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Flying home with Fabrics!


Hi dear friends! I’m back home and just emptied the last things from the suitcase(s).

new fabrics

Among many new things is my new passport. I won’t show you the photo … but look what else there is on the pages …


This was a cute surprise!

fabric box

This steady box was just perfect for all my new fabrics! Bundle with the ribbon is from my friend, Leena. All the rest I found from the local fabric shop Eurokangas. It was fun to search the pieces with an other lady who was looking for red fabrics to make dresses for two girls (she picked one fabric that I was hoping she wouldn’t take it!).


I had a great weather in Finland! First there were beautiful autumn coloured leaves on the trees and later we had the first snow! Last day it was raining as it was also here in Greece when I arrived home.


Marimekko ‘s poppys fly far away! This plane was in line before us …


I was happy to fly with Finnair! They have new, clean planes with good space and with happy and polite air hostesses.


I have notized that magazines are best reading for a flight. In fact I read only one and half during the 3h 40 min flight so I can still enjoy the Landliv’s Christmas inspired issue! Coffee and blueberry juice is served in Marimekko’s paper mugs.


Especially the return flight was really great! It’s the end of the summer season and the plane came to pick up the last tourists. Guess how many we were?


I was the only one with luggages! Imagine to wait your suitcases all alone in that huge hall!


It was cloudy all the way but so beautiful!

flying with Finnair

It turned to evening with gorgeus sunset!



I prefer flying in day time. Having breakfast before leaving, preparing last things without hurry and arriving home for dinner.


I had great vacation but I’m also happy to be back home! Now keep your thumbs up for a sunny weather so I can pre wash my new fabrics soon and start to sew something colourful and fun!

I couldn’t look now what all these fabrics are but I shall tell you more along the way.

Thank you for joining my trip to Finland! I shall post still few postcards from there and about other shoppings. Here at home I shall start tomorrow with some wip pillows and … we’ll see what next.

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

27 thoughts on “Flying home with Fabrics!

  1. Sending a “Welcome Home” safely achieved greeting!!!!! Your flying photos are amazing as is your solo passenger status…..unheard of here in the States!! Your fabrics look like happy sunshine…….the things dreams are made of! I went in search of the Moomin 2016 Winter mug (with Snow Horse). Unhappily, the price is prohibitive so I will love it from afar….sigh…….. Shortly I will be posting a little package to you but will let you know when so you may watch.
    I wish for you many sunny hours for your fabric washing tasks………………..with hugs…….


    • Thank you Doreen! I was happy to have a window seat to take photos. In fact I was allowed to choose any seat I want because we were only 5! I think there were air hostess for each of us! Moomin mugs are special to me but also I need to put that money for fabric and not mugs so I was really happy to get this gift! Looks like I brought the rain here. It has been raining all the night and most likely the hard rain continues all the day. It’s going to be a sewing day and anyway I would still just look and pet my new fabrics! Thank you already for your surprise! Hugs! x Teje

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome home Teje. The sun was out again today to welcome you and maybe we won’t have any more rain for a few days and you can wash all your new fabric. Nora


    • Thank you Nora! No laundry today, it’s raining so much! But no worries, I have lots of sewing to do and don’t need these new fabrics yet. I had great holidays in Finland and we were only 5 in my return flight! and I was only Finn! x Teje


  3. I just wanted to thank you for all the lovely postcards from Finland. I always enjoy your blog posts but these have been especially interesting! Blueberry juice being served on an airplane fascinates me. I want to go to Finland on Finnair! I return home tomorrow from a trip and naturally a few fabric purchases are going in my luggage. Hoping for some sunny laundry days also.



    • Thank you Sandy! No fabric washing here today, it has been raining non stop from night and very much! I enjoyed my holidays and flights. we were 5 in my return flight. I guess there as one air hostess for each passanges! x Teje


  4. Oh, Marimekko everywhere! And all your fabrics are wonderful. ( Is the “Life is something. . ” fabric Marimekko, too?) I can’t wait to see what you do with all that color. And I have to say again that I’m in love with your long eared squirrels–obviously they’re a national treasure if they show up on your passport! Are you covered with dog and cat kisses?


    • Thank you Karen! Yes, I was covered with kisses! This time I didn’t buy fabrics from Marimekko. They didn’t have any pieces in my small town’s shop. It was so nice to watch the squirrels every day. x Teje


  5. Welcome home! Your treasures from Finland are adorable! I am sure you have lot of ideas for sewing! Have a nice week! x Anneli


  6. Those fabrics are so drool-worthy. So glad you had a lovely time. Back to quilting furiously? Of course 🙂


  7. I love all the pictures, you got some really nice ones from the plane!


  8. What a cute passport. Your flight home looks so pleasant. Love the fabrics.


  9. I still want to visit Finland one day, especially now I see your fabric purchases there. 😉 I worked with so many lovely Finnish people.


    • Thank you! I go to my small home town and there is one good fabric shop. If you go to a bigger city you can find more. We were 5 on my flight! x Teje


  10. Those fabrics are so pretty and the colours so fresh and springy!


  11. What gorgeous photos and I’ve never seen such an empty and clean plane! love the Marimekko water cups….i am a fan!


  12. Your fabric haul is so pretty! Love those colors! I’m sure you’ll make something beautiful with them! Thank you for sharing!


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  14. Welcome home Teje, looks like you had fun and a wonderful flight!


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