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Grand Canal: new quilt project!


Hi dear friends! I hope you feel good! I do because I have a new quilt project going on!

grand canal diamonds

This quilt story began with the jelly roll Grand Canal by Kate Spain. Visit Kate’s beautiful blog ‘Kate Spain Designs’! This is my first time to use jelly roll and while waiting it to arrive I search for pattern. I really liked the idea of diamonds made by strips and decided to make diamond based design.

Grand Canal Jelly Roll

When this candy arrived I was so excited! It’s really beautiful, colours are gorgeus and the fabric is very soft! To make these colours shine even more I thought to add Kona solids.

Grand Canal and Kona

Looks really inspiring! First thought would be to add similar solid for the centre of the diamond and that is beautiful but there has to be also enough contrast.Look my first test blocks where the centre doesn’t separate well.

jelly roll diamonds

When I add solids the colours on the prints pop out!


I never cut all the pieces in the beginning because I plan as I go. I have cut now some diamonds. One stripe makes one diamond and from the left over piece I shall create something else for this quilt. You can see HERE how I cut these and the measurements.

Grand Canal and Kona

When I was thinking about the pattern and waiting for the fabrics, I saw one photo in Istagram which made me want to add grey to this quilt. Have a look HERE. I really like grey colour and I love drift wood, old worn-out, faded wood. We have collected drift wood for our works and even our Christmas tree is drift wood!

Drift wood Christmas tree

Photo above is from last year but the tree is the same now. The scene is almost the same this year.

From my stash I couldn’t find very good grey. I like a lot this little gingham but it’s quite thin; colour is dark blue/grey and I think it’s really good with the Grand Canal!

Grand Canal quilt project

But then yesterday … oh, sometimes I AM SO LUCKY! I was looking around my fabrics and saw the perfect grey-wood fabric … where? … on the pile I brought from Finland!

grey fabric

First I tried the grey for ‘sashing’ to surround the diamonds. I don’t think I shall do this at least with this project. It doesn’t give the best view for the Grand Canal and I don’t think it should be mixed with the colourful diamonds.

diamond quilt blocks

In the evening I couldn’t keep myself away from the Grand Canal and made more diamonds!

diamond quilt project

I have now a basic plan in my mind and I think it’s good. I shall use that grey-wood fabric and different shades of Kona grey solids … to make diamonds … and try to make a unique layout which leaves the Grand Canal shine and show!

Grand Canal by Kate Spain

This quilt project makes me happy! I realize now that this is what I have missed, a good, big quilt project! I have felt restless, jumping from one to an other small project having all the time too many things in my mind. So now while I work with custom orders and other things I can think and plan this quilt in my mind and feel calmer. You know what is my only problem now? How to stay away from this?! And you know what every quilter needs? To have a work in process on the design wall! It’s so nice to step in my room just look this for a minute or two!

I shall link at ‘Let’s Bee Social’ and ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’.

Thank you friends for reading and commenting! The best part is to share my quilting and sewing stuff with you!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

32 thoughts on “Grand Canal: new quilt project!

  1. The gray just makes the quilt block jump out


  2. I really like the colours you are using. This is going to be a gorgeous quilt.


  3. I love that grey fabric, it is lovely! Your project looks great! x Anneli


  4. Love all the colors in this project. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Voi miten kaunista on tulossa. Hyvä malli jelly rollille!!


  6. Very pretty! I like how the centers pop, and that grey will be a great addition!


  7. It is beautiful. I love the grey with it. I have wanted to make a diamond quilt for a while, and now all I want to do is go home and start one.


    • Thank you Michelle! I feel the same when I see something I like a lot! I like grey and but can’t remember using it ever for a quilt. We’ll see how this will end up! x Teje


  8. Just love the Grand Canal fabrics with the solids, and adding grey is inspirational – like ‘mist on the water’ in the morning before the sun burns it off. I look forward to seeing the finished design.


  9. Loving this project! The colours are wonderful and, after all, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”!!


  10. This is a really beautiful project and I love to hear your design progression! I agree the solid centers work fabulously, and the grey works well around the outer edges! Beautiful progress!


  11. You’re all decorated for Christmas–even in your studio! I guess I’d better get busy around my house 🙂 This is going to be a wonderful quilt–and thanks for sharing what you think about when you make design decisions. I need to loosen up and let ideas fly–just like you!


    • Thank you Karen! Usually the process, fabrics, scraps and colours give me ideas. I know that I shall change my plan during the work so I don’t make stright plan from the beginning. Green lights are in my sewing room all the year but now I really like to switch them on! x Teje


  12. Beautiful beautiful colors. I love your work!


  13. Teje,
    Your diamonds are gorgeous. They shine and shimmer. I’d be happy to wear such lovely diamonds. I have used jelly roll strips to make diamonds too, but different approach. I need to find that grey fabric. I can use it in 7 quilt projects!!!


    • That sounds great, Preet! Thank you! I’m so happy I bought that grey (wood) fabric because usually I crap only lots of colours! But we do need some basics too. I use a lot white but this quilt needs something stronger like grey. Hugs! x Teje


  14. Ah, what a difference a grey makes! This is looking really lovely!


  15. Thanks for the jelly roll inspiration and the beneficial use of solids. I am trying to stretch myself in both arenas and I found help on both these topics in your post.


  16. Kaunista tulossa! Jelly rollissa on ihanat värit ja harmaa on hyvä seuralainen niille. Isompaa projektia kaipailen minäkin…


    • Kiitos Leena! Tata on tosi kiva tehda ja timantit tulee aika nopeasti kun on viela valmiiksi leikatus kaitaleet. Saa nahda sitten kuinka timattien yhdistys sujuu. Hyvaa viikonloppua! x Teje


  17. Your work is awesome Wish I had more of a creative mind
    Art for me is like I can draw stick man…


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