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Honey Pot Bee and potholders


Hi dear friends!

happy blocks

I had to take out happy blocks because the ‘potholder attitude’ started to take over. I wanted to make several potholders but nothing worked well. And what was wrong … it was the potholder attitude: it’s just a potholder which is going to get dirty and thrown away. I should be able to think that hey! it’s only fabric! Only?! Who says only?! Every scrap is unique and won’t come back ever again! (remember I don’t have acces to quilt shops here).

It was time to pick some cute scraps and make the Wild Card block for Molli Sparkles’ “The Honey Pot Bee”! Trees are made with the tutorial by ‘Diary of a Quilter’.

tree blocks

So fun to make these trees that as a tree lover, ther will surely bee many more! In fact first I made red/beige trees having potholders in my mind.


Then I made few houses.

house block

Next try was to make flower pot. I draw the templates from Helen Philipp’s book: ‘Modern Vintage Gifts’. Read Helen’s lovely Christmas post!

flower pot template

I loke the flower but not the colours. I was thinking to make scrappy flower with happy colours – how I ended up with this?! Heart is also from Helen’s book.


This surely shows me what my main goal for the year 2017 should be: to find myself and my happy colours again!

Like these!


And these! Time to continue Winding Ways with Kaffe Fassett; should be enough happy colours!

winding ways

And after that I shall cnontinue these Grand Canal diamonds!

diamonds quuilt blocks

I have a feeling that year 2017 will be happier!

Thank you for stopping by! Are you joining ‘The Honey Pot Bee’? What about your colours – where your year happy or your wait next one to be happier year?


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

29 thoughts on “Honey Pot Bee and potholders

  1. Never heard of the potholder attitude before, but I really recognize it. Not only for potholders, but also for making socks, well, almost for anything which is going to be used a lot.

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  2. “Saving fabrics” ………. hmmmmmm, I believe that’s how my stash was “born”!!!!! To caress, peer at on dreary days, get inspired by on sunny days……….and on, and on………….. Your “flower pot” needs a single happy flower on top of those leaves!!!!! It will come………………………………….


  3. Kaikkein ihanimmista kankaista EI saa tehdä patalappuja! AInakaan minä en raaski käyttää ihania kankaita juuri samasta syystä. Ne menee aika nopeasti roskiin. Minulla on tällä hetkellä vain virkattuja patalappuja ja niin olen säästänyt paljon ihania kankaita! Kuusipatalaput on kauniita, vaikka tekisi rumista kankaista. Kolmio on niin hieno. Tuo Winding ways jja diamonds on niin herkullisia!


    • Kiitos Marle, onneksi olet samaa mielta! Ajattelin etta jos yrittaisin tahdella, siis tehda pikku tilkuista tahden ja sitten siihen reunukset. Toisaalta taidan kylla antaa p-lappujen olla toistaiseksi ja vaan tikata ‘sala-peittoa’. Ehka saan jopa jouluksi valmiiksi kun tikkaan suoria riveja. Voi etta Sulo on ihana siina uudessa hatussaan! Muistelin just tanaan mita kaikkea Paris-koiran paahan mahtuikaan veraillessaan meilla! x Teje


  4. I get your potholder attitude! i thought about making some decorated kitchen towels for Christmas, but I finally gave up on the idea. All I could think of was how dirty they would get if they were used–maybe should have made some in black and navy blue 🙂 You’ll get your colors back–I’m sure of it! Right now, with Christmas busyness and short winter days, it’s hard to see those bright colors–but they’ll be back soon!


    • Thank you Karen! I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one with potholder atitude. I never use black and I’m a little bit worried why it tries to appear here. I wish you wonderful Christmas time! x Teje


  5. I love coming here Teje, all your gorgeous colour makes me smile for such a long time! And the back of those hexies, oooh! I find it hard to make anything I think might be thrown away too…I don’t have time to waste on things that won’t be loved for long!

    This year was ‘pants’ for me, so I’m really hoping for some better luck in 2017…fingers crossed!


  6. What a great variety of projects and colour. I’m sure 2017 will be a happy year.


  7. Your bright fresh colours and the way you put together your quilts using your imagination, letting them develop as you go along, really inspire me. I have been making a quilt all through 2016 using your small butterfly quilt as inspiration and am really pleased with the way it is turning out. So please continue to quilt and blog and have a very happy Christmas. Nora


    • Thank you Nora! I’m so happy to hear my quilts inspire you! I would love to see your butterflies! When I made them, it was hard to stop because I always wanted to pick scraps for one more! Have a wonderful Christmas time! x Teje


  8. Your colors are indeed happy! And just think, even if those scraps live a somewhat short life as a potholder that gets soiled, at least they will be free from imprisonment in the closet. They will be fulfilled giving some else joy. That photo of the scraps all displayed rainbow-like as if they were a huge tufted pillow is really, really fun to gaze at. It intrigued me. Not that your blocks didn’t! Each was more eye-pleasing than the previous one. I just completed a post on making doll quilts. You might consider that as a fun alternate destination for your scraps and orphan blocks. Check out


    • Thank you Diane! You are right with using the scraps and not saving them to bring happiness around! I will remember this when I start the potholders again. Have a wonderful Christmas time! x Teje


  9. Minullakin on patalappu-asenne. Siksi minulla on käytössä melkein kolmekymmentä vuotta vanhat Marimekon laput, ovat kyllä jo aika kamalan näköiset, mutta 10 kertaa paremmat kuin saman firman nykyiset. Meillä vielä puilla lämmitettävässä leivinuunissa laput nokeentuu niin pahasti, että siihen käytetään vain niitä kaikista huonoimpia. En ymmärrä, miten saat tilkuutöiden nurjatkin puolet näyttämään niin kauniille. 😀


    • Kiitos Leena! Loysin onneksi jotkut ‘vanhat’ mini-tyot jotka saa ajaa patalapun asemaa kunnes saan tehtya. Nurjat puolet nayttaa mielenkiintoisilta ja toivon etta olen ensi vuonna luovempi ja varikkaampi. Hyvaa Joulua! x Teje


  10. Attitude is not always a bad thing!! Pot holder attitude is a new term to me!! Pot holders are like quilts, the greatest joy is knowing they are being used. I think you just inspired me with your color blast…I need to get back to playing with my fabric but it will have to wait until after the holidays!


    • Thank you Jayne! I knew that you don’t know potholder attitude because you make gorgeus potholders! And when writing this I was thinking you all the time! Merry Christmas! x Teje


  11. You always make lovely things, even without you usual happy colours! I hope you have time for some happy sewing over the holiday. And thank you for your kind and sweet comments about my book and blog….you are such a lovely blog friend! Wishing you a very Happy Christmas dear Teje!
    Helen xox


  12. Ihania töitä sinulla on meneillään. Minunkin pitää tehdä pari uutta patalappua kevääksi keittiön piristeeksi 🙂


  13. Absolutely love the Wandering Ways.


  14. Your pot holder blocks are very pretty. I like trees too! When I think of Teje, I do think of happy colours. Love your Winding Ways and your Diamonds. Happily looking forward to spending 2017 with you and your lovely pets and projects! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


  15. So many beautiful projects!


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