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Quilt top with girl and puppy


Hi dear friends! I hope you like lots of photos because I do! I enjoy posts with many photos and stories about process etc. So here we go! “Maggie and Puppy” baby quilt top and some details how I did it.

baby quilt

Here the quilt top is almost finished. Puppy’s leash and the ribbon for the balloon will be sewn later. Perhaps it needs also small border.

baby quilt by teje

First it was Maggie and in the very beginning her hair! One scrap gave me the idea for her hair. That scrap was left over piece from drunkard’s path outside piece. Here are now enough photos so I show you that scarp on an other time.

This is totally free piecing. I just cut pieces and started to think how to sew them together and how to add the background.

patchwork girl

Next time I know to plan better so the seams will go more … something.

free piecing

free style patchwork

I was so happy to sew the curve for the skirt that totally forgot to think about the stockings!

patchwork girl

Easy way to make them was to sew the light green scrap on the top of the darker. Then I sew the pink stockings on both sides and trimmed the sides.




Planning for some extras was fun even later I left the hand bag out because it looked too much.

girl with scraps

And here is Maggie.

free pieced girl

The other main thing I wanted to make for this quilt was a dog. I didn’t have any plan or drawing, just cut some pieces and then trimmed them to get the shape that looked like a puppy. Notice the collar is with the same ‘leather’ like Maggie’s turquoise booties!

patchwork dog

And here is Puppy.

patchwork dog

Few houses for the village.

house block

Flower gardens and green for the park. And white! That’s important for me to get lightful and fresh look. Before the white there is always something that bothers me and when I add white it’s fine.

patchwork house

I tried many balloons but at the end it looked best with one pink balloon. I sew the pink balloon like log cabin block and cut it circle/oval. It’s needle turn appliqued on the quilt top. I shall still cut away the fabric from behind the balloon.

baby quilt top

Weather has finally changed and there is spring in the air or in fact it is spring! Sunny and warm weather is the best when you take many puppies for many walks every day. That’s why Maggie and her Puppy needs to wait for a while to be continued.

baby quilt by Teje

Thank you for stopping by! Thanks again also for your lovely comments!

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Have a beautiful day, happy sewings and puppy walks!


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Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

48 thoughts on “Quilt top with girl and puppy

  1. You are incredibly creative. I love this quilt and the free-form way you built it! Brava!


  2. I like the look into your decision making. How one balloon looks better….
    Fun quilt especially with a dog in it.


  3. Oh Teje! This is such a lively and cheerful mini! Love your color combos and improv piecing. Truly delightful.xxxxx


  4. What a beautiful quilt! I love the free-form piecing and the fabric choices. Looking forward to seeing it quilted!


  5. Oh boy, do we love this quilt. It looks like stained glass. We’re not brave enough to try free piecing. We’d have to keep cutting away and suddenly there would be nothing left to piece. We’ll keep watching you and learn as much as we can , and just maybe we will give it a try. Hugs to you and my fur pals, Lady Caroline


    • Thank you so much! That might happen but remember they say: it’s only fabric! I enjoy making pictures, time with fabrics and surely continue this fun way to make quilt blocks. Hugs to you all! x Teje


  6. Super new photo of you. 😍


  7. It’s beautiful!!!!


  8. This is so pretty Teje!!! Amazing techniques, it does look like stained glass, it is amazing!!! Well done!!! ❤ love it!!!


  9. I have just found your blog and love everything you do. Maggie and dog is delightful. Thanks for sharing how you ‘built’ it. You are an inspiration to me. I went out today and bought eight fat quarters, so I will have to start designing! Jo


  10. Just when I think you have shown us ‘the prettiest blocks ever’ – you come up with more delightful and intricate motifs … you always inspire me to go one step further when I sew.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Ihana Maggie ja koira ja todella upea kuva profiilissa! x Anneli


  12. Wow Teje! This came together amazingly! Maggie is the star and just adorable. I love how you improved the entire quilt…amazing!


  13. So cute and so creative! Thank you for the explanations of your process! It’s so fun 🙂


  14. Simply gorgeous! Amazing the way you just cut and piece things together


  15. This is adorable. You are so talented!


  16. This is so cute — and I’m impressed by your freeform technique! Love the result!


  17. You are a creative genius. I love this quilt.


  18. Superihana! Olet tavattoman taitava! Alat vaan leikkelemään palasia ja niistä todellakin syntyy jotain upeaa. Minulta syntyisi värikäs kasa kangassilppua. Ihailen luovuuttasi. Ihanaa kevättä, juuri nyt Helsingissä lumimyrsky.


  19. Beautiful! I love how you made it work, and I love the picture where it looks like stained glass. I’m sure Maggie will love this quilt.


  20. Oh my goodness this is just so amazing. I love how you have made this as you go and it hasn’t turned out so beautifully!!


  21. Oh I just love your quilt 😍


  22. Onpas hauska työ! En taitaisi osata tehdä tuolla systeemillä mitään…mutta tosi hienoa jälkeä tulee 🙂


  23. So stinking cute! You are so creative Teje. So glad you linked up with Oh Scrap!


  24. OMG, I love this so much. I love the girl and the puppy. What I love the most is the balloon which makes me dream – thoughts flying high and the leash on the dog keeping me grounded. Beautiful balance. I am going to save this one.


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