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"life is meant to be colourful"

Puppies and Paper Piecing


Hi dear friends! I hope you had a great weekend! We have holiday ‘Clean Monday’. That means the Easter fast begins. Today people go for a pic nic and to fly kites. They eat sea food, salads and enjoy the day with friends and family. Weather looks good for a pic nic and there is a gentle windy so there will fly many kites today!

paper piecing

I have said this many times but ‘donkey bridge’ appears so often in my thoughts when I’m blogging. I didn’t find yet name for this paper pieced block I have made, but in fact it looks like a happy kite on the sky! I shall name this and make also tutorial. I shall try to make also ‘without paper’ pieced or foundation pattern (no idea yet if that can be logical to make).


When you have four big puppies at home and one of them is teenager, you don’t need to think how to spend your time. It’s more to think if I could possibly make few stitches when everyone is resting after the supper. Here they are waiting for dinner. We wake up Very Early! Hmmm … that’s different with human teenagers and puppy teenagers! We go many walks every day and when finally each puppy has had their walk, I’m so ready just to sit. Have you tried to paper piece when you walk?

Nero, Hanna, Paris

Fortunately the gorgeus weather allows puppies to be in the garden as much as they like. Notice the green forest! We didn’t dare to cut away all the grass because one of the puppies loves to dig and get dirty with the delicious, wet solid!  So as les she sees the ground the better. Gardening has to wait a little bit.


Saturday evening I thought it’s time to do little paper piecing which I had missed. These papers came with the ‘Love Qulting & Patchwork’ magazine few years ago (issue 24/2015). Squares are 1.5″x 1.5″.

english paper piecing

I continued early morning on Sunday because after too early wake up, eating and playing, all the puppies sleep again! I coulnd’t think of going back to bed 9:30 so I made second coffee and sew.  It went a little bit wonky. I guess the thing is the corners of the diamonds. They are so small! But fabric is forgiving and after removing the papers and pressing, it looks okey.


At least my sewing friends approve it totally … ‘it’s so beautiful! can I just get the goodies’! Behind you can see Nero’s and Hanna’s taverna. Table/floor cloth has to be colourful and the food is served on the little chairs. Especially for Nero it’s much more comfortable to eat when the bowl is higher. I guess that’s nice for any big dog.


‘Hey birdie’ where are you flew?

sewing suitcases

I have up-dated my sewing suitcases. The red one on the left was my first and it has usually been in the ‘hexagon’ project box. It needed clearing up and at the same time it was good to make an other one for quilting. Usually I hand quilt with Perle no 8 cotton but now I had a project where the green and light blue threads were good. The brown suitcase on the left was a present from ‘Tillkkutie‘ and the purple scissors from ‘Chromatobalomata’. Thank you friends!

sewing suitcases

Which are the few needles I really use? For the needles I add piece of felt with double sided tape (you can use felt, wadding or fleece).

sewing suitcase

You may think what’s  going on with my hexagons. They have been forgotten because I don’t like anymore my plan. Now I’m seriously thinking to rip the flowers apart and sew them more by colour to make few pillows.

paper piecing diamonds

Could you please help me to find a name for this ‘kite’ block! Perhaps ‘Spring Kite’?

Thank you so much for visiting! It was really nice to see you! Now it’s better I start to prepare the lunch before ‘they’ are all in the kitchen. You know that you don’t need big house even you have many puppies. Any way they are usually all in the same ‘corner’ and ‘in your feet’!

Thank you for your sweet comments and for reading and following my blog! Have a great day and see you soon!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

21 thoughts on “Puppies and Paper Piecing

  1. They look so well behaved and content in the photos – well fed and well walked! Fancy a holiday to Ireland and you could help me with Maggie and Wilbur!


  2. I love your Fur Babies. I like the little suitcases. They would make great gifts.


  3. It almost looks like its 4 kites caught together in a strong wind whirling around in circles. Too long of a name but I really love the block. It has a lot of energy.


  4. Hej Teje! Hauskan näköinen blokki! Näyttää siltä kuin se juoksisi. Nuo sinun apulaiset ovat niin ihania! Välillä meinaa hermot mennä yhden kanssa ja sinulla noita on neljä! Hexogonit ovat niin kesäisissä väreissä. Olet kyllä oikeassa, niistä tulisi ihania tyynyjä. Pikkuiset matkalaukut ovat herttaisia. Juuri sopivia ompelutarvikkeille. Oli myös mukavaa kaiken muun lisäksi lukea tuosta picnic päivästä, Aurinkoista viikkoa!


  5. I love your block – it looks a bit like a pinwheel to me. Maybe Spring Breeze? Your puppies are all so gorgeous!


  6. What a lovely tumbling block. It conveys the sense of movement. Names, names… ‘Wind Walker’ or ‘Diamond Tumble’


  7. I really love this block Teje! The second I saw it on IG, I knew I wanted to make it one day! Love it! Names…I am no good at names. Spinning something…it appears to be spinning to me!!


    • Thank you Jayne! It’s spinnig to me, too! It looks to me ‘top’ but that doesn’t sound fun in English. I shall connect the suggested words and find a name. I have just cut the same pieces to piece is ‘normally’ by machine. Could be done also like foundation paper piecing but I don’t know how to ‘draw’ that except byt hand which I already made. Puppies leave at the weekend and then I shall study this more. x Teje


  8. Love the soft colors you used! Topsy Turvy might work if you want to imply movement and use the idea of a top in the title.


  9. I am so glad I found you on My Quilt Infatuation’s NTT! I love your posting! Yes! “Life is meant to be colorful!” I loved learning about “Clean Monday” and your lifestyle in Greece! Isn’t the Internet a wonderful tool?! Your block is very lovely and I’m eager to see the tutorial – in fact I’m going to follow your blog so I won’t miss it! I guess I better learn to foundation paper piece! Love your paper piecing project as well. Those little suitcases are so cute! Your last project is really pretty – it would look great as is on a pillow. So bright and cheerful! Thank you for sharing!


    • Thank you so much Patricia! I am so happy to have friends all around the world! I have been busy with puppy guests but now they have returned home and I shall get back to sewing. Have a wonderful week! x Teje


  10. Hei! Voin kuvitella vilskeen neljän koiran kanssa. hiihtolomalla meillä oli pojankaksi koiraa mukana, ja pienessä keittiössä oli välillä todella tungosta. Onneksi ne nukkuivat suuren osan sisälläolo ajasta, kun peuhasivat ja juoksivat hangessa paljon. Leijablokki on todella hauska, samaa mieltä Marlen kanssa, ihan kuin se juoksisi. Hyvää viikonloppua!


    • Kiitos Leena! Puolet koirista palasivat omaan kotiinsa ja palailemme arkeen Neron, Hannan ja Nellin kanssa. Ensin arvatenkin siivouspaiva ja huomisesta ompelusten kimppuun. Voisiko olla ‘juokseva leija’? Hyvaa viikkoa! x Teje


  11. Very pretty! I like the hexies, hope you can find a new layout to use them in that you like better! Your spring kite is lovely too – such warm cheerful colors!


  12. I am horrible at coming up with names for blocks or quilts. Hope you can come up with something clever. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!


  13. Love your kite block, it is beautiful! You could also call it Kite Flying…..I imagine it will look like lots of kites flying when it is done…very lovely and full of movement. Your puppies all look very happy and well looked after. Have a happy week Teje.
    Helen xox


    • Thank you Helen! Very good name! Puppy guests have returned home and we return to normal days and sewing works. Wishing you lovely week! x Teje


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