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"life is meant to be colourful"

Drunkard’s Path for pillow


Hi Dear Friends! Somewhere last month I thought that it’s time to make a new pillow. Trying to keep my colour palet smaller, wasn’t easy. Curves are easier than expected.

drunkard's path pillow top

I drew the templates on my own. Because I haven’t done very much curves, this was also exercise and I cut the outside piece big enough to have space to trim if needed.

drunkard's path block

Okey, I could have trimmed the blocks smaller but I trimmed them as big as possible.

drunkard's path pillow top

That meant that the ‘flower petals’ didn’t meet, which doesn’t really matter, but made me continue.

drunkard's path quilt block

I wanted so much to add other colours for the leaves but then stayen in my plan and picked blues.

drunkard's path

I cut the leaves just free with scissors. With the hera marker I made line where I should turn the seam allowance and then I basted them. If you make the line with hera marker on the back side, it helps to turn the seam allowance. You can see the line a little bit on the dark leave down right.

drunkard's path

Leaves are ‘needle turn applique’ which is quite easy and you can find many tutorials from youtube and pinterest.

yellow flowers

Spring is here and even we have now few rainy days, last two weeks were warm and beautiful! Yellow spring flower from a friend … clearing the long greens from the garden made birds happy …

… mountain view from my sewing room … with some shadows of clouds …

For the quilting (by hand) I made several circles in the centre. Then I made other circles outside (using kitchen bowl to mark them).

drunkard's path

I’m joining Kelly’s link party ‘Needle and Thread Thursday’.

Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Have a beautiful day!




Author: Teje

I am a Finnish woman living in Crete in Greece. Quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet and if there is still time, reading and painting, with happy company of our two sweet dogs and one cat!

16 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path for pillow

  1. Oh Teje, this is so pretty! !! I love it how it turned out! I am not fan of sewing curves, I have no tried enough I guess. I believe if I tried I would love them too! The colors are so nice and implement each other! Just beautiful, well done dear! ♡


  2. Yet another amazing idea to make the leaves like this. Looking at the first picture it looks as if you’d planned this . Maybe it is just a good idea to use less colors and more different techniques?!


  3. Lovely, I really like the addition of the leaves. Finishes it the design so well somehow


  4. Beautiful Pillow Teje! It’s been a while since I made any drunkard path block, but I love them! Your hand quilting and turned applique always amazes me!


  5. There you go making another lovely piece of quilting magic. You rock!


  6. Kivat värit ja upea lopputulos! Kokeilitko käsinompelemiseen pieniä neuloja?Teillä onkin kevät varmaan ainakin pikkusen aikaisemmassa kuin meillä. Ihana saamasi keltainen esikko! Hyvää illanjatkoa! x Anneli


    • Kiitos Anneli! Meilla on ollut kylmaa ja sateista, talvitakki koiralenkilla, mutta nyt nayttaa vahan paremmalta. Kokeilin neuloja mutta pitaa vahan totutella kun ovat niin pikkuruisia. Hyvaa viikonloppua! Teje


  7. Voi miten suloinen työ! Nuo sinun kösintikkaukset on ihan huippua! Hyvin onnistuit valinnoissa hieman erilaisten värien kanssa. Pitäisi enemmän harrastaa kaarevia, niillä saa niin monenlaisia kuvioita aikaan. Ihanat nuo vuoret! Minun ompeluista ei tulisi mitään, jos maisemat olisi tuollaiset! Hyvää viikonloppua!


    • Kiitos Marle! Mun viime vuoden ‘haaste’ oli kaaret mutten paljon ehtinyt tehda joten koitan tehda niita nyt. Nakoala ompeluhuoneestani nakyy oikeastaan vain kun menee parvekkeelle joten en unohdu haaveilemaan. Hyvaa viikonloppua! Teje


  8. Oh, your pillow, your flower, the bird–Spring IS coming! And those glorious mountains–do you live below a volcano??


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