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{Puppy First Aid pouch} gift from a friend!


Hi dear friends! Today I show you special present I received from my Finnish friend, Marle!

First aid pouch by Marle

made by Marle

What can I say, this pouch is something else! Thousands of thanks Marle! And my favourite sweets + treats for dogs! This was a surprise present for my right answer. Marle was making first aid bag and showed then only the quilting and asked us what it’s going to be. Lucky me, who saw there the red gross!

Marle's pouch

made by Marle

I just love ‘Sulo’ driving the ambulance! And did you notice the paw marks on the wheeles?!On the other side of the pouch there is a smiling nurse! Oh, I wish every doctor and nurse would be so sweet!

Marle's pouch

made by Marle

Visit Marle and if you know Finnish you will laugh with her story. If not, you still enjoy to see the her photos and ‘Sulo’ … and how he spends his time … except driving and nursing.

playing puppies

‘Paris’ and ‘London’

I really tried, but my camera is not quick enough to catch playing puppies!

‘Paris’ and ‘London’

There are some things that we share with Marle: sewing and quilting of course, knitting, obviously we like chocolate and salmiak, but this time we both also experience teenage puppy. Marle has beautiful ‘Sulo’ and as you know, sometimes beautiful ‘Paris’ lives with us. We both know that puppy in that age needs attention every minute. I’m also nanny to ‘London’, sweet, adult Golden Retreiver. Marle found special London chocolate and beautiful card!

gift from Marle

Thank you so much Marle! Sweets will be enjoyd and the pouch will keep our puppies daily little things. Ah, I forgot to show you the inside! There is the most cute puppies in spring outfits!

puppy fabric

Thank you for stopping by! Have fun with your puppies and kittens!



Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

18 thoughts on “{Puppy First Aid pouch} gift from a friend!

  1. Very, very cute! What an excellent gift.


  2. I went to your friends site. Very funny story. The translation into English made it even funnier!!!


  3. I love the pouch so much! 🐶🐱


  4. Boy, that’s about as cute as it gets! Aren’t friends just the best?


  5. Lovely present – what a nice way to welcome a puppy!


  6. So-o-o-o-o-o sweet!!!! The whole idea….especially that stitching and lining fabric! But…oh….the treats!!!! Speaking of treats……did you see that there is a Moomin program being produced?? Hopefully it will be debuted in 2019 as a TV series!!! Tove’s niece is an integral part of this beginning!!!! How exciting!!!! (link: )………Sending more very warm Texas hugs…………………………..


  7. This pouch is absolutely adorable! And could there be a better name for dog treats than Schmackos? I have a lot of photos of my dogs that end up with the back of their heads or their tails. I agree–there’s no way to catch a flying puppy 🙂


    • Thank you Karen! When Paris and London play, they play! It’s fun to see them because Nero and Hanna don’t play together. Have a lovely weekend! Teje


  8. You are very lucky! The pouch is absolutely gorgeous! x Anneli


  9. Voi miten ihanasti olet kirjoittanut! Kiitos rakas ystävä!


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