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Hanna’s Post: Diy Little Trees and Mug Rug


Vuf vuf friends! It’s late evening and we have been fixing our ‘winter window’. Went to find snow flakes … still have to store some other things … but I like to show you the mug rug we made and the little trees.

Christmas mug rug

Teje bought this tea towel from Finland and later at home she realized how much she likes it.  I said we could make a pillow to enjoy that nice print. So we did make a Christmas pillow. Our last post has tutorial for that easy tea towel pillow.

Christmas mug rug

There was only small piece left but that could make nice Christmas mug rug.


We made this really simple and to keep it flat, we sew the pieces just over each other with sik sak. That way there is now fat seam allowance. We had decided to add few ribbons so they covered the seams.


I really like our sewing room. We have comfy rugs on the wooden floor and it’s very cosy small space.

singing dog

When I’m really happy I start to sing! I sing often! But I’m shy and couldn’t sing to a big audience … I have heard that I should sing in You Tube … do you know if there are lots of listeners?

singing dog

Some days we spend hours in the sewing room but other days we have many other things to do. Like yesterday when we had snow on the coffee table in the living room!

diy fleece trees

We made little snowy trees! They are fun and easy. Take some bases and cover them with fleece. Add glue as you go.

diy little trees

If you like, you can trim the fleece ‘hairs’ shorter but I like the fluffy look!

diy small trees

I shall show you again these trees when our ‘winter window’ is ready. It’s almost, but I still have to paint something.

scandic style mug rug

We did some hand quilting on the mug rug. Then the binding with red, little gingham, what else!

Christmas mug rug

And so we can have a lovely coffee moment with favourite Finnish coffee … just a sneaky peaky from the ‘Winter in Woods’!

Juhla Mokka Finnish coffee

With Nero we got today new toys! They are from ‘Jumbo’ which is a local, big shop filled with anything you can imagine. Now there is of course lots of Christmas things. Teje told me that there was one puppy who really wanted to go for shopping and many times they carried her out! Too bad she couldn’t come to play with us.

singing puppy

Now I want to thank you dear friends, for reading my story! Hope to see you soon! I shall give a knitting lesson to a Moose! It’s hirvi in Finnish if you like to know; I do speak Finnish and Greek and my own secret language.


PS. I shall join Kelly’s linky party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’ and ‘Finished of Not Friday’ at Busy Hands Quilts.


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

18 thoughts on “Hanna’s Post: Diy Little Trees and Mug Rug

  1. Darling post! I love the coffee mugs too.


  2. Oh Hanna, you are adorable! I would love to hear you sing! You have been busy!


  3. So many awesome things to see! The mug rug is so sweet with those “hairy” trees (great idea, BTW). Such a talented gal…..languages Finnish, Greek and the “special secret” language!!!!! Til next time………………………..


  4. I love your little winter projects! Those trees are adorable and the mug rug is so bright and festive!


  5. I see you are going to have busy time before Christmas with Teje, so lovely trees ( I am going to try with Danai) and the mug rug has full of Christmas feeling! Have a nice weekend ! x Anneli


    • Thank you Anneli! I was going to needle felt these trees with dog wool but couldn’t find the needles. Then I got this idea but didn’t find these trims. It’s better not to organize my things so I remember exactly where they are! x Teje


  6. Oh Hanna, you are such a cutie pie. I sure would like to hear you sing. I think you should for sure make a video for You Tube. You might be a superstar and you could still be shy so not to worry. Hugs, Lady Caroline


  7. A knitting lesson to a moose!


  8. Moi Hanna, olipa hauska kuulla sinusta pitkästä aikaa! Pyydä Tejeä laittamaan lauluasi You Tubeen, niin voin kuunnella sitä Sulo-koiran kanssa, ehkä hänkin innostuisi laulamaan. Ompeluhuone näyttää todella kiinnostavalta! Ihanan jouluiinen pikkuliina! Meiltä on lumet sulaneet pois lähes kokonaan.


  9. Oh Hanna, I can see what a great helper you are! And new toys for you and Nero–sounds like an early Christmas. If you make a video, my German Shepherd puppy Zack might just sing along with you! I know it was a surprise to see snow in the living room–but Teje really made some cute trees with it.


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