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Star Zipper Pouch – 8 is Great!


Vof vof, Hanna here again! What’s the best way to start new year? Making stars of course!

star zipper pouch

Teje asked me what shall we do for the first project this year and I said stars, lets make happy stars!

star blocks

First we made the blue star but the oranges and pinks were calling us so much that we made second star.

star block

We continued with the orange-pink star because it looked so delicious with the light blue fabric we had in mind for the background.

half square triangles

Now it’s time to tell you about the title: ‘8 is Great’! It’s the 1st challenge of “Project Quilting – Season 8”. We haven’t joined this before and were really happy to read about it. Beginning of the new year makes us want to do new things. So this challenge is to make something quilted with 8. Number eight is great even I’m not so good with numbers and prefer letters. It’s fun how many ideas we quickly found with 8. Perhaps we shall make more ‘8’ things but now about the star pouch, but hurry up, challenge for 8 is only for this week.

hst blocks

Our favourite, wonky star has eight points! Then we felt that we like to add 8 little squares … and 8 triangles …  didn’t plan to make a Christmas tree, but it just came out! I hope you see the snowy tree or no tree at all!

quuilt blocks

When making pouches, we quilt them like we do when making mini quilts, with the wadding (or fleece) and backing. The pouch becomes soft and comfy.

making zipper pouch

It was already late evening when we were choosing and cutting the lining and making the pocket – with Moomins!

pouch project

Little things and details make difference. Some jewelry supplies are great for sewing and handy tools help to add them.

wonder clips

Final step is to sew the binding by hand. Leather cord to pull the zipper and our pouch is ready!



Sometimes it can be boring to be a quilter-puppy. I wonder when shall we use that GO! baby? We made some birdies and bubble ages ago … can’t even remeber what is the third … now I can’t remeber how you call those ‘plates’ you put there to cut the fabric … oh, so much to remember …  I think we have also diamonds. I think also that Teje should crochet a hat with that yarn because they say it’s going to snow and she’s going to feel cold when we go for a walk.

wonky 8 point star

We have been really busy today; so many things to do and prepare. Nero will tell you about that soon!

So with our Big Star Pouch we shall enter the “8 is Great” challenge, hosted by Kim Lapacek at ‘Persimon Dreams’. Here you find the main information for the Project Quilting.

8 is great pouch

We shall join also the linky parties:

 Let’s be Social, Needle and Thread ThursdayOh Scrap, Scraptastic Tuesday

Thank you for reading my post! Thank you also for your super sweet comments!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

31 thoughts on “Star Zipper Pouch – 8 is Great!

  1. Teje, great project! I also made stars this week : ) I love the little “hand made” metal tag you used on the bag. Where did you find them?


  2. Oh, this is just beautiful Teje! Some day my quilting skills might allow me to make such lovely things. Well done Nero, little stars are just such a great way to start the new year! Ros and Oscar x


  3. Such a cute pouch! Gotta love a star.


  4. This little pouch is just adorable, just like the pooch 🙂


  5. I mean….that pouch is so adorable! Love the little stars in any color!


    • Thank you Jayne! I don’t think I ever get tired of stars. They have lots of possibilities and sparkling colours make them even better! x Teje


  6. What a wonderful pouch! Hanna, I think I’ve just found my first project for 2017. Maybe you could ask Teje to tell us how big the pouch is, please. And, Hanna, are you hinting that you want Teje to crochet a new hat for your beautiful long ears, too? That blue yarn looks perfect for you 🙂


    • Thank you so much Karen! This pouch is 10″ x 10,5″ and the bottom is 2″. It’s good spacy pouch for example to use for knitting or crochet project. Very cold weather is coming and with many puppy walks per day, warm hat is needed. x Teje & Hanna


  7. That is a great pouch. I love your cheerful, colourful stars. Happy New Year to all 🙂


  8. Hi Hanna, I always love your and Teje’s work. Such pretty and cheerful fabrics.


  9. Such a sweet patchwork pouch! A pretty and happy start to the new year.


  10. This is fantastic! The pouch is impeccable! So happy to have you joining in the Project QULITING fun!


  11. Hanna, tuohan vaikuttaa hauskalta haasteelta! Sinun työssäsi on ainakin tarpeeksi kaseja. Oranssi-punkki on huikea väriyhdistelmä. Oikein hyvää alkanutta vuotta ja paljon kiinnostavia projekteja! Nyt lähden viemään Suloa iltakävelylle. Hän tykkää peuhata lumessa, niin varmasti sinäkin tykkäisit.


    • Kiitos Marle! Voitko uskoa etta mekin ihan melkein paastiin peuhaamaan lumeen?! Ei ollut kylla tarpeeksi mutta sentaan saatiin vahan maistella. Kaupungin suunnassa oli kuulemma oikein kymmenia sentteja. Halit Hannalta!


  12. Ihan pussukka! Värit on just nappiin, oranssi ja muut punaiset istuvat loistavasti siniharmaan kankaan kanssa. Noilla pikkujutuilla saa viimeistellyn ja huolitellun leiman. Miun pitää opetella myös tuo vetoketjun kiinnittämistapa. Hyvää tammikuuta!


    • Kiitos kovasti! On minustakin aika sharppi vari paletti. Miusta tuntuu etta tama on helpoin tapa laittaa vetskari ja tulee kiva kun se ei jaa reunaan. Hyvaa tammikuuta sinnekin! Olettekin lahettaneet kylmaa ja lunta tanne meille! x Teje


  13. It is really pretty! I like your clean look of it.


  14. Ihanat pussukat molemmat. Tähtimallit on super kauniita. Kivoja pieniä yksityiskohtia 🙂


  15. It looks fabulous ! 8 is my favourite number!


  16. What a fun looking project!


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