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Weekend Sewings with new Fabrics!


Hello friends! How are you? Enjoying any fun sewings in the weekend? I was first doing some happy cleaning and then started to sew. Happy cleaning – what’s that you ask? That’s the cleaning when you plan in your mind new quilt project and you know that after cleaning you can concentrate totally to sewing and you don’t need to think that you should be cleaning and not playing with fabrics!

Kona colours

Hey what’s this?! That was my thought when I first saw this! This is a panel with lots of Kona colours! I found this from ‘Fat Quarter Shop’. I love Kona solidis like everyone but can’t order them often, so I thought this is just perfect for me!

Grand Canal Jelly Roll

This story began from ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’, monthly linky party hosted by Leanne and Nicky. I join this party every time and in September I was lucky to win gift card for ‘Fat Quarter Shop’! Thank you so much Leanne, Nicky and FQS! My gift card covers the shipping so it’s not easy to decide what to purchase (when I just can’t say that ‘I don’t have any fabric to sew’)!

It took me weeks to make up my mind. First I decided to go for a Jelly Roll because I have never tried those. My wishlist was growing and then shorting and so on … every day I decided something else (something wise to sew for orders, something colourful, something less colourful) … but at the end I decided to go with my instinct. Usually that’s the best way not to regret later.

Jelly roll

Finally my order was: ‘Grand Canal’ by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics, Kona painted color chart quilt panel and the orange (on the back ground) ‘Modern Country’ by Mary Elizabeth for Windham Fabrics. I’m love them all! The purple/blue fabric is: andover created by Quilted Koala for Andover Fabrics (2014 Patt 7634), bought from my trip to Finland (Eurokangas). Strongly in my mind was also: ‘Flow’ by Zen Chic.

zipper pouch

I’m making pouches for Christmas and for my etsy shop. But saturday evening I like to join friends and sew something else. Lucy from ‘Charm about You‘ is hosting every saturday #saturdaynightcraftalong in Instagram and that’s fun! Few days ago I realized to my horror that I didn’t have anything to hand quilt! I couldn’t watch tv because didn’t have anything to do! I crapped my epp diamonds but now I’m not so excited about them.

my sewing room

So it was good time to start with this new Kona panel. Somehow my sewing table is getting smaller and smaller and I had to move to the living room. I basted the panel and took out my Perle 8 cotton threads.


There was an old movie in tv: about family where mother has to go to work to other city and father stays at home with two daughters. He’s all the time super energy, not ‘very well’ and mostly collects everything and creates things but he cooks and takes care of the girls and they have lots of fun together. One evening the small girl asks if dad has made her the dress she needs. Of course he had forgot but now he asks what dress that should be … ‘Flamenco dress’! and he gathers lots of materials and sews all night …

old movie

He creates the best ever flamenco dress (daughter’s words) based to old jeans and filled with lots of fantasy materials! I was not quick enough to shoot the finished dress. He reaminded me that I should be more creative. But I started to quilt straight lines on my fabric …


On the selvage it says that this panel is not for exact colours. So if you need to know exactly what Kona solid to order, it’s better to have their colour card.

I can’t wait to start with the ‘Grand Canal’ Jelly Roll! They are 2,5 ” stripes and most likely I shall make some kind of diamonds. But there are countless number fantastic patterns to make with stripes, so I may change my mind. If you have a good pattern in your mind, please share in the comments.

Jelly Roll

Now it’s time to take Nero and Hanna for a walk and a little puppy is waiting for me …

patchwork puppy

By the way, next tuesday is already again ‘Scraptastic Tuesday’! How it happens that one month feels like one week!

I shall join my favourite linky parties and you can find all the buttons on my sidelist. You can click the buttons and visit the blogs any time you like, not only for the linky parties but to see their other posts!

Thank you very much for visiting and reading my blog! Thank you also for your lovely comments!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

21 thoughts on “Weekend Sewings with new Fabrics!

  1. Lovely choices!!!! I used to purchase Kona solids exclusively but have found that the fabric weave is a bit coarse from what it used to be and have (temporarily?) switched to Moda Bella solids (seem smoother/finer thread count). Have you noticed this???? I luv your “color chart”!!!!! It will be lovely when finished with your stitching!!!! Hugs……


  2. What great things you got, so pretty. Thanks for showing us the Kona color chart on fabric.


  3. Oh how lovely to have won such a fabulous prize! I love those cute bags and , of course, the little puppy. You have such clever design ideas. I am slowly gathering fabric and cutting shapes etc to get going properly ….. as soon as I have time! Thank you for so much inspiration! Ros


  4. Huikea tuo Konan paneeli! Jelly roll näyttää olevan täynnä mitä herkullisimpia kankaita. Nyt jännityksellä odottelen, mitä ihanaa niistä teet. Pikkuiset pussukkasi ovat niin söpöt. Aurinkoista viikkoa lumisateisesta Helsingistä!


  5. The Kona panel is super! Actually everything is super, your pouches are cute, the jelly role has lovely colors and I am waiting for to see how you use it. Have a nice week! x Anneli


  6. Love the kona panel and the matching threads . Congrats on your win in last week’s Sunday stash too


  7. Hi Teje, your threads are so beautifully colour coordinated on the colour chart – looks good enough to eat! I’ve been admiring the snippets I’ve seen of Grand Canal and can’t wait to see it “for real”!


  8. Congrats on the win! You made some great buying choices. It will be fun to see what you make with that jellyroll. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!


  9. I love the Kona colour panel – so unusual. I look forward to seeing how you finally quilt and finish it. I’m also a great fan of Saturday night craft along.


  10. I have too much ” happy cleaning ” to do! I so love your holiday pouches 🙂


  11. No hand sewing for the TV? Oh dear!
    The movie sounds like fun. Like the little girl, I have always wanted a flamenco dress. It was so hard not to buy myself one in Seville.


  12. I love Grand Canal! The colors are so pretty! Excellent choice.


  13. Your jelly roll looks good enough to eat! And all your projects are super cute. Looks like that was a fun movie to watch while stitching!


  14. Ah, too bad the Kona panel isn’t an exact match for their solids, that would have made a super handy quilted wall hanging otherwise. Still I can’t wait to see your finished quilt, so purposeful you use it as part of your making instead as just a tool =)


    • Thank you Vicky! Yes, it would be great to have the fabric panel as a color chart. Perhaps the ‘thing’ is that this is printed and the fabrics are woven (I guess because the colour is same both sides). I shall enjoy having this wall quilt in my sewing room! x Teje


  15. First visit and find you to be very creative… don’t think any other way. Sew what are you doing with that panel? Can’t wait to see the end result.
    That last photo of the puppy is sew cute. Love the fussy cut of the trims… hope Nero, Hanna and you enjoy every walk.


    • Thank you! I think Panel is going to be wall quilt to my sewing room. We have still great weather so it’s enjoy to for for doggy walks! Have a lovely weekend! x Teje


  16. I didn’t notice Kona had a panel like this. I recently saw that Hoffman made a batik one: I wonder if there is a growing trend of using fabric sample panels instead of color cards.


    • Thank you for your visit and comment! Take care that in these panels the colours may not be exact. They are fun but not ment to use as the cards. x Teje


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