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Sunday Stash and Stuff


Hello dear friends! Welcome to see my ‘this and that’ Sunday stash and stuff! Last Sunday I was happily surprised that I had again fabrics to share … and believe me or not, I have new fabric again! But first I show you my helper.

knitting moose

This is busy busy season and I know you would like to have extra hands. I’m so happy that Miss Moose started to knit (with Hanna’s help) and now I can focus on  my sewing projects.

sewing table

This mess is almost too much for me. Where I cut the fabric? I wish that with a push of button I could get an extra (empty) table! Last night I joined again Lucy at #saturdaynightcraftalong .…  sorry, I went to pick the link and forgot myself in IG to see what new stuff there was from last night! I really enjoy this craft along and it helps me to ‘work’ on saturday evenings … even I wonder if I can call this work.

Dear friend surprised me last week! I feel so lucky and happy to have friends all around the world! You know how amazing this blogland is and how special friendships we can make even we haven’t met in life! With Doreen from ‘Treadlemusic’, we have been friends for a long time and I know if we ever met, we would laugh our selves to sick! When Doreen went for a trip (perhaps with her awesome bike!) and saw this fabric she thought me and the sea/beach photos I show often. Thank you Doreen for this gift and for making me laugh!

sea fabric

I guess we all enjoy seeing photos and life in different places. It’s like making a short trip and also it’s really nice to have an idea where and how our friends live and spend their time (that we know if they are quilters!). So here you go … our lunch one day last week …

shrimps in greek way

I’m lucky in many ways, one is that hb is fantastic cook and likes to cook! I’m not a kitchen person at all. Here we enjoy huge shrimps in delicious tomatoe sauce in Greek way by my hb! And glass of local wine … good for health! Today we went for a Sunday lunch to the local taverna/grill ‘Mitsos’ in our village. That’s our favourite place.

After siesta and coffee we continue often until late evening (sometimes may wake up at night and do a little bit and then continue sleeping). Sea glass vases and candle glasses from our ‘Trikimia” sea glass studio.

sea glass vase by trikimia

Last year I made lots of fabric hearts from Helen’s book ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’. I love them and have them again on the drift wood tree. As I make now some little fabric items, today I shall make also hearts.

fabric hearts

I try to be busy these days because soon we shall have a visitor who keeps me playing all day long!

bracelets and pendants

Can you guess who will come? Yes, Paris the puppy! Her sleeping toy is waiting for her!

‘How it is to be an animal?’ I wish I knew (or as they say be careful what you wish). But still life with puppies would be much more enjoyable and easier if we could understand them better. We should understand also that often they can’t understand us. My treasure books by ‘Susan Branch‘, hand written books from a special friend! You just need to see Susan’s site!


There is my traditional Finnish straw goat, Christmas decoration. By the way, Santa Claus in Finnish is Christmas Goat?! Should search from where that comes!

christmas goat

This year I have made winter wonderland on the big window in the dining area. Miss Moose is sitting there on a big log and of course knitting. More you will see soon.

It’s difficult to find the Christmas feeling when most of the days outside are like this!

greek garden

After living in Greece over 20 years, I have made my own little Christmas traditions but I can’t find or create the magical Christmas atmosphere there is in Finland or any other snowy, cold place. So if you have that, enjoy even you miss hot sunshine!

cosy quilts by Teje

I’m joining the linky parties: Oh Scrap and Sunday Stash

Thank you for reading my blog! Thank you also for writing beautiful and happy comments! Have a lovely day and see you soon! And now back to my cosy, very stuffed, sewing room!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Stash and Stuff

  1. I loved seeing your work space and am a fan of Susan Branch as well. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


  2. Thanks for sharing those snapshots of your home. It is nice to be reminded the sun is shining someplace 🙂

    Loved seeing your workspace too. I am glad I am not the only one who runs out of table. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!


  3. You are very busy and I admire your energy! Lovely photos! Have a nice week! x Anneli


  4. Oooooo, you are so very welcome, dear bloggy Friend. You are totally correct…..we would stay up nights giggling and sharing some of that Greek wine (and other goodies!) while sharing amazing creativity!!!!!!!!! Ms Hannah is “picture perfect” for the season, as is your driftwood tree ……and the sea glass is “to die for”!!!!! Yes…..beautiful sunshine is so “fickle”….very quick to disappear and leave us wondering about its return. Susan Branch is wonderfully dreamy to me.
    Enjoying a few moments of blog reading today as I see the snow falling (outside) has come to a halt.. Hugs from a very white S.E. Minnesota…………………………


  5. Loving the ‘blues’! Loving seeing your ‘messy’ workspace too! I’d love a special crafting workspace, then I wouldn’t have to clear up each time. Ros x


  6. It’s so fun to see snippets of life in Greece! I have a friend who is a big Susan Branch fan, and I just recently discovered one of the cookbooks in my cupboard that I had forgotten all about! I love that fabric your friend sent you. Of course it reminded her of you – it’s perfect for you! Quilty friends are the best!


  7. It’s always fun to see where our friends create, and you create some really lovely things. It looks like Miss Moose is going to create something wonderful too. Of course she is–she had an excellent teacher! Hugs s


  8. Doreen has come to visit me twice in the past three years, and believe me, you would have SO MUCH FUN if she came to visit you. She is an awesome person!


  9. Ihana joulupuu sydämineen sinulla! Täällä on nyt lunta ja pakkasta, mutta niin järkyttävän kylmä tuuli, että viltin alla istuskelen ja takkatulta tuijottelen. Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!


  10. You have lots of interesting things going on in your sewing room. I enjoyed seeing these snippets of your daily life 🙂
    And thank you very much for linking up with Wool on Sundays. I am enjoying watching Miss Moose’s scarf grow 🙂


  11. We have sunny Christmases too, Teje.
    A Christmas goat? I did not know that Finnish Christmas tradition!


  12. I have enjoyed reading your post!


  13. Miss Moose looks like she’s a dab hand with the knitting!


  14. Tuo Miss Moose on aivan superihana neulomuksiensa kanssa! Tuosta kankaasta tulisi minullekin mieleen sinä ja valokuvasi ihanasta merestä ja hiekkarannoista! Oli oikein mukava postaus ruokineen, valokuvineen!


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