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Paper Pieced Diamonds


Hello friends! Last week I took this wip out and managed to make few stitches while taking care of puppies. Hmmm, I like this a lot!

English paper pieced diamonds

I mean this photo … this looks great in photo but I’m not enough excited. I like much more the back side! And I know why; because there is lots of white … and it looks more scrappy …

paper pieced diamonds

This project began in summer and the colours had a meaning. First it was quite grey, then few colours on the grey, then snow white – light, then blue etc.


First I made the blue half and then the purple half. I had many thoughts how to continue. Perhaps a table runner so that blue part is at the other end and the purple part at the other end but like mirror (so that the straight edges make the outside edge).


Now when watching the whole circle I feel that I should have used all the rainbow colours to go around. That would have been ‘me’ but I had decided to stay with ‘less’ colours.

Other good option would have been to use only greys. That would have been beautiful! But now it’s too late. One thing I have learnt is that if something doesn’t feel right, it’s better to make a new plan.


Now I have ripped the parts separate again and I shall continue first with the blue part.

Sometimes I’m lucky and the little triangles that received a while ago, match!


‘Tales of Cloth’ sells lovely packets of paper piecing papers. I saw how much fun sewists had playing with ‘hexagon shape family’ and wanted to join! I was really excited about these but didn’t have time to try them when I received them in summer. Now as the little triangles fit for my diamonds, I think I found new path for my project. New creative path!

hexagon shape family

I shall try to take creative and improvising path.

paper piecing



Now I’m again very excited to continue! Hmmm just can’t imagine anything in my mind at the moment. You know that I plan usually in my thoughts and I have the picture in my mind. This will be interesting challenge to work with many shapes. If I would plan with pencil and paper I would draw all day long and wouldn’t have any time to sew. New ideas come always even during the process because the project itself as well as the fabrics and colours give me ideas.

paper piecing diamonds

This needs to wait now a little bit because I’m thinking to make a quilt for the Christmas (grazy idea, I know, but I try).

Thank you very much for your visit! Nero and Hanna send you big kisses and thank for the lovely comments on their last post!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

35 thoughts on “Paper Pieced Diamonds

  1. I love all your fabric choices. You do beautiful work.


  2. Lovely work! How the puppies are doing? x Anneli


  3. Teje, I am close to fainting! You paper pieced those?! Incredible, you are my hero =)


  4. I was expecting a puppy photo at the end but then they would have distracted me from the gorgeous piecing. Hope those papers help you on the new creative journey. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday! !


    • Thank you so much Nicky! You can meet the puppies in my last post. Now the youngest has returned home and I can sew again in my sewing room, starting a new quilt! Thank you for the party! x Teje


  5. Minusta tämä on ihana, myös oikealta puolelta! Ihailen aina käsinommeltuja töitä! Niissä on mielestäni niin paljon enemmän “tunnetta ja fiilistä” kuin koneella surautetuissa. Mukavaa keskiviikkoa ja rapsutuksia karvaisille!


    • Kiitos kovasti Marle! Kukapa olisi uskonut vuosia sitten etta nautin(mme) kasin ompelusta. En vaan oikein luottaisi omaan ompeluuni ison peiton tekoon ja kayttoon. Kaytto peitoissa ompelen reunuksenkin koneella. Kylla on kiva etta tehdaan tilkkutoita! Halit Sulolle! x Teje


  6. This is beautiful work and I love the fabric choices 🙂


  7. There is nothing like the back of a EPP project!! I’m still in love with all your diamonds, it is gorgeous! Have fun with the shape family … there are so many possibilities!


    • Thank you Jayne! I feel that I don’t know how to start with the shape family, how to pick fabrics and colours?! But you gave me good idea: I shall make first pin cushion. That should be small and easy enough to start. x Teje


  8. I love the fabric you’re using!


  9. Your diamonds are looking very beautiful to me. Good luck with making your christmas quilt 🙂


  10. So Beautiful. I have only paper pieced Hexies. I will have to give this a try.


  11. This project is looking amazing. I love your fabric choices!


  12. What an ambitious project. I love the cool colors and the rows of Kaffe. I admire your revisions. It is a labor of love to use that seam ripper. I believe it separates the casual sewers from the serious creators. Nice work!


  13. It’s really beautiful, Teje!!



  14. Oi, siitä tulee upea!!!


  15. Very pretty! Looking forward to seeing your revamped version.


  16. Your epp is adorable! Lovely colors!


  17. Pretty! I have learned that lesson about making a new path when things don’t feel right a time or two as well. Sometimes it’s hard to step back and change direction though! This will be great no matter what direction it decides to go!


    • Thank you Rachel! Looks like this year I haven’t been my normal self. I hope that next year I found back to my colourful quilting path. Merry Christmas! x Teje


  18. This is really beautiful Teje 🙂 It’ll be lovely to have it finished soon.


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