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Postcards from Finland 2, Old Railway Station


Hi dear friends! I’m happy you join my trip to Finland! Yesterday I went to see my friend Leena from ‘Tilkkutie’! We had a fantastic day and I shall tell you more about that when I have took some photos. Today I take you to a wonderful place where Leena took me!

Pulsan Asema

This is Pulsa’s old railway station! All the place is so beautiful! First we had a small walk around. But wait to see also the shop! The area has small houses that used to be for the workers. One big house is for exchibitions, celebrations etc.


Weather was crispy and nature full of beautiful autumn colours.

Pulsan asema


We forgot to ask what the next house was for. Perhaps it has been for laundry and washing or storage.


Pulsan asema

Pulsan asema

And then, shall we go inside?! This gorgeus blue room is upstairs but I had to show this first because I really love this!

Pulsan asema

There was of course also red room … I love that too! There are so much to see, so many beautiful things … different colour chairs …



And the main room in the shop … this is on the right side and there is more on the left side. I wanted to buy everything but fortunately I have the weight limit with my luggages! I did pick something and you’ll see them later.

Pulsan asema

Here is the old case for the tickets! and the uniform for the conduktor!

old railway station

Next photo is dark but I have to show it because here is still the little room with the window where the tickets were sold.


Lovely things in every corner …

Pulsan asema

Look the train to Moscov is just passing in few metres!


old cash machine

After searching all the place, we had good blueberry tea and berry cake … but I forgot to take photos. Cafeteria is even more cute than on their photos.

Thank you Leena and ‘Pulsan Asema‘ for this wonderful visit!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

10 thoughts on “Postcards from Finland 2, Old Railway Station

  1. Loving your postcards from Finland, Teje. The Old Post Office looks fascinating, such interesting things to see there and wonderful crafty treats too. I love the houses there very much! Enjoy the rest of your trip in your beautiful home country.
    Helen xox


  2. What a wonderful trip back in history! It’s such a joy to see the love and care that has been given to restore this beautiful place. And it doesn’t hurt that they have such tempting things in every room 🙂 Can’t wait for your next post–Finland looks like such a wonderful country! Have more fun!


  3. It is always so fun to see what you see – I feel that I am there as well. Enjoy your trip 🙂


  4. No wonder you wanted to buy everything – it all looks so tempting!!


  5. Lots of my friends buy and ship home so they can meet the luggage weight limits. Of course, those limits might be just what one needs to keep purchasing in check, lol. Great pics. You are having such a nice visit to your Homeland.
    xx, Carol


  6. Teillä on ollut ihastuttava retkikohde!


  7. It all looks so beautiful. I would love to visit Finland! Ros x


  8. Something beautiful to look at in every corner. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Have fallen in love with this little cottage/shop!!!!!


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