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"life is meant to be colourful"

Colourful Days


Hello Dear Friends! My days have been very colourful with 4 puppies around, one cat (hiding) and colourful quilt plans! Today is my birthday and I think great way to celebrate is to enjoy colours!

Kona color panel

When you are surrouded by four puppies, it’s better to do something you don’t need to concentrate too much and what doesn’t need too much space. When puppies were sleeping a while today, I made some stitches to this Kona color panel. By the way, I have learnt at school to say ‘colour’ but I’m not sure should I use ‘color’? What you think: does it matter what word I use when writing in internet?


My main subject today is the new mosaic challenge by Rachel at ‘Stitched in Color’.  I love her idea and her posts are beautifully written and filled with most colourful, inspiring photos! This time the theme is Cathedral Windows – how exciting! Fabric shop is wonderful The Loopy Ewe! They have fantastic collection of fabrics and well organized shop. It was easy to search the fabrics. They have also good way to find fabrics by colour (by lots of shades of colours).

You may think that it was easy to make these mosaics because I picked many fabrics from Kaffe Fassett. I can say that this time I felt quite easy to find what I want but still it took hours to decide. I wanted to choose more ‘un common’ fabrics but with the theme Cathedral Windows, Kaffe’s colours are perfect (for my opinion) and that’s why I ended up picking many of them.

I wish we could make mosaic with 12 fabrics because I have always 2-3 that I just don’t want to leave out. Rachel, what about bigger mosaic?! or would it be then too easy?

In my 1. mosaic the blue prints are moda – Shibori and the others are Kaffe Fassett.

In my 2. mosaic the blue prints are moda -Shibori, turquoise circles are Kaffe Fassett, yellow circles are ‘Summer Song from Riley Blake and the rest of three are ‘Slow & Steady by Tula Pink.


One evening I started to add colour to one of my ’30 Days of Quilt Design’ (also challenge by Rachel). In my illustration the curved ‘leaves’ create interesting repeating pattern. It doesn’t show here yet but you will see it when I finish this.

water colours to quilt design

I can imagine so well those gorgeus Cathedral Windows colours for this design … bright colours for curves and the Shibori blues for filling. Water colours are perfect for this kind of relaxing colouring. Other wise I feel they are quite difficult even so so beautiful!


Can you guess how hectic our days are with four big dogs and one of them, Paris is 7 months! Paris is gorgeus and sweet Labrador girl! She has grown up a lot (body and mind) and she learns easily many things. Walking with her is every day easier. But, wow, does she has energy and strength! London, sweet Golden Retriewer has been our friend for several years and she is very much like Hanna, calm and easy. Had to stop my lunch to pick camera …dogs

As it’s my Birthday, I continue to have fun (=play with puppies) and as it’s Saturday, I shall continue to stitch the Kona panel. Lucy from ‘Charm about You’ is hosting in IG ‘Saturday Night Craft Along’ and I try to join her every Saturday.

water colours

Thank you for joining my Colourful Birthday! What colours you have in you days this time? What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour changes often but today it’s for sure Pink!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

31 thoughts on “Colourful Days

  1. Happy birthday Teje. I hope you have had a lovely day with greetings and presents from your family and friends and maybe a nice meal out tonight. One day soon we must meet and talk about quilting as I can see Akrotiri from my windows. So I send you happy birthday wishes across Souda Bay, and I think it should be colour because I am English!


    • Thank you so much Nora! It has been a lovely day with many puppy walks in the sunshine! We studied English English at school and one of my blog friends made me laugh when she said that my English sounds like from Jane Austin’s book! Nice to know where you are and we should meet one day! x Teje


  2. Happy birthday!! Enjoy your special, colourful day – and yes, it’s definitely “colour” 😉 I like all colours, but like you at the moment it’s pink – I’ve just had my nails and toenails painted pink, it’s such a lovely Summer colour (I live in Australia and it’s Summer here)


  3. Wishing you a happy colourful birthday!! Much love from Oz xx


  4. Happy Birthday! Kiwi’s use colour but all your American blogger friends will be color.


  5. Happy birthday Teje! I see you have wonderful helpers!


  6. Happy Birthday!! Color and pups and kitty too. What a great day!!
    xx, Carol


  7. Happy birthday, my friend. Enjoy the day with your anipals. What a bunch of cities they are.


  8. Happy Birthday Teje – a day late but hope you’re still celebrating over the weekend. Love your paints – I think I’m going to have to get some and start dabbling again. Looks like so much fun. I don’t know how you find time to do anything with 4 dogs to look after – Belle & Misty the border collies are quite exhausting – and then of course, there’s Flora Puddleduck!!! Happy Days – love your work. Ax


    • Thank you! It may look that I do more than I do! Just a little bit this and that. I haven’t painted for a long time and now with the puppies I had a chance to do for few minutes. x Teje

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Hope you had a lovely birthday! Love seeing all these beautiful furry friends!!! x


  10. Yes happy happy birthday!! I stopped through your recent posts and smiled often at the company all those pups are providing! Paris is so adorable as she tries to keep up with the big dogs.. LOVE all your colorful posts.


  11. Happy birthday! What a great way to spend the day. I agree your watercolor design would look really striking made into a quilt with those cathedral window fabrics you chose.


  12. Syntymäpäiväsi kuulosti oikein ihanalta! Ja värikkäältä. Minulla on nyt meneillään hieman harmaata ja siinä piristäviä kirkkaita värejä. Harmaata on päivätkin, siksi hieman kirkkaita kankaita mukana. Voin kuvitella, minkälainen meno teillä on 4 koiran kanssa, kun Paris pääsee vauhtiin! Aurinkoa viikkoosi!


  13. Happy belated Birthday dear Teje! I hope you had a lovely time and wish you a wonderful year ahead. This post was such a pleasure to see….those delicious colours are perfect to brighten a grey day! Love your fabric and your painting…and such dear dogs snuggled up too!
    Helen xox


  14. Happy birthday, Teje–verrrry late! When I finally got around to catching up on emails today, I was delighted to see everything that you’ve been doing. I love seeing your sketches and how you play with colors (or colours–both work!). All those pots of paint are so tempting, and you picked just the perfect colors for your design. Hanna, Nero and London all look so tired–I have an 11 month old German Shepherd and he is still every inch a puppy–so I can guess what life with Paris is like 🙂 (As for my colors–I am always in love with aquas, turquoises, all those ocean and sky colors you keep sharing from your gorgeous Greece 🙂


    • Thank you so much Karen! Oh, you have a young ‘Nero’! We had busy and interesting two weeks with four dogs! Some moments everyone was sleeping, I coloured some quilt plans. It was nice thing to do with water colours and they help with custom orders for baby quilts. Turquoise is also my favourite colour. x Teje


  15. Oh, forgive me! I totally missed YOUR SPECIAL DAY!!!!!! Sending very belated greetings to you, my dearest bloggy Friend. It appears you did spend it colourfully!!!!!!! Uber hugs……for sure!!!!!!!!


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