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{TEA TOWEL CUSHION} easy Tutorial


Hi friends! I’m sure you are thinking about gifts and seasonal sewings. Me too and today I made very easy cushion with a tea towel!

tea towel cushion tutorial

When I was in Finland I found this cute tea towel in Eurokangas. They had the same in red and also both in fabric. I’m sure you can find lots lots of great tea towels from your local shops or from the internet.

tea towel cushion tutorial

If you like to make the most simple, envelope cushion, follow me! I shall make this cover for 16″x16″ (40×40 cm) pillow form so I make the cover about 1/2″ (1 cm) bigger on each side.

Fold the towel in corect size. Trim the edges. Save the scrap (I shall make mug rug/ little table mat  with that).

Measure how big piece you need to add. As you see I have folded on purpose the down edge more than the up edge. The piece you will now add, should be about 2/3 from the size of your cushion.

cushion project

For the extra piece I use table cloth fabric. It has still selvage and I don’t cut that away but I sew the finished edge of the towel straight on the selvadge.

pillow making

I fold twice the other edge of the red fabric and sew a straight line there. White fabric/tea towel has ready finished edge.


If you like to add something on your cushion, do that before sewing the sides.

Christmas cushion from tea towel

Now fold the right sides together. Red fabric is against the print because that will be the outside part of the envelope. White is the most outside because that will be the inside part of the envelope.

making pillow

Sew the sides with straight stitch and with sik sak.

making cushion

And there you are! I loooove this simple Scandinavian style cushion!

Christmas pillow tutorial

PS. my pillow form is a little bit too full and too small, that’s why the cover looks ’empty’. I ran out from pillow forms so I think I need to make few good.

Scandinavian Christmas pillow

I have updated my TUTORIAL page. Have a look for ideas and inspiration! There are lots of things to sew and also few to knit for presents and Christmas time gifts! So that you won’t be confused I tell you that some of the tutorials are in my earlier blog addresses. 

Now I shall go to make the {mug rug / little table mat / candle mat} and will show you that soon!

I have an other pillow project going on too. That is patchwork with some applique and other details.

Christmas cushion from tea towel

Thank you for visiting! I hope you like this cushion and find the tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer. Sometimes my foreign english is complicated.


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

36 thoughts on “{TEA TOWEL CUSHION} easy Tutorial

  1. Red & white!!!! Perfect!!! And the fabric design is total LUV!!! Finding such designs here is a bit more of a challenge however. (Just my preferences!) Thanks so much for your tutorial. I agree, that style of pillow cover/closure is the best…..and is “user friendly”!!!!! Hugs……………………


  2. These look amazing. What great idea!


  3. All I love: red and white, so Christmas and Scandinavian style! Just perpect! x Anneli


  4. That was a beautiful tea towel and the cushion you made looks wonderful. I’m sorry to say that none of my local shops have nearly such lovely tea towels 🙂


  5. What a fabulous gift idea Teje! I think I need to make some of these…


  6. Great idea, as always, Teje. Thanks for sharing your tutorial page! x Barbora


  7. Lovely idea Teje, and so beautifully executed. I wonder; is this a typical Finnish design, or ‘just’ Scandinavian?


  8. Your ‘foreign’ English is always perfectly clear to me. Kiitos for the explanation.


  9. Tulipa siitä kauniin jouluinen! Sopii täydellisesti porotyöhösi.


  10. Katselin noita pyyhkeitä myös, mutta en tajunnut, että olit siitä tehnyt noin ihanan tyynyn!


  11. Adorable! love red and white!


  12. What a great use for a holiday themed tea towel. Thank you for linking up!


  13. It’s gorgeous. What a great idea to make the cushion since the towel would be too pretty to use in the kitchen! 🙂


  14. Great Idea Teje! I’m kind of a sucker for red and white! I never thought about using a tea towel for a pillow…thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!


  15. Great idea, Teje! It looks very festive.


  16. I love your teatowel and the cushion that you made with it – that sort of design is timeless and perfect for Christmas but, for me, nice at other times too.


  17. What a terrific way to make a cheery pillow! Maybe I can find a cute towel here in the US to cheer things up around my house 😉 I am so happy to see your North Star quilt peeking out from behind your pillow–it always makes me smile!


    • Thank you so much Karen! I enjoy seeing the North Star now again in the living room for the winter. I can see it from my computer place. This simple pillow became my favourite! x Teje


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