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Nelli’s Post: sewing projects


Miauu, miauu! It’s me Nelli here and I’m very happy to see you! After our guest puppies left, I have been again more in the sewing room. This is not the best photo of me but the only one now to show you that I really have been working …


As you see I had put earlier lots of little tringles  on my design wall, some ‘lines’ with narrow bias stripes and  some other inspiration blocks. In the weekend I thought to relax and to focus to this ‘Dream Catcher’ quilt project.

dream catcher

First I sew the petals to create the center circle (which is not going to be necessarily in the center). I thought that if one day I need to empty my design wall, it’s better to have at least this circle sewn up. Perhaps you don’t need to look too close, but if you do, you see that I had to improvise. I was so happy that sewing the curves went really smoothly and I was expecting some issue at the end … and there it was. But I don’t mind at all! This is very improvised, creative, free style project so any ‘mis takes’ will be concidered ‘art-is takes’! After making this circle I welcome any curve-prject with no fear!

flying geese

Making these small flying geese curve lines was really fun! Totally free style, even I took care how to place the colours. I could make these all the time, but that wouldn’t look interesting, so I had to start to make something else, too.

improvised patchwork

It was time to for more colour! If you look my design illustration for this quilt, there are also very colourful parts. Okey, don’t think exactly this drawing because here the colours are very pale. Miouw, I should paint this again with COLOURS!

dream catcher

I love colours, you know! Want to see the cat I made?! One day when I don’t have anything to do, I shall make this quilt! This kitty is hiding in the grass waiting to catch something …

blue eye cat

By the way I went to see my vet, Stavros,  yesterday and he said I’m very well. I’m 14 years now and feel great! I had a small thing with one too long nail … ah why we girls like long nails? Be careful, the nail can grow to your finger! Yiaks!


So the weekend went and it was time to work and not just play with scraps. I made test block with a house. Soon I shall make a quilt where I need houses and the family in this house has a lovely dog, Collie.

house block

Before the quilt with houses, I am making (just almost finished the top) a baby girl quilt. You know how much I like pink!

economy block

You can understand that I didn’t sleep well with the green blanket, blaah! I like the blue, star blanket in my sewing room bed but here I need pink blanket!

Nelli cat

As I said I focused to ‘Dream Catcher’ in Saturday evening … and ended up with two chickens! That’s the way it happens with sewists! When I saw the chickens that Adrianne @ ‘On the Windy Side’ had made, I just had to get one chicken! Click HERE to read Adrianne’s post and get her free chicken template! See in Instagram her chicken flock growing up! You will enjoy seeing all her photos – so much inspiration! and cats!

chicken block

Adrianne’s fabrics are so perfect for her chickens and I felt that I can’t find anything (!) from my stash. Then I didn’t find anything else than this blue for the background and I feel it’s too strong colour … at least for the orange chicken.

chicken raw edge applique

I made yellow chicken with my favourite fabric which is like lime yellow in real. Then I couldn’t stop making some eggs with favourite scraps … and then I stucked … thought to make this pillow but … there is a big But and I think I shall separate these two ladies … they Kot Kot  too much and I can’t focus to my quilting work!

Hanna and Nelli

After having a nap with Hanna, I shall baste the baby quilt and start the fun part,  quilting by paw! with pink Perle no 8 cotton!

Thank you so much for reading my post! I feel much happier after chatting with you! Thank you also for your lovely comments and sweet words about my ‘selfie’ in Instagram!

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

12 thoughts on “Nelli’s Post: sewing projects

  1. Hi there, Nelli, what a ray of sunshine you are. It was such fun to read your post. So many Americans are still fighting about the election here and their blogs show the tension. But you gave us a new, creative word , and I certainly am going to use it–art-is-takes. Perfect. It will help me be more daring and creative. Your dream catcher is looking really, really good. Plus you’re a little painter–the kitty portrait is so cool and will make a super quilt. Keep improvising and enjoying your good health. We look forward to your next post. Hugs from Lady Caroline and the zoo


    • Miaouu Thanks Lady Caroline and friends! I’m so so happy to hear from you and that you liked my post! It has been more quiet and slow in blogland and I do hope that’s not to way things will change. I love to read blog stories! Kisses! Nelli


  2. Dream Catcheristä tulee ihana! Ja kanaset ovat hurmaavia. Alareunassa näytti olevan tutun näköistä kangasta 😀 Terveiset Suomen epävakaisesta talvesta!


    • Hei ja kiitos kovasti! Tein ensimmaisen kanan siita ‘tutusta’ sinililasta muttei sitten tietysti kaynyt tausta kankaaseen. Nyt luulen etta puran taman palan pois ja saastan parempaan tarkoitukseen. Ei naista kanoista taida nyt tulla taman enempaa. Nelli


  3. Hi, Nelli! It’s so great to see you have survived all the visiting puppies and are back at work. Your Dream Catcher is looking so wonderful–I love how you just “go with the flow.” I thought maybe that surprised cat you painted was you when you heard about your nail! And those chickens are both so cute–they even lay eggs already decorated. I’m glad you had a nap and that you’re all ready to quilt that baby quilt. Can’t wait to see it!


    • Miouuu dear Karen! Thank you for reading my story and for your sweet words! I’m happy to be back to sewing because I love my job (sleeping front of the design wall)! The most fun way to make is something is just to start and leave the project give you ideas! Kisses from Nelli!


  4. I love your chicken and the eggs 🙂 And your other project. I love always what you sew and your colors!!! Have a nice week-end!


  5. Onpa kaunis tulossa tuosta unisiepparista, ihania värejä seinäsi täynnä!


    • Kiitos kovasti Saija! Tuo ympyra nayttaa nyt vahan liian voimakkaalta mutta kun ymparille tulee lisaa varia, luulen etta ‘sekoittuu’ paremmin. Myos sen keskusta tulee paalle applikoituna. x Teje


  6. Ah dear Nelli, you certainly did look much happier by the end of your pos. So glad you have been working hard and surrounding yourself with beautiful colours and chickens and eggs! We love the photo of you relaxing with Hanna! Ros and Oscarx


    • Thank you Ros and Oscar! We are good friends with Hanna and have often nap together. Next time she will show our new quilt! Have a lovely week! Kisses from Nelli


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