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Sunday Stash and lots of Stuff


Hi Dear Friends! I can’t believe that I’m joining again the ‘Sunday Stash’ at ‘Molli Sparkles’! And even better, I can show you the fabrics I won from his Celebration Give Away! It’s a beautiful bundle of low volumes from ‘Fluffy Sheep Quilting’! Thank you!!!

low volume fabrics

These are really beautiful and soft fabrics! I don’t have many low volumes in my stash so this is fantastic add to my collection. I had thought to use these for my diamond quilt but I shall save them for an other project.

Buttons from my trip to Finland. There was a big box in the fabric shop and the price was by weight. I was happy to pick some wooden buttons and some simple ones for pillows.


My zippers needed to be organized because they didn’t fit anymore in their small storage box. Now they can stay outside so I can see and pick them easily. Metal zippers are from my friend ‘Tilkkutie’, thank You! and most of the others are from hb:s trip to Athens! Few last poor zippers were living in my drawer but now they are happy with many colourful friends!


You may know that we have been collecting sea glass for many years and make jewelries and decorations with them. Hb made an other trip and look with what he returned! I could spend hours (and I did) organizing them …

sea glass by Trikimia

He found some really good and special pieces. Not all of them are for jewelries … like this huge blue piece …

huge blue sea glass

Except that I love the sea glass and their colours, I love the mystery hidden in every piece! Many sea glass pieces are like our privite secret. Also it’s very exciting to think about stories that those pieces many carry. Where have they lived, from where they have travelled, what items they have been and who have holded them. For me one of the most nice things were, when one little boy said to my friend (who was wearing sea glass pendant) that it could be from Pirate’s ship! Her pendant was white and first the children were wondering if it’s piece of ice and how it doesn’t melt!

big blue sea glass by Trikimia

Then to totally other thing. I have got this old suitcase from friends and it was really nice for decoration in our shop, but it’s not suitable to store anything. So finally I started to fix it.

old suitecase

I tried to take the inside paper away, but often that’s not possible. I cleaned it as much as possible and then put the first layer of paint. Hope to continue this next week. When it’s painted, I shall cover the inside with wadding and fabric.

painting old suitcase

And then also totally something else, say cheese! This is the best cheese from friends in Ioannina Greece!  It’s smoked and so so good! Also it brings to us wonderful memories from our trips. We used to go to Ioannina every winter and had the best time with our friends! That area is so worth of visiting. There are lots of beautiful villages and special places to visit and to make short trips.

Metsovone Greek cheese

I have finally finished ‘one thing’. Here is a sneaky peaky until I shall show it. You could never guess what this is! … but you can try!


Thank you for reading my blog! My warmest thanks also for your always lovely and supportive comments!

I shall link at ‘Sunday Stash’



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Stash and lots of Stuff

  1. Onnittelut kangasvoitosta, aivan ihanat kankaat! Merilasikokoelmasi on upea, etenkin siniset ja turkoosit ovat kauniita. Näppärä vetskareiden säilytystapa, minulla ne on laatikossa, mutta olisi kiva, jos ne saisi jotenkin esille. Aina kun laitan tekemäsi korun kaulaani, muistan tuon merirosvotarinan. Mukavaa viikkoa!


  2. Oh how I love your pretty arrangement of sea glass. It’s quite, quite magical! Love those lovely low-coloured fabrics too. I’m sure you’ll make something very special with them.Rosx


  3. That sea glass is amazing Teje! You always have action packed posts and this in no exception! Congrats on the win…it’s always nice when that happens! Can’t wait to see your secret quilt finish too!


  4. Hi Teje, you show so many lovely things in your post today. First I love the low volume fabric you won. Congratulations!! The sea glass is so amazing! I have tried to find them too but it must be specific place you can find them I suppose (because I haven’t found) but they are really beautiful! I am sure your suitcase is going to be perfect always those kind of works are full of lovely surprises! And yes I love the taste of that smoked cheese it is yam yam! And your last photo seems very interesting specially the green arrow and I wonder where it takes! Have a lovely day! x Anneli


  5. Congratulations on your win from Molli and Fluffy Sheep Quilting, the fabrics look lovely! And what amazing sea glass finds – I never seem to find anything near that size.


  6. Oh, what beautiful sea glass! I’m jealous! We live on the Atlantic coast in Maine, US, and most of what washes up is trash–but I do love the rounded pebbles we have. I can’t wait to see where your surprise is going–what I see so far is so tempting.


  7. Nice buttons! I can see a couple that would look good on the cushion cover I am knitting. I will go shopping when I have finished it. (Even though the instructions said to choose buttons first to make sure the buttonholes were knitted the right size, I am doing things the wrong way.)
    Sadly, I do not see sea glass at the beach here. We are so remote in the south-east corner of the Indian Ocean. The Mediterranean would have much more human activity and so many centuries of bits to wash up.


  8. Oh my, what a fun selection!! I absolutely adore the sea glass–I search for it on the Maine coast and have made a few framed art pieces with pieces I’ve found. Mostly, I display them in glass jars on shelves. There is such mystery behind the origin of each piece, and thinking about how much time and churning wave-crashing sanding had to happen to smooth each bit out is mind-boggling. Thank you for sharing!


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