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Hanna’s Post: {Yellow Submarine} quilt


Vof vof friends! I’m happy to see you and hope you are fine! Today I show you this quilt …

Hanna and quilt

… which we tried to finish for the Christmas and to put it in Santa’s bag. That didn’t happen and we gave this quilt to hb few weeks ago. I’m trying to find the submarine …

Hanna and quilt

… but I see birds, jars, letters, cars, scooters … nothing looks submarine to me … it is kind of ship right?

Hanna singing

Haa, now I understand the name! When we were quilting this, I was often singing “Yellow Submarine”! My extempore video didn’t turn out good enough to show, have to exercise more,  so you can listen Ringo Starr singing ‘Yellow Submarine‘.

kumiko fujita fabric

Pattern is simple, 5″ x 5″ squares in point. We started with a charm pack ‘Tiki Tok’ by Jenn Ski. It has lovely colours with vintage feel, colours that hb likes. Yellow fabric with letters and text is by Kumiko Fujita. That we bought long time ago and used the last pieces here. Some other fabrics are from England, US and Norway (


We have had quite cold winter here in Crete and wanted to give this quilt even there are still few stitiching lines to make. All the fabrics are from our stash and trying to keep it in warm vintage colours was a challenge. Border with texts is Ikea fabric. It’s fun and many quilters like to use it.


With rainy days, we couldn’t go out for photo shoot. When the last quilting will be done and it’s washed and wrinkled, I shall show you more photos. This quilt is 60″ x 75,5″ so it wasn’t easy to hold it and my only idea to show it at home was on the bed.


I’m snuggling here because yesterday and today has been a little boring. Our sewing machine is in cleaning/service and someone had a ‘good’ idea to make a general cleaning in our sewing room. It’s so upside down that I can’t step in at all. Everything is out and I do hope she puts them back in same place because other wise we can’t find anything. But hey, she found the long lost needle felting needles! Like to hear from where? They were in a shoe box behind the fabric boxes ??? With dog’s logic you don’t keep shoe boxes in a sewing room!

Hanna singing

I decorated with my puppy friends and spring greeen lights! Why don’t we make quilt for the bed ‘header’?!

quilts by teje

Now it’s absolutely time for my afternoon walk and sun is almost shining, so quickly out before the rain comes! Then I think I need to give a paw with the cleaning. We have to finish today because tomorrow I want to start a new baby quilt!

Hanna and Yellow Submarine quilt

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Thank you dear friends for reading my story!

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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

21 thoughts on “Hanna’s Post: {Yellow Submarine} quilt

  1. Great job Hanna – looks so soft and vintagey alright and you do a great job showing it off!


  2. Very cute written post! Brought on a smile! Where do you find fabric at IKEA?? I looked one time and didn’t find any. Are you buying sheets and cutting them up??


    • Thank you Mary Ann! My fabrics are mainly from Athen’s Ikea and few from Finland (buying by metre). You can very well buy sheets if you find a fabric you like. I do that too. x Teje


  3. This is a beautiful quilt, Hanna. Gorgeous sunny fabrics. I’m sorry you didn’t make that video, though. Perhaps another time 😉


  4. Hanna, you are so cute! And that is a pretty special quilt too. I can see why you are singing a happy tune. We will be looking forward to that video! Lady Caroline


  5. Very very very lovely ! Hanna knows what to choose 🙂


  6. This quilt is the perfect way to use charm squares! I always struggle with pre-cuts! The letters scattered throughout looks so good!


    • Thank you Jayne! Sotimes it’s nice to make a quilt with easy pattern and just enjoy the fabrics. I wish I had more choises for the borders but hb likes green so this is good. x Teje


  7. I enjoyed seeing you over on Instagram, Hanna. But here I get the pleasure of reading your post about the quilt. And about life! I do hope you and Teje are able to get the sewing room straightened out in time for the return of the sewing machine. HB should be very pleased with this lovely quilt!


    • Thank you Lorna! There is still things to do but today we have to rest our arms and we started to pick fabrics and cut for a baby quilt. Machine should return tomorrow. Happy sewings! Hanna


  8. It looks so cuddly, fresh and homely, just what you want for your bed. I hope your room is finished soon and you manage to keep it tidy for a while, I never can.


  9. Niin viihtyisän näköistä! Todella hauskoja kankaita olet löytänyt työhösi.


  10. Tosi kivat kankaat olet yhdistänyt ja tekstikangas on ihan huippu reunuksessa!


  11. Moikka Hanna! Mielummin olisin kuunnellut sinun laulua. Voisitko joskus pyytää Tejeä videoimaan jonkun lauluistasi? Peitto on mahdottoman ihana. Väritys on kaunis ja pidän tuosta tekstireunuksesta. Olet todella taitava tilkkuilija! t. Marle


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