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Postcards from Finland 3


Hi dear friends! Here are the goodies I got from Leena at ‘Tilkkutie’! Every fabric is my favourite!


Happens that with Leena we both have small red suitecase and when Leena saw these brown, she thought that we have to have these and I’m so happy for this! I use my little red suitcase all the time for hand sewing things. It lives in my hexy-box and often I need to take it from there. Now I can have this one for other hand sewing projects.


Leena is my first quilt friend who I have met! Imagine my excitment to visit her sewing room! I love her owl pouches and her notebook with tiny paper pieced stars is amazing!

by Leena from 'Tillkutie'

by Leena from ‘Tillkutie’


This light blue soap holder is my souvenir for myself from the ‘Pulsan Asema’, the old railway station.


Squirrels and birds are happy to find peanuts and seeds. These photos are from yesterday; today it has been snowing for the first time!





Last year I was here in September and the weather was really good, warm and beautiful and the nature was still all green. This time I was also lucky because last week there was beautiful autumn colours around and lots of trees still had leaves.

autumn leaves


Now the leaves are covered with light snow. Someone was very surprised about this ‘strange’ white stuff …

Moomin mug

Moomin didn’t know what to think about snow and the big snow horse …

Moomin mug

Moomin got help from friends …


I got this mug from friends … they know me … this is a treasure!

Thank you for joining my trip to Finland and your lovely comments!

Other postcards from Finland: part 1, part 2.

PS. i have been in a fabric shop (!!!)



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

11 thoughts on “Postcards from Finland 3

  1. Thank you for another lovely postcard from Finland!


  2. Voi miten söpö pieni matkalaukku! Kankaat ovat juuri niin ihania kuin vain voi olla. Kaunis talvinen muumimuki ja näinkin Leenan instakuvasta, että lunta on satanut. Meillä aamulla hieman räntää, sen verran että Sulo huomasi jotain uutta ilmassa : )


  3. Kuvien kautta matkassa mukana! x Anneli


  4. What fun things you’ve bought so far on your visit! The tiny suitcases are sooo cute. And those stars on your friend’s notebook are wonderful. I’m amazed by the squirrels–they have ears like rabbits–wow. And a beautiful blue bird–is it called “blue bird” in Finnish? Or maybe it’s a different bird than what we have her in the US. I know you’ll give us a peek at your fabric shop finds, right?


  5. Thank you for sharing your photos on your trip. Enjoyed very much.


  6. A Moomin cup…..with the Snow Horse!!!!! Awesome!!!!!! Snow!!! EEk! Love the Autumn leaves, even the little squirrel, but the white stuff??? So glad you are quilt shop-ing. Major hugs……….


  7. What a lovely post about your travels! We don’t have squirrels in New Zealand and they’re much larger than I imagined. Meeting your quilty friends in real life is always fun!


  8. Comment 2………I am now an official member of the Moomin Fan Club!!!!!……yes! really!!! and I went in search of the source for that winter mug……well, let’s just say, it’s on my “Wish List”. A tad too pricey…….even for a sweet Moomin and Snow Horse!!!! LOL!!!!!!


  9. What a wonderful trip. Your mug was my favorite.


  10. Another lovely postcard for us to enjoy! I love your tiny suitcases…I would love one like that too 🙂 Your fabrics will make some lovely projects Teje. So nice to see the perky squirrels and little birds….and nice to have some snow already!
    Happy times!
    Helen xox


  11. What a fun time you are having. All kinds of weather and little critters to see. Love your swag. It is such fun to see other people’s sewing space. Thanks for sharing.


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