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Hanna’s Post: Knitting with Miss Moose


Vof  vof vof, it’s me Hanna and today we have a craft alond day with my friend Miss Moose!

Hanna and moose

She asked me to teach her to knit. Well, about knitting I know a little bit because I take care always how Teje does that. So I promised to give her a lesson.

Nero and Hanna

Nero helped me to carry all the supplies out on the woods. Also Nero was very kind to give us some wool to start. Nero has so much fur and you can see that all the inside wool is leaving now. We could brush him non-stop!

Nero and Moose

So are you ready to begin, Miss Moose!

Hanna's post with moose

First I explained to her that we need wool and cards to create yarn. Miss Moose looks confused but don’t worry, she will do just fine.

Moose Hirvi

Good that we have cards from Teje’s grandmother.

old card

I showed to Miss Moose how to work the wool between the cards.

moose and wool

I can say that she was very good student and concentrated well to learn.


Many things are difficult when we try for the first time. But it’s always worth of trying! Unfortunately we had forgot that we don’t have spinning-wheel! It’s still in the attic in Finland and without that we can’t make yarn.

old spinning-wheel

So now what? We want to knit! I knew that Teje has yarn in her drawer so we asked from her and she gave us nice, fluffy yarn.

Hanna is knitting with Moose

I have to say that for a beginner, Miss Moose holds the needles very well and didn’t drop any loop.

Hanna and moose

I told her that it’s important to learn to keep her shoulders relaxed, other wise she can’t knit long time.

Knitting Moose

Yesterday when we had the knitting lesson, it was warm and sunny day. Miss Moose said: I feel hot and I need more sun glasses than wool scarf! I said, don’t worry my friend, they say in the weather forecast that winter is coming soon and when you have finished this scarf, I’m sure you can wear it.

knitting moose

So bravely Miss Moose continued knitting her scarf and she knit and knit and couldn’t stop because she liked it so much. I think next time she needs more challenging project … perhaps a fair isle pullover.


I’m really happy that Miss Moose learned to knit and enjoyes it! Now can have often craft along days and she can even join OUR QUILT GUILD and knit when we sew with Nero and Teje.

puppy and moose

This was really fun day and now it’s raining! Miss Moose loves her new scarf and she’s wearing it all the time!

Thank you for reading my story! Hugs and kisses!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

23 thoughts on “Hanna’s Post: Knitting with Miss Moose

  1. Great Post! I need Hanna to teach me to knit. I can only crochet. She sounds like a great teacher.


  2. Thanks so much for a fun and happy lesson. Your children are adorable and wonderful teachers. You gave me a big smile for the day! 😀


  3. Oh Hanna, what a sweetie-pie you are and such a fine teacher. Miss Moose really caught on quickly, and you know the saying that the student is only as good as the teacher so we know where the credit goes. What a fun story and photos to brighten our day. Hugs and kisses from Lady Caroline


  4. A photo of Miss Moose modeling her creation, please!!!


  5. Oh Hanna what a great teacher you are. Miss Moose did so well making the scarf I am sure like you that she will want to learn how to quilt soon and make her own little bed quilt. Thank you for brightening my day!


    • That’s a great idea! But there is a risk that she loves quilting and use all our fabrics. Perhaps it’s better she tries to use our yarn stash which is enough for many knittings. Thank you for your sweet comment! Hanna


  6. I just love Miss Moose and her knitting adventures! Thank you for sharing Hanna 😍


  7. Hanna, you did such a great job teaching Miss Moose how to knit! She looks like she really listened to your instructions–and look at that beautiful scarf she made. (But a fair isle sweater made from Nero’s fur would be pretty amazing, too!) Hanna, your beautiful smile makes me smile right back 🙂 And I’m always excited when the snow starts to fall on your blog! A new scarf just in time!


    • Thank you so much Karen! We had a fun day with Miss Moose! It’s snowing now in my blog and yesterday it was snowing also in our sewing studio! Hugs from Hanna


  8. Miss Moose has done wonderfully well. Hanna is an excellent teacher 🙂


  9. I can knit but I have no idea how to card or spin. Maybe Miss Moose can teach me when she becomes proficient. 🙂
    I love how you still have your granny’s cards.


  10. Hanna, olet loistava opettaja! Teje oli kiltti, kun antoi teille lankaa, muuten Miss Moose olisi ollut varmasti pettynyt, kun ei olisi päässyt kokeilemaan neulomista. JOs joku haluaa oppia neulomaan, ohjaan hänet sinun luokse, ehdottomasti!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi Hanna, nice to meet you!:-) I have just recently discovered your site and I am already happy to make this a part of my morning routine. Beautiful photos and lovely words!
    Best regards from Norway,


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