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{Sunshine} Baby Quilt


Hi Dear Friends! Until this moment this quilt has no name. But I feel quilts need name and watching these happy, warm colours I thought it is like Sunshine!

Baby quilt with Moomins by Teje

You may feel that you have seen this quilt before because I have made an other similar baby quilt. Economy block is very good to get lovely organized look even you mix lots of fabrics. You can fussy cut and show the cute fabrics in the centre squares.

fabrics for baby girl quilt

Fortunately I found beautiful girlish fabrics from my last trip to Finland and pink Moomins!

economy blocks

How I work: I don’t cut all the blocks in the beginning. I cut, sew and trim some blocks and then put them on the design wall. Then I start to look what it needs. I like to create balance with colours and also with the volume. I try to find arrangement where the same fabric is not next to each others. That’s not always possible.


To get finished block size 8″x 8″, cut 1 (4″ x 4″) square for the centre, 2 x (4″x 4″) cut in half for the inside triangles and 2 x (5″x 5″) cut in half for the outside triangles. Look the square down on left (white with pink centre): that’s trimmed to 5 1/2″x 5 1/2″ before adding the outside triangles.

QUILT SIZE: 37″ x 45″ (95 cm x 114,5 cm)

economy quilt block

Had to take photo with Finnish Fox candies (Pihlaja by Fazer) because happened to have still few! Just ate the last one! I would love fabric with those fox faces!

baby quilt

Hand quilting with Perle Cotton no 8, as always.


Then I came to a question. My quilt labels and cards needs to be updated. Should I order new labels for quilts? I don’t know yet, so for a while I shall go on with handmade labels. I cut octagon and ironed fusible web on the back to be easier to stitch the letters. I folded the edges first so the fusible web hold them also nicely. It’s quite hard to stitch letters, try yourself! How I wished I could do that with sewing machine!

quilt label

Baby girl is born and quilt is delivered. I hope she will be happy with this quilt and laugh with the Moomins.

baby quilt

You may have seen in Instagram that I have continued to play with Moomins. Other baby quilt is on the table. Unfortunately I can’t show that project much yet but I can tell you that it’s fun!

It’s a Valentine’s day week so I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you see Helen’s sweet Valentine post?! I want to make the pillow she has there! And the little quilt! But first I have a job to do with Moomins and safety pins!

Thank you so much for visiting and for the lovely comments you write! Welcome to new followers! Your comments make my day so please write!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

32 thoughts on “{Sunshine} Baby Quilt

  1. This is a sweet quilt and I love your Moomin label 🙂


  2. Beautiful colour combination as usual, and I am very interested to hear that you put your design on the wall to balance the colours as you make it. Why don’t I do that ?! I cut everything at the start and when the quilt is finished it isn’t how I imagined it. A different colour predominates to the one I wanted. In future I will look at it as I go along and change the amount of each colour to get it right. Thanks Teje.


    • Thank you Nora! Design wall makes big difference. There is a good reason why painters need to step back to look their work. It’s so much fun to plan on the wall! If you need ideas how to make easily ‘design wall’, I’m happy to share my ideas. x Teje


  3. Aivan ihana pikku aurinko!!!


  4. Sunshine is the perfect name for your quilt, it looks so happy. Thank you for sharing your economy block process Teje, and I absolutely love your label.


  5. Juuri oikea nimi tuolle ihanan lämpimän väriselle peitolle. Ja ainahan sitä toivoo kaikille pienille paljon aurinkoa elämän taipaleelle.


  6. It is Sunshine! Such a sweet little quilt. I love the way you work, block by block!


  7. Adore those moomins! It is a very happy sunshine quilt which will be well loved I’m sure. Thanks for linking up with #scraptastictuesday


  8. Such a beautiful, happy baby quilt! I love it!


  9. I love hearng how you work – and such a great quilt


  10. Sunshine is a perfect name for this quilt! It’s so bright and cheery and perfect for a baby girl. I really liked reading about how you work. Thanks for the insight.


  11. A pretty baby quilt, with such cute fabrics!


  12. Your quilt is precious! Wow, that binding looks perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!


  13. This is a delightful quilt Teje! I love the sunny colours and how the warm shades move through the quilt so beautifully. Your method of creating the quilt top is why it works so well. Love your little label too. Thank you for the sweet mention and link to my post, dear friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen xox


  14. Oikea päivänpaiste, eli oikein sopiva nimi! Tykkään kovasti näistä oranssi-pinkki-keltainen -yhdistelmistä, niissä on iloa ja valoa. Mukavaa viikkoa sinulle!


  15. Beautiful quilt and blocks Teje! Great idea to make some of the blocks and then decide what colors need to be added! I have done that before too.


  16. This is such a pretty quilt and the fabrics you chose are perfect for a baby girl. I have never made the Economy block, but your pretty quilt has me thinking I need to add this to my “to do” list!


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