but also that I shall save for an other time.

paper piecing

My way to baste hexies is with thread and through the papers. My way to sew hexies is as you see in the photo and I use one colour through all the project (usually white or beige). I don’t mind that the stitches are visible. This is handmade and that can be seen. I cut the fabric squares (in this case 2.5″ x 2.5″). If you make a quilt, it’s better to cut hexagon shapes so you don’t have too much extra fabric. When making something else we don’t mind about that.

paper pieced hexagons


I thought that I could have finished this whole thing in these days but I have had many friends with me and mostly just played with them.

quilting with puppy

When my friend, London was resting I picked the basting threads and papers. They come out so easily and quickly with a help of a needle. I have super fun hexagon templates from Annett! Thank you again my friend!

paper piecing

Then this rainbow piece got good press. And few more photos …

reinbow hexagons

… I spent long time to find the matching colours from my stash … other wise this would become a table runner! But I want to connect the ends.

hexagon project

My way to baste quilt top is with curved safety pins. So, nyyh nyyh, now the gorgeus scrappy look is hidden for ever … should I make one time small, scrappy wall quilt so that the back side would be the front side?! Yes! I think so!

fantastic hexagons

Did I show you this? I did? Okey shall we continue then and lets see how I quilted this.

Iiiik! I cut it!

paper pieced hexagons

Don’t worry, not by mistake! This was planned but wow, you need nerves to do that! In fact I think I should have cut more but that brave I wasn’t. This is my first time do this, so I started with little and I see later if I need to cut more. I felt so sorry to cut those edges!

Quilting is by hand with Perle cotton no 8, diagonal lines which create lovely diamonds. Unfortunately you can’t see that well in photo. Have to wait until this ‘thing’ is finished and washed.

These cuties are too small to save, even for me.


Now the next step is to connect the ends … i can do this, i can do this, i can do this, i can do this …


I’m surprised that it’s already ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’ which happens every second Tuesday of a month (I feel it’s almost every week?!) I want to send super super Thanks to Leanne at ‘She can Quilt’ and Nicky at ‘Mrs Sew and Sow’ for hosting this party! Also I want to thank them and their sponsors because last time I won! More about that later.

I’m joining also my favourite weekly linky parties and you can find all their buttons on my sidelist!

sleeping puppies

Now all our puppies, Nero, Hanna and our special guest Paris, are sleeping. Nice hmm? but do they sleep at night if they rest now? I think I shall use the opportunity and stitch the ends and if they are not sleepy at night, lets play then!

paper piecing hexagons

This was the beginning of this story. If you like to read more, click HERE.

Thank you for joining my scrappy adventure! You know I love colours and small scraps! Do you? Do you love or hate hand sewing? If you had asked from me 10 years ago, my answer would be totally different than today!

Have a great week and seen you soon! And soon postcards from Finland!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

42 thoughts on “Reinbow Hexagons

  1. I so enjoyed your post today and love the hexies and nerves of steel.


  2. I love anything rainbow~this is looking super cute. I would be afraid to cut the ends too~


  3. This is a stunning piece of work – well done.


  4. Your work is so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing.


  5. I’m really enjoying watching your progress–this is gorgeous! But I really think that when all your babies are sleeping, you should try to squeeze in a nap, too–especially since Paris is such an early bird 🙂


  6. beautiful work, I love how your rainbow blends together !


  7. Your hexie piece is wonderful. Straightening those edges would be totally nerve wracking!!!!!! This is an heirloom in the making for sure!!!!


  8. Wow! You do have nerves of steel! Such fun to think you have a London and a Paris with you!


  9. It’s beautiful, love hexies and the rainbow of fabrics are great. I find it challenging discarding off cuts and deciding when a scrap is too small to keep, I usually end up keeping them all!


  10. Such pretty hexis. That first cut to trim them is always the hardest.


  11. Gorgeous scrappy hexagons…in all colours of the rainbow! You are so clever with colour, Teje…and this looks absolutely beautiful! I loved seeing all your photos too.
    Happy autumn!
    Helen xox


  12. I love those hexies (and your bravery in cutting them!!) – can’t wait to see it finished!


  13. I enjoyed this entire post, from scraps to pooches. I cut squares for my hexies too. Your project turned out perfectly.


  14. These pictures are luscious, Teje! I love everything about your tablerunner. I enjoyed reading your process, too (totally agree, white thread is the way to go! Changing them would be such a nuisance!). Hugs from New Jersey!


  15. Hexi ladies have my complete respect. Your rainbow piece is absolutely stunning. Your post about the process was fun to read.


  16. I first saw this on Instagram and thought the back was the front…it’s gorgeous like that! But it is even more beautiful flipped over. I always use one thread color when I stitch Epp pieces…why make it too hard! I can’t wait to see more of this. It’s a rainbow delight!


  17. I loved reading your post and enjoying all your pictures! I love hand sewing hexies, felt food for my grandbabies, binding…love it all!


  18. I gasped when I saw you’d cut those hexies! Brave woman, you!
    What a beautiful project!


  19. Thanks for the lovely shout out and I’m so glad you won a prize! Your exies are just so pretty an I love your colourwash effect. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


  20. I hate cutting my hexies too when they are sewn. What if I slip!?
    Yes, the scrappy back is a different kind of gorgeous.


  21. Very pretty! What is it going to be once you join the ends? Good luck!


  22. Kaunein näkemäni heksagontyö! Minulle heksagonit ovat muodoltaan haastavia, mutta tuossa työssä on kaikki kohdallaan!


    • Voi kiitos kovasti Leena! Minakin usein vierastan sita kukka kuviota mutta nain tykkaan kovasti. Ehka pitais sommitella kukkien vareja toisella tavalla. x Teje


  23. Love all the colors! Just yummy 🙂


  24. Your hexies are going to make a bright and sunny table runner. I love all that scrappy goodness. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


    • Thank you Cynthia! It’s not going to be a table runner! Then I wouldn’t have cut those cute corners. I just couldn’t finish this before my trip to Finland tomorrow so I shall show this and two weeks. x Teje


  25. This is adorable! Love your colors!
    I prefer machine quilting since it is much faster but hand sewing sometimes is so much easier. Its a shame that it can take a lifetime to do if you are not diligent!
    Congrats on your Scraptastic win last month!


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