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The Honey Pot Bee


Hello! I have a honey pot full of the sweetest, helthiest honey! Bees have collected it from tasty, Cretan herbs!

patchwork jars


I made also jars with blueberry- and rasberry jam, strawberry marmelade and one jar has candies. Perhaps I’ll make one more with olives.

When having many projects going on, it’s better to create extra design walls. This is small portable board. I sew the little jars together but didn’t connect them yet with the honey pot. Also the self is not sewn because I don’t know yet how I shall place these blocks. For the upper small jars I have add small bottom corners to make them a little bit around.

the honey pot bee

Here are all my ‘The Honey Bee’ blocks until now.

the honey pot bee

Visit the page ‘The Honey Pot Bee’ for all the details and info.

On my big, main design wall is the ‘Dream Catcher’ and I wouldn’t like to take it down because it would be difficult to arrange it back again.

Dream Catcher by Teje

I try to manage with improvised, temporary design walls as long as possible. This one with the baby quilt project, is simply a long piece of fleece (use wadding if you have a spare piece) folded double. Wood stick is in the fold and with a cord-loop it’s hanging on the nail.

design wall

If I hadn’t saved the small scraps from the ‘Pic Nic on the Beach’ quilt, how could I have made the wheeles for Moomin’s car?! He stopped the car because saw one tiny hedgehog walking in the middle of the road!

Moomins car

Today I shall give one baby quilt away and then can concentrate to Moomins’ houses! You know there are always too many ideas and projects we are drawn to! I would love to do paper piecing, eep and foundation. I would love to dontinue ‘Grand Canal’ with diamonds! Perhaps I shall make the C for my letters.

I hope to finish Moomins soon to make still one more baby quilt top until it’s again time for puppies to visit us!

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely, sweet comments here, in IG and in Fb!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

24 thoughts on “The Honey Pot Bee

  1. Those rounded corners on the little jars are genius ! And oooh, the moomins !


  2. Ah mitä kaikkea ihanaa olet säilönyt! Ja nuo muumit autoissaan ovat hauskat. Ihastuttavia töitä kaikki nuo linkkien takana olevat. Pic Nic vei mennessään ihan kuumalla rannalle! Ja nuo mökit, ne on jotenkin niin liikuttavan söpöjä.


    • Kiitos Marle! Purkkeja ois kiva tehda vaikka kuinka mutta nyt on vuoro autojen ja talojen. Itse asiassa nyt pitais alkaa koota niita peitoksi. Poikien peitto on kylla vaikeampi kun ei voi laittaa pinkkia! x Teje


  3. Boy howdy , I’m sure glad Moomin’s little car has brakes so he didn’t run into tiny hedgehog ! Your quilts are just the best!


  4. I’m on holiday in New Zealand but I still have to check in and see what you are doing. I have to have my Nero fix! Love the Moomin cars.


  5. Wonderful, fresh and colourful quilts Teje! The honey pot looks delicious and how cute are the moomins! Happy creative week to you with all your lovely makes.
    Helen xox


  6. Lovely, lovely, lovely! The Moomins are the best! I also have a project with the houses but without Moomins ( nyyh!) Have a nice week! x Anneli


  7. Love the Honey Pot Block for the Honey Pot Bee 😀 And those cute cars will make any kid go crazy with joy!!!


  8. Very fun blocks! I love your fussy cut details! I will be back to visit again.


  9. Great touch adding a pot of honey to the honey pot quilt


  10. lots of great looking projects on the go!


  11. So many projects, so little time and space right? 🙂 I can’t even try to imagine your Dreamcatcher without a permanent design wall. That would be so very stressful. It is looking so lovely. And I just adore the little cars. Cute!


    • Thank you Jen! I’m happy to have the room for sewing and design wall but still remember how difficult it was to arrange blocks in very small space without any wall space. . x Teje


  12. Ihania juttuja taas tulossa – ja paljon. Kreetalainen hunaja on ihanaa, kiitos vain tuomastasi purkista, se on ollut jo pitkään tyhjä. Yhdellä muumilla on hurja vauhti autossaan, kun muumi ei meinaa penkissään pysyä. Tykkään kovasti tästä peitosta!


  13. Loving your wonderful colours and designs! Ros x


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