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"life is meant to be colourful"

Postcards from Finland 1


Hi Dear Friends! Here I am, in my homeland. I shall show you snap shots from my days and ways. Would be lovely to live in a lavender blue house …


Good morning! I start my day with crackers and was happy to find this purple pack. Koulu = school and theses cracker are traditional …


I enjoy listening my ‘own’ language and watching tv. In the morning tv was a part: ‘morning book’ with a great patchwork background! Interesting book review too!



I went to renew my passport and took the road through the area I used to live before I moved to Greece.

This ski jump place used to look so high but I guess it’s not anymore.


This is a horse race arena. From here I have more memories with dogs because dog shows take place here. Our family used to have always dogs and we were often in dogs shows. When I was in the dog show here in my home town with my first own dog … the miracle happened … my dog was 4th of all the show! That was unforgetable experience for a young girl!


Would have been fun to visit this ‘Our country side’ festival but it has been in August. Still happy to see this fun sign!


I lived in this house … how much those trees has grown! … in 23 years.


I’m so happy that there is still gorgeus colours in nature! This time it could be already colder and even perhaps first snow (as they had in north but not yet in south). It’s about + 4-7 C, just perfect for me after really hot summer in Greece.


This beautiful tree is on the side of the Animal Hospital …


Quick photo when waiting in traffic lights. Have to keep my camera always ready next to me!


And then I went to buy the yarn that I had already picked from Novita’s website. I had decided to buy that light colour for a shawl to knit when watching tv in the evenings …but do you think I could have left the shop without  Colours?! There are still few more colours and I shall start with these and see then if I like to mix more of them. It’s so soft and beautiful yarn!

finnish yarn

Visit nerospost in Instagram to see what goodies I shopped with the yarn!

post office

Went to the post office … ‘Neron Posti’ …

Nero's Post

On the road throug the old town …


Thank you for joining my holidays in Finland and thank you for you lovely wishes! See you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

14 thoughts on “Postcards from Finland 1

  1. Kiitos, perille tuli kauniit Kouvola postikorttisi! Kannattaa huomennakin ottaa kamera mukaan, etenkin jo menemme Pulsaan, siellä on paljon kauniita kuvauskohteita. Tapaamisiin!


  2. Nyt tuli minullakin ikävä Suomeen,kun katsoin kuviasi. Siitä on 20 vuotta kun olen käynyt Suomessa syksyllä ruskan aikaan,,niin kauniita nuo puut joissa lehdet jäljellä!Nyt siirryn Instagrammin puolelle nauttimaan lisää…hyvää päivänjatkoa sinulle! x Anneli


  3. Welcome to Finland! Happy stay.


  4. Beautiful autumn colors, thanks for sharing your impressions of Finnland. Have a great time, x Barbora


  5. Such a sweet drive! To return home and find precious memories is always a blessing. Thank you for bringing us along……….hugs…………….


  6. As we would say in England “a trip down memory lane”. Enjoy your holiday. Nora


  7. What a beautiful country you grew up in and gorgeous yarn too 🙂


  8. Thank you for sharing; so interesting to see how/where other people live. Wonder if you’ll get snow while you’re there?


  9. I enjoyed the photos. You lived in a beautiful place.


  10. Loved seeing photos from your hometown. What breed of dog did you show? Enjoy your time at “home”.


  11. It looks like you had a good visit. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I always love to see pics of travel to places I will never see. I noticed the muted but colorful shades the houses are painted. Where I live it seems like everyone has some shade of brown, including me.


  12. Kiva lukea, että olet viihtynyt! Ensin veikkasin kaupungiksi Lahtea, se on melkein minun lapsuuskaupunki, mutta naapurikaupungista kuvat olikin. Mukavia lomapäiviä!


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