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Snow, Stash and Bee Blocks


Vof vof friends! Nero here and I’m very happy to see you! I have today many things to show but I just have to start with the coolest thing …

Snow on Nero's head

For you this may be normal stuff but I have never before had snow flake on my head! Look what happens in my garden!

snow in crete

You can imagine that the weather is really cold and it has been raining every day. I went for a short walk and tried to catch the snow flakes – that was fun! But then it turned to water again and the girls had just a small sniff in the garden but were not quick enough for a walk on snow. Rain made the snow disappear soon. Hb went to our village and there it was all white! I hope we can play with the snow later!

Hanna and snow

As it’s Sunday it’s good time to show the latest add to our stash. Santa and dear friends sent to us many goodies!


My dear “american cousin” Sonja sent to me Quilting & Patchwork Coloring book wrapped in this house fabric! I’m excited because I haven’t tried the ‘coloring’ yet! She sent something else too what I’ll show you an other time. Thank you Sonja!

Little suitcase is from my dear Finnish friend Leena! It’s filled with chocolate! We have a nice story with these suitcases. I happened to find one red from one of my trips to Finland. Leena saw that in my blog and got the same! Last year when we met, she gave me little brown suitcase and now sent this for the Christmas! We have a super fun collection! They are designs of  ‘Maileg’. Leena sent also one other most cute thing and that you will also see an other time. Thank you Leena!


Mia, my dear Finnish friend, sent to me dog fabric! How she knew?! She knows and adds always Finnish candies! Hopea toffee is a memory from my youth and I love the strong taste candies! Always packed with cutest details … Thank you Mia! Have a look also Mia’s shop which is filled with most beautiful things!


My dear Finnish friend, quilter who lives also in Greece, Anneli, sent to me happy fabrics! There are charm squares, birdies and berries – all my favourites! Thank you Anneli!


You may remember that I’m very much affraid of the fireworks. In the Nea Year’s Eve we sat all together until late night and sew this little dog by hand. Pattern is by Kumiko Fujita. It was nice to make but more difficult than paper piecing.

dog block

I haven’t been sewing last days because …

Hanna and Paris

… if I’m in the sewing room, there are two friends waiting for me with ‘crying faces’. ‘Paris’ can’t come to the sewing room because it’s Nelli’s safe-place; Nelli has barely used to me and Hanna but is terrified about other dogs. So the only thing I did, was to finish quickly the star block I had started.

star block

The beginning wasn’t quick because I needed one evening to choose the fabrics! I would have chosen a little bit different if there just were possibilities in my stash. From the colour ‘points’ I like mostly the turquoise and did my best to make similar points with other colours. I had yellow bicycles but I guess I have used the last scrap because couldn’t find any. This is the second block of the new bee …

Molli Sparkles is hosting ‘The Honey Pot Bee’ and I’m so excited to join that! First blocks are out and I love them!

First block is strawberry, which I have done already once for my ‘Strawberry Cake’ wall quilt.

strawberry wall quilt

You may know that when ever you think something is easy piecy, it is not. I had ready cut little squares and the wall quilt front of me and thought this will go so easily. I guess I didn’t see clearly enough without my glasses and ended up with very looooong strawberry …


‘Let every strawberry grow and be unique’. Perhaps I shall make one more,  a round one.

my strawberry

I shall use low volumes for these bee blocks.

quilt blocks

There will be also some ‘wild cards’ in this bee, like these trees. Can’t wait to see what other blocks we shall make!

So I guess it’s time to get back to puppies. They have been so good all together! At the moment 3 girls are snoring and me, Nero I’m sleeping on my feathur duvet. Now you think how I write and sleep …  I have of course secretary do do the writing! Not the easiest job to take photo of 4 dogs together. We are all looking for the goodies next to the photographer!


Thank you so much for visiting and reading my little stories! Thank you also again for the sweet comments you write!

I’m linking at Sunday Stash, Oh Scrap.

Furry hugs from NERO!


Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

13 thoughts on “Snow, Stash and Bee Blocks

  1. Oh Nero, fancy feeling snow on your nose for the very first time!!! How lucky you are so many doggy friends to play with at the moment. We hope you all have a happy and peaceful 2017! Ros and Oscar


    • Thanks Oscar and Ros! We have house full of puppies and lots of fun! Snow is fun but the rain stops so we can go for our walks easier. Hugs from Nero


  2. Oh boy! Snow for the first time. That is pawsome. We don’t get snow here ,but it has been cold and rainy for long time. You guys are always making sonething pretty. Mom just sits on the sofa and reads, rads, reads. She needs to get herself into her sewing mojo. I sure would .ime to meet your puppy pals. They look like fun. Hugs. Lady Caroline


    • Thanks Lady Caroline! Snow was fun and we have great time with our puppy friends! I think our mom would like to sit and read but we keep her always busy! Hugs from Nero and the girls!


  3. I love seeing all these bright happy strawberries. Thanks for sharing yours with Oh Scrap!


  4. OI Nero, eikä lumi olekin ihanaa! Tähti on ihana, samoin mansikka. Jotkut mansikat kasvavat muita pidemmiksi, semmoisia ne ovat. Nelli parka, onneksi hänellä on joku turvapaikka. Teillä on varmasti hauskaa isossa porukassa. Teje on saanut ihania paketteja! Talokangas on kaikkein ihaninta, sellaista en ole koskaan nähnyt. Värityskirja on myös hauska. Oikein hyvää viikkoa ja terveiset Tejelle, Hannalle, Parisille, Londonille ja pikku-Nellille.


  5. You’ve been busy making adorable things. I especially like the dog block and the strawberry wall hanging.


  6. SNOW!!!!???? Oh my!! It’s a very good thing all (you???) have fur coats for such occurrences!!! Your strawberry is wonderful and has me thinking of warmer days. Although we have traveled to our “Winter Texan” little home (very near the Mexican border!), the frigid cold weather “fingers” have reached us! The last 2 days/nights have had “Freeze Warnings” and “Wind Chills” that have the thermometer reading in the mid 20s (F)!!!!! Ugh!!!! Better to stay indoors for reading and bread baking and, oh yes, stitching!!! LOL!!!! Love the little “gifties” you received. I imagine you are having many creative dreams of their future!!!!! Hugs…………….


  7. Hey wait a minute…my chocolate lab has mastered that crying face, too!


  8. I have a nice start to this week drinking my morning coffee and reading your post! I saw yesterday from the news that it was snowing in Crete and right away I thought about you! And I knew you would be outside to feel the snow! What lovely pictures you have taken and I like so much the strawberry block it is so happy! I like the dog block too,and I want to try to make one! What lovely friends you have! I loovee so much the last picture! So beautiful!!! Have a nice week all you! x Anneli


  9. Your pretty strawberry has one extra row, making it bigger. My very juicy strawberry has scant seams, making it a fat strawberry. In any case, I had so much fun, I made four!!! Still have to make the trees. The pieced dog is cute, but I agree with you. It is not a quick process.


  10. I am looking at your snow while I sit here in over 100 degrees slowly melting. Love that strawberry and star block.


  11. Snow!!! I love snow, I hope you got to walk on some! She Who Controls The Biscuits says she likes the strawberry and to pass on her admiration.


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