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Diamonds with Jelly Roll


Hi dear friends! I feel that I haven’t started new quilt for a very long time! Now when I have received my first ever Jelly Roll: Grand Canal by Kate Spain and can start to make diamonds!

diamond quilt project

You can imagine my excitment to open the Jelly Roll and to see the colours and prints in live! They have so beautiful colours and the fabric is soft! Those 3 strips on the right down corner are from my shoppings in Finland (green/yellow is by Kate Spain but the other two are something else). I used those three for test blocks .

jelly roll diamonds

When I decided to order jelly roll, I started to think about the pattern, too. This time it was easy to decide because for a very long time I wanted to make these diamonds. I was quite sure that I saw some where tutorial but couldn’t find it now. That’s why I shall put here easy tutorial for you and also for me. If this will be long term project it’s sure I forget how to place my ruler!

2,5" diamond

First I cut 45 degree angle from the end of the 2,5″ strip. Then I place the ruler as showed in photo above to cut the diamond.

diamond tutorial

To make the big diamond I need one diamond for the centre. From the ‘outside’ fabric I cut two diamonds (same size as the centre) and two pieces with the same 45 degree angle where the long edge is 9″ (width is 2,5″).

2,5" strip diamond

When you make test blocks, take care of the angles and measurements. At least for me it’s easy to get mixed so I check few times until I get used to the new block.


As you see in my test blocks I used matching prints for the centres. But I think the centre should pop out more and that’s why I go for Kona solids.

I’m planning to use low volumes around the Grand Canal strips. Beyond that I haven’t decide yet. I may add something ‘darker’ but I have to see first how the diamonds look.

At the moment this is my side project because these days I’m playing with bracelets, adding them to my second etsy shop: ‘TRIKIMIA’. 

beaded leather bracelets

gemstone bracelets

sea glass bracelets

And before starting some custom orders, finished one more pouch with elephants …

elephant pouch

How are your days now? Do you have time for quilting or perhaps you are decorating your home with Christmas lights etc. Do you have new decoration ideas? I hope to clean tomorrow and then start to put something seasonal … ‘North Star’ quilt and ‘Reindeer pillow’ (tutorial) from last winter … or perhaps I find myself making diamonds …

I wish you happy weekend! Thank you for reading my blog and for your sweet comments! Hope to see you soon!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

12 thoughts on “Diamonds with Jelly Roll

  1. Love the block! Thank you for sharing how you made it with a Jelly Roll.


  2. Your tutorial looks great. I am looking forward to seeing you Christmas ideas.


  3. Your diamond quilt will be spectacular!


  4. I haven’t used a jelly roll either so very interested to see how your diamond quilt works out. And please post Christmas ideas so I have time to make them before Advent.


  5. Tilkkuilijan timantteja! Upeat kankaat, hyvä malli, lopputuloskin on varmasti upea! Korut ovat todella ihania!


  6. Lovely fabrics and the diamonds look great. Thanks for sharing how you made them!


  7. Really like the diamonds! Looks like a fun block to make and I can imagine a really cool looking quilt at the end!


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